Sunday, November 7, 2010


I know this is really late (game day morning), but life has had me running all's just one of those week's. Not as thorough as I'd like but here is a guide for you to use when setting your week 9 lineups. Goodluck to all.

NE vs Cle
Start - Hillis, Cribbs, Ben Watson
Start - Welker(should snap outta his funk this week with more snaps out of the slot), Ben Jarvus Green Ellis -
Sleeper - B.Tate
Sit - Massaquoi, Branch, Woodhead(browns rush defense is not bad)

Indy vs Philly
Start - Collie, Tamme (Gonzalez officially on IR)
Start - Vick, McCoy(will be huge this week), Djax and Maclin
Sit - Blair White, D.Brown, Hart(hurt), Addai(out again), Celek

NYJ vs Det
Start - Sanchize, Edwards, Holmes
Start - Calvin Johnson and J.Best
Sit - Matt Stafford(holds the ball too long and vs this defense that is a recipe for disaster) also sit Cotchery
Sleeper - Keller - could re-emerge this week.

Mia at Balt
Start - Flacco, Rice to have much needed big game today. Boldin, Mason, Heap
Start - B.Marsh(seems to play better vs better teams), D.Bess in ppr's.
Sit - Henne, Miami running game.
Note - Heap seems healthy after the bye, use if needed.

SD at Hou
Start - Rivers, Ryan Matthews, Tolbert(flex play), P.Crayton
Start - Foster, Schaub, Andre3000
Caution - I kinda like K.Walter today, but has this guy disappeared or what?
Sit - Houston TE's(too inconsistent), Gates is doubtful, of course get him out there if he plays) Naane, Floyd(not gonna see him this week)

Chicago at Buffalo (game played indoors in Toronto)
Start - Cutler - give Jay time and he will burn you - Bills have no pass rush. I really like J.Knox today and Buffalo is giving up 188 yds per game on the ground so Forte is a safe option this wk.
Start - Fitzpatrick, Steve Johnson(have to start this guy he scores every week) and Lee Evans.
If you need a bye week fill in at RB I don't hate FredJax this week.
Sit - Hester, Olsen, Spiller(will get about 10 touches this game).
Deep League - Chester Taylor may make and appearance this week vs. a terrible Bill's rush defense...but the league has gotta be real deep before you can play him.

Bucs at Falcons
Gotta love the baby Bucs doin' work this season, but this road matchup is gonna be rough for this young team.
Start Matty Ice and his boy White, start M.Jenkins and Turner
Start - L.Blount - kid looked great last week!
Sit - J.Freeman, Kwin(just doesn't look healthy and I am starting to think he is washed up)
Sit - Caddy, E.Graham(not starting today), Spurlock.
Caution - Tony Gonzalez has shown his age this week, but could find some daylight in the middle of that cover 2 defense today and is a decent play.

Arizona at Minnesota
Well if the Vikes drop this one we will know they have quit and it's over and I would not be surprised to see Zona give them a run for their money.
Start - Number 4, Shiancoe
Start - Fitzgerald and Breaston and Wells(if he plays)
Tentative Start - Derek Anderson - the Vikes have not stopped anyone this year so D.Anderson could get you 210 and 2td's today in a sneaky play.
Sit - T.Hightower, E.Doucet. Berrian, Camirillo.
Injury note - play Harvin if he starts, but he has looked gimpy in practices so there is risk.

NO at Carolina
Will the real Saints please stand up! How many times this year have the Saints had a primo matchup only to leave us fantasy owners wondering what happened as our teams went down in flames?
Start - Brees, Coleston and Moore
Start - Steve Smith and James Stewart
Sit - Shockey, D.Henderson, C.Ivory(sick and tired of waiting on him to get a TD), J.Jones(almost rather try him out than Ivory, but still a no go for me) Gettis and LaFell
Sleeper - Meachum has done nothing of late...about the time we drop him or bench him permanently he shows up with a deep ball or will prob be one of those days.
Sit - Matt Moore, D.Rosario

NYG at Seattle
Seattle usually gold at home is starting an unproven QB vs the Giants pass rush...not a good Combo.
Start - Manning, Bradshaw, Jacobs and Nicks
Start - Lynch and Carlson
Sit - Manningham, K.Boss and Steve Smith(unless it's a ppr)
Sit - Charlie Whitehurst, Deon Butler and M.Williams.
I just don't like Seattle's offense at all today and the weather could be nasty which doesn't bode well for alot of scoring on either side.

KC at Oakland
The old rivalry gears up again with what looks like a tasty fantasy matchup
Start - T.Jones and J.Charles who looks very explosive...Chris Johnson-like.
Start - D.Bowe because he has been scoring like crazy, but I wouldn't expect huge numbers today.
Start - D.McFadden and M.Bush, Z.Miller
Tentative Starts - Not crazy about either QB here...if you have to start one use Campbell who is playing for his job and is on a roll. Darius Heyward-Bey(tread lightly but he is about the only healthy Raider WR at this point.
Sit - T.Moeki, Chambers and McCluster (both injured) and I really don't like Cassell on the road.

Dallas at Gbay
Have the Cowboys quit? It certtainly seemed that way in the Jags game last week.
Start - Rodgers, Jennings(off Revis Island and ready to roll), Brandon Jackson
Sleeper Alert - James Jones and Jordy Nelson both will play increased roles with Donald Driver out with a quad injury.
Start - Miles Austin and Dez Bryant (this kid is too good to ever bench in my opinion if you have him in a keeper league....throw a party) Start Witten and F.Jones in ppr's.
Sit - Barber, Choice, Kitna

Again, I did not have my usual time to study these matchups, but this is a short but sweet guideline going into your week 9 games. Expect a bigger and better Prep for week 10.

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