Tuesday, November 23, 2010

They are not who we thought they were.

Dennis Green has a famous line that he used in a press conference a few years back when he said "They were who we thought they were, and we let 'em off the hook". In this article we turn that around and talk about some players who are most definitely not who we thought they were in 2010.

Jahvid Best
- As LT can vouch for a turf toe injury can disable a running back from being able to change direction and pretty much ruin a season. Best had a great debut, but has become a dropable player in most formats that aren't keepers. With Kevin Smith out of the year this would seem to be the time that Best could give us his best and help owners make the playoffs and/or win a championship. Now owners are benching and dropping the rook out of Cali and going with other options. I do think that Best will have a great sophomore season much in the same way that LeSean McCoy has really done well for the Eagles after having a year to digest the offense and adjust to the speed of the NFL. I would gladly keep him, but this year is already lost.

Ryan Matthews
- I hate to say I told you so...but I told you so. You simply cannot draft a rookie as your number 1 RB despite that players skill set. Countless managers who cling to experts predictions like a teddy bear on a cold night have learned a hard lesson this year. No one can predict how a rook will adjust to the NFL's speed, complexity and in this case the physical nature of the game. This isn't college where you are going to be bigger and faster than everyone else on the field. You don't have Ray Lewis types hitting you in college. Durability issues have made Ryan a huge first year bust, but like Best I do like him as a keeper because he is a great fit for the SD offense...if he can stay on the field.

Shonn Greene
- The second year back finished the 2009 season like a monster. His hard running style had owners drooling over his 2010 prospects for the Jets to are committed to the running game and have a great O-line to boot. Along comes LT free of the injuries that had stolen his value in past years. LT has had a great 3/4 of the season which has hurt Shonn's value big time. The problem now is Shonn is getting alot more carries but simply isn't putting up the TD's or numbers that was last year....I for one am majorly disappointed with him and feel that drafting him was a mistake. Hopefully he will put up a few nice games down the stretch to justify his draft status.

Pierre Thomas RB Saints
- I am starting to think that Pierre Thomas should have tried out for cheerleader instead of running back. Pierre has frustrated the Saints brass with his slow healing injuries. Again this year the PT Cruiser has teased us with great performances one Sunday only to be parked in the garage for weeks. I traded this guy in the one keeper league where I owned him before the season, because even while healthy last year he showed a propensity for going from stud one week to dud the next. No one can bring their A game every week, but more often than not over the past few seasons the Cruiser has been broken down. This year puts the nail in the coffin for me as an owner...there are a few guys in the league that I refuse to draft or own...PT is now on that list. PT, in this case, you are exactly who I thought you were.

Ok we have picked on the RB's enough in this article it's time to hit up some other players.
I nicknamed this guy the Magician for his ability to disappear at will...I have another one for him now...The Roller Coaster. There is no other player at the WR position that will take you on an up and down ride like Mike Sims-Walker WR, Jaguars. Mike has loads of talent and the ability to strike with a huge game while the next week he is bound to take a dump on your team to the tune of 0-2 catches and no TD's. Either that or the guy will tweak something gameday morning while eating breakfast and either not play or show up on the injury report out of the blue. Owning Mike Sims-Walker can give you grey hairs, fantasy losses and the occasion fantasy boom to your lineup...knowing when to start him is the key...if anyone figures that out...please email me.

The most overrated player in the league has to be Ocho-Cinco(85)(Chad Johnson). With a ton of talent 85 will tease us from time to time with great games...he's been this way for years. Last year I traded him for practically nothing and he had a nice year making me regret the move. This year I grabbed him in a few leagues and have been paid back with long stretches of terrible games...while TO continues to impress while playing for a contract Chad continues to show us that no one matters to him, but himself...I will never draft this guy again and neither should you. Winning fantasy matchups is all about having consistent lineups...it's the same reasoning for using safeties and LB's when rostering defensive players...consistency...85 is inconsistency personified. I was wrong about him this year...he is not who I thought he was.

I want to end this article on a positive note. Peyton HIlis RB, Cleveland Browns is most definitely not who I thought he was. The powerhouse back is rolling in Cleveland even with teams keying on him every matchup. The Browns have no playmakers at WR, and they have a rookie QB. Hillis has went from backup vulture RB in Denver to fantasy super star this season. Scoring virtually every week and adding plenty of catches along the way owners are thanking their lucky stars they got this guy off the wire. Peyton is an every week start now no matter the size of your league and is one of my fantasy surprises of the year along with Brandon Lloyd and a few others. Mostly undrafted Peyton has many owners thinking championship. 11 weeks ago we thought that Jerome Harrison was the man in Cleveland and the future was Monterio Hardesty...this is another example of how fast the fantasy landscape can change.


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