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I was thinking back to my Tecmo Bowl days when things were easy....ya run a sweep with Bo Jackson (pictured in the upper right, see the similarities) and you run for the end zone...TOUCHDOWN! Now the games are so much more I want to set my audibles. run the hot route...should I just run off tackle or run the QB and pitch it??? Just as the video football games have gotten more complicated so has the world of fantasy football. Remember the good old days of 10 man leagues with stacked rosters when hardly anyone was doing keeper leagues. Now, we have keepers, dynasties, redrafts, nfc vs afc with every imaginable roster structure that any mad fantasy football genius can come up with. Approaching Week 11 things get no easier...playoff berths are on the line...keeper rosters are being formed and the contenders and pretenders are being sorted out. It's time for another Prep for your roster setting pleasure. Again this week we are not going to tell you to start Philip Rivers, Adrian Peterson or Roddy White, but we will let you know what you should do with guys like Mike Tolbert and Felix Jones....let's hit the Sit / Starts for this week.

Baltimore at Carolina
This game has blowout written all over it.
Carolina starts - Steve Smith(God knows who will be throwing it to him), Mike Goodson who can catch the ball and be explosive at times and he will get the majority of RB touches this week.
Sits - Any Carolina QB, WR's Gettis and LaFell. J.Stewart (concussion).
Ravens starts - Flacco, not a road warrior but how can he not play well in this one? Boldin and Mason and Heap(Panthers are garbage vs opponents TE's).
Sit - Houshmanzadeh and Stallworth and McGahee.

Buffalo at Cincy
Bill's starts - Fred Jackson -Buffalo seems to be committing more to the run of late giving FreddyJax the carries and catches he needs to once again be a viable fantasy RB.
Also start Steve Johnson at WR. Don't let one avg game scare ya...this guy knows how to find the Paint at the end of the field.
Sit - Fitzpatrick and Lee Evans(CJ Spiller is out with an injury)

Cincy Starts - T.Owens - I like Owens abit more than 85 this week...Carson is not a bad play this week though he has not done much to thrill fantasy owners even in good match ups so far this year...his arm or shoulder just isn't right. Cedric Benson has been quiet of late...this could be the week he gets it going. Benson had two TDs last time out vs the Bills. Gresham is not a bad fill in TE start if you need someone in deeper leagues. No real obvious Sits for the Cincy offense this week.

Dallas at Detroit
Let's see if the Dallas offense can stay awake two weeks straight.
Dallas Starts - Felix Jones, J.Kitna, Dez Bryant, now starting at WR (how good is this kid? becoming one of my favorite players to watch).
Sit - Roy Williams
Detroit Starts = WR Nate Burleson and TE B.Pettigrew.
Sit - Jahvid Best - has not been right since his turf toe injury early in the year.
note - backup RB Kevin Smith is out for the year...Maurice Morris is not the no.2.

Cleveland at Jax
Browns Starts - I don't have to tell you to start P.Hillis do I? He's an every week starter.
Ben Watson.
Fringe 2 QB league start - Colt McCoy.
Sit - J.Cribbs(is out), Massaquoi and Chansi Stuckey. The Jags have a bad secondary but I simply cannot trust this WR corp.
Deep League play - TE Evan Moore.
Jags Starts - David Garrard - Starting this guy is hard to do because he will occasionally leave you with a real stinker, but the guys is putting up numbers this season and has been serviceable, especially at home. I also like Mike Sims Walker in this game if healthy. Mercedes Lewis is a fringe start this week in deeper leagues. Sit Mike Thomas unless Sims Walker sits out.

Cards at KC
Cardinals Starts - Larry Fitzgerald...yeah he is a stud and this should go unsaid, but I want to put you Fitz owners at ease by telling you he is being targeted very heavily by Derek Anderson so keep running him out there in all formats in any match up.
Sit Cards RB's and Derek Anderson
Fringe Start - Steve Breaston.
Chief Starters - Start KC RB's and D.Bowe who should have a really nice day.
Sit - TE Moeki - has been useless since early in the year.
Start if you are brave - Matt Cassell - in matchups like this he can light it up...but he is way to risky for me and I refuse to play this guy, but if you are a gambler this is a good week to plug him in and hold your breath if you main guy has an ugly start.

GBay at Minnesota
Packers Starts - B.Jennings and B.Jackson and D.Driver if he plays (Quad)
Packers Sits - TE's and James Jones unless Driver sits.
Vikes Starts - Farve(last round up vs the Packers), P.Harvin(don't worry about the anke...Percy plays hurt practically every week) Shiancoe.
Sit - Gerhardt, Berrian, G.Lewis, Camarillo and I would not touch Sidney Rice this week though he has been activated...wait and see.

Houston at NYJ
Texans Starts - A.Foster and Andre3000 - can't sit these guys no matter who they are facing.
Fringe - Matt Schaub - this is a scary start for Schaub owners...I can't give a guy with this many weapons a straight sit but ya may wanna find a steadier option.
Sit - K.Walter, J.Dreesen and Jacoby(where have you been) Jones.
Jets Starts - Mark Sanchez - I have been burned by Sanchez a few times this year...this is his last mulligan..I expect a nice day. Santonio Holmes has had upside and Braylon Edwards is a great play. I like Shonn Greene alittle more than LT this week...but i'd probably start them both.
Sneaky Deep League Play of the Week - Brad Smith - WR Jets.
Sit - Cotchery(out groin inj) D.Keller - too unpredictable.

Oakland at Pitt
Oakland Starts - Not loving Oakland at a pissed off Pittsburgh this week. Only players I would look at maybe starting are McFadden, Z.Miller and maybe Jacoby Ford in deeper leagues.
Pittsburgh - Like the DST this week, Wallace, Big Ben and H.Miller.
Sit - Randle El, Sanders and maybe Hines Ward coming off a concussion...check the active list Sunday morning.

Washington at Tennessee
Skins Starts - McNabb - not hating McNabb this week. S.Moss - he's been awful of late...he's due for a nice game. C.Cooley is never a bad start if you are not deep at TE.
Sit - Armstrong, K.Williams and Torain and Portis - the Skins running game is a wreck right now for fantasy owners. If you have to play one I would go Williams.
Titans starts - R.Moss(should be more active) and Nate Washington should both have nice games here...and Vince Young could be serviceable today.
Sit - Titan TE's, J.Gage

Seattle at New Orleans
I look for some points to be scored in this one for both teams.
Seahawk Starts - the other Mike Williams, M.Lynch and Deon Butler is not a terrible play in deep leagues. Sit John Carlson.
Fringe Start - M.Hasselback - should have a couple TD's, but he is a borderline starter because of the negative points he'll likely get you in the dome.
Saints starts - Lance Moore, M.Coleston, R.Bush(if he plays - can't wait to get this guy back on the field to open up this offense for everyone).
Sit - D.Henderson and R.Meachum - did these guys run off to Cancun cause they have certainly taken a vacation from our fantasy stat sheets. Sit Ivory, J.Jones, Shockey and D.Thomas.

Tampa Bay at SF
Tampa Starts - L.Blount, Mike Williams
Sit - K.Winslow(only play in pprs), sit Freeman, I think he will be efficient but his stats are not going to be fantasy worthy. Sit Caddy....that long run he had last week...flukish.
Niners Starts - F.Gore should have a monster day today vs a soft Bucs run defense
also start Crabtree who has found his groove with Smith at QB...Smith is still not a QB I would use unless you are handcuffed at the QB position. Start V.Davis
Sit Josh Morgan, T. Smith

theATL starts - Matty Ice - I think this guy may be at the stage where he is an every week emerging star. M.Turner should run all over the rams this week and Snelling is not a bad start in deeper leagues because he does alot with the little touches he gets.
Sit - Jenkins, Tony G, Harry Douglas and B.Finneran
STL starts - Sjax is gonna have a nice game today because the ATL DST has been ok but not great. D.Amendola is a nice play having scored in 3 straight and in pprs a sneaky play would be WR B.Gibson who is getting 5-6 catches per game.
Sit Rams TE's - L.Robinson, Gilyard, D.Alexander
Fringe Start - Sam Bradford - Much like Josh Freeman this week I expect an efficient but not fantasy worthy game this week. No doubt Bradford is gonna be great...but even Rams fans need to remember he is a rook.

Indy at NE
Indy Starts - A.Collie made the trip and may play...check the injury report alittle later this morning...I'll have word on it by noon or so on the twitter feed and facebook page. Start J.Tamme who isn't Dallas Clark but is being targeted just as much. At running back D.Brown gets the start here but is hardly worth a look in my opinion and neither is vulture back J.James except in TD only leagues. Addai is out, LB Session is out and Brackett is also out again.

Pats Plays - With the Indy team decimated by injuries this could be blowout city for the boys in New England. Wes Welker has been brutal for the most part after a great start...but I would roll him out along with D.Branch. The Law Firm, BJ-Green Ellis is going to have a really nice day if given the touches because the Colts are having a hard time stopping the run with 2 of their 3 best LB's out recently.
Fringe Start - Chances are one of these guys will score, but who do you play? Hernandez or Gronkowski(scored 3 x's last week) I try to stay away from both of these guys if possible unless we are talking deeper leagues then they are both decent plays.
I'd Sit Woodhead today, Edleman and Tate who is too inconsistent for my taste.

The Game of the Week
NYG hosting Philly
Giants Starts - H.Nicks(every week start for me) and Mario Manningham are must starts with S.Smith most likely on the shelf again today with the Pectoral Injury. Also play Bradshaw who does nothing but produce most every week. I'd play Jacobs as well, because if the Gmen are smart they will hammer Philly inside to keep Vick off the field and keep the scoring down, but he is abit of a risk because his touches seem to vary(i'd use him at the flex in most 12 team and larger leagues).
Sit K.Boss and other Giants WR's
Fringe -Eli Manning is either going to be a hero or a goat today. The Philly DST makes plays and Eli will throw the crazy pick or two now and then so this is a scary start for Eli and his owners. I do think the Gmen can win this game with their defense...but ya need to think long and hard about using Eli if you have a good matchup with your alternate QB.

Philly Starts - Of course you have to Start Mike Vick....this guy keeps playing like this and he's gonna get a puppy for Christmas. Djax and Maclin should be good plays today...I think Maclin will get the numbers today as the Giants cannot let Djax beat them. The real star of this game for the Eagles is gonna be LeSean McCoy. McCoy can do it all and is a ppr powerhouse and with all the attention being on containing Vick inside the pocket McCoy is going to find running lanes and wide open space off screens...he is one of my favorite running back starts today.
Sit - Avant and B.Celek who is being used alot more as a blocker with Vick at the controls.

Ryan will preview the Monday Night Match Up soon...stay tuned for that. Alot of injury concerns in that game...I will say one thing about Malcolm Floyd...sit this guy and make sure that hammy is tweak and you get nothing. Sure he could go off vs. Denver, but it he does play...Champ Bailey will be covering him so a huge game is not a layup for him this week. Gates is 50-50 so plan to be without him as well and don't expect Randy McMicheal to break off 2 td's like he did in his last start. The injuries are the Monday Night Story...I am looking forward to Ryan's trademark projections for SD vs Denver.


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