Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thursday Night Throwdown - Turkey Day Special

Thanksgiving Special Edition of the Thursday "Night" Throwdown -

Well you will have to pardon me up front as because of the fact that I am handling 3 games this week, I will merely be writing a game prediction summary for each game as I to do have a family and plan to spend the weekend with my wife curled up on the sofa watching football and pulling out the Christmas decorations. 

1st Up : Lions hosting the Patriots.  Is this a trap game for Tom Brady and the boys?  I don't think so.  Detroit is starting to put together quite the nucleus of young talented players but they aren't there yet.  They play with alot of heart and I don't expect them to get blown out, but I am also not expecting them to be able to control the Pats offense now that they finally have somewhat of a running game with Woodhead and B.E.G.  I like the Pats to cover the spread. 
Tur-duck-en winner of the game :  Tom Brady - 272 Yards and 3 TDs

In the afternoon matchup, most of America will have now finished stuffing our faces and be slumping into whatever comfortable seat we can find wherever we are to watch Jerry's new house host the T-Day classic.  New Orleans comes in on a short week looking to stop the roll that Jason Garrett has the 'Boys on.  The Cowboys aren't as bad as their record appears but they aren't ready to knock off a team as good as New Orleans.  The Saints win by more than a touchdown.
Tur-duck-en winner of the game : Marques Colston - 8 catches for 121 yards and 2 TDs

By this time of the evening, most of America has seen all their family and is getting settled back at their own houses or hotel or wherever they are laying their heads for the night.  And what does the NFL give us?  The biggest tryptophan related team in the NFL (ie. team most likely to put you to sleep) - the Bengals.  Also to compound the pain, they face the Jets.  Not exactly the most exciting matchup in my opinion.  I am not a fan of Mark Sanchez.  I have said that on numerous occasions.  He is horribly inaccurate (only 2 QBs have a lower completion % in the NFL, Derek Anderson and Jason Campbell - WOW!).  As for his recent 3 game success of solid games?  Let's look at the competition, it was Cleveland, Houston and Detroit.  Cincinnati is no defensive jugganot either.  However, I think this is the game where the Jets go back to what they do best to win games.  Run the ball and run the clock as fast as possible.  With that and solid D, that's all they need to win against lesser teams (doesn't cut it against the good teams - Green Bay and Baltimore).  Don't read too much into the Jets record without looking at their opponents.  They have beat 1 team thus far with a winning record (N.E.)  The Jets probably win this one, but only because Cinci is that bad, not because the Jets are that good. 
Tur-duck-en winner of the game :  Jets running attack - 175 yards rushing and 2 TDs.

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