Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thursday Night Throwdown

It's week 10 of the NFL season and what does that mean, shortened wavier times for fantasy leagues and at least a few owners forgetting to set their lineups before the mid-week matchups.

Baltimore vs Atlanta –
Wow, thank you NFL for giving us a matchup that is actually intriguing and worth watching.  Of course 75% of the country won’t be able to enjoy it because they refuse to pay their cable provider $5 a month for 7 or 8 football games throughout the year, what they fail to realize is they would also get NFL Red Zone every Sunday, which if you have it and haven’t watched it, WATCH IT.  It’s a fantasy football nuts ultimate channel.  You mean a commercial free channel that only shows the top matchups, Red Zone possessions and EVERY score in EVERY game (of course some are not live, but a lot are).  Ok – now off my I love my Cable company soapbox and back to the game.  This is an epic matchup of 2 up and coming teams built almost identically.  Young strong armed QBs just starting to come into their own, powerful running games and solid defense (Both allowing less than 20 points per game and at or under 100 rushing yards per game).  Ideally this sets us up for a nice QB matchup in primetime.

Top Starters :  Both QBs(Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco) should be in every ones lineup just about every week (unless you have someone named Manning, Brady, Rivers or Rodgers).  I would expect both to topple the 225 yard mark and throw for 2 TDs a piece.

Solid Starts :
Michael Turner – I like Mike.  I want to be like Mike (well really just on payday).  Turner has had an up and down season thus far but throw out a couple of injuries that cost him carries in games and he has had a good season.  Add to that the fact that in the past 2 games he has 47 carries for 228 yards and 4 TDs.  Even against a tough Baltimore team, not sure I can bench him.
Ray Rice – Another solid RB, especially nice in PPR leagues as he averages 4 catches a game.  So all in all he’ll get you 100+ all purpose yards per game and the occasional TD (McGahee is still stealing TDs).  Expect another 100 all purpose yards, probably 75 on the ground and 30 or so receiving. 
Roddy White -  This comes with a slight question mark now.  I know he was dinged up this previous week, so we’ll have to monitor his progress on the short week.  If he plays, you gotta have this kid in the lineup.  He is a freakish WR talent that should be mentioned in the their right below the Johnsons, Marshalls and even Reggie Wayne – he is in fact 2nd in the NFL in receiving yards.  Look for Matt and Roddy to hook up for 123 yards and a touchdown.

Well I am gonna keep this article short and sweet.  I would stay away from people like Jenkins, Houshmanzadeh, and Todd Heap unless you are really in a bind and just need to fill the slot. 

Stay tuned later this week for my Fired up segment and hopefully I'll get my Monday Night matchup article back going.

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