Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Night Throwdown

Chicago VS. Miami – So it’s time for our 2nd Thursday night game of the week.  Well last week we definitely got our moneys worth with the incredible QB matchup and fantastic finish (ie the PUSH seen around the NFL).  This week we get to see the exact opposite.  2 teams with QB issues.  Chicago has Cutler who for all the good he does and the athleticism we see on occasion, he tends to throw the ball to the other team as much as he does his own team.  The brain trusts in Miami decided that Chad “Rubber Arm” Pennington was their answer and oooooppps not even 1 quarter of football and now they turn to Tyler Thigpen, who as a start in KC was actually decent and he just never got another chance.  So we’ll see what Miami does this week against a tough Chicago D. 

Top Starters :
Unlike last week, neither of these QBs are a must start.  Bye weeks are over so it’s time to go back to only playing the top QBs week in and out.  So for this game, I have to say there are no MUST starts.

Solid Starts :

Ronnie Brown – Most weeks he is a must start.  He averages 15 or so touches a game and while his numbers are down this season, he is still a solid #2 RB solution.  He gets a tough matchup this week against a solid Bears run defense allowing barely 80 yards a game.  So temper your expectations, but maybe with the inexperienced QB under center, the ‘Phins bring back a big helping of Wildcat with Brown running the show.  17 Carries – 86 Yards – 1 TD, 3 Rec. – 23 Yards.

Jay Cutler – He has the talent to be a top tier QB, I am just not sure if he has the brain and decision making abilities to get there.  Of course it helps when his offensive line keeps me standing for most of the game.  I think he can really have a solid game this week, but it’s hard to put too much faith in him when you have steady every week production coming from the likes of Rodgers, either Manning, Rivers, Brady, Big Ben.  But with that said, if you drafted Cutler thinking he would finally break into the Top 5 QB tier , then you have no choice but to run him out there and take your chances on the roulette wheel of Cutler.  This week, we’ll bet on Red for Red Zone scoring.  265 Yards – 2 TDs – 1 INT, 5 rushes for 27 yards. 

That’s it this week really.  The Bears WR are really inconsistent and the ‘Phins WRs are hard to predict not knowing how much wildcat will be run and how Thigpen is going to step in.  I like Brandon Marshall but again until we see what kind of game plan Thigpen will be given, it’s hard to get too excited.

Oh – 1 last note for Tony Sparano – DO NOT KICK THE BALL TO HESTER!!!!!  Bad things happen to teams that ignore this warning. 

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