Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Night Madness - Week 11



Hello, hello, hello.  Monday Night Madness is back from a short hiatus.  Sorry so late, but better late than never.  My quick and easy prediction for this game, it’s going to basically be a real life game of EA sports Madden NFL Football.  First to 50 points wins.  Basically what I am trying to say, is expect A LOT of offense and not much defense in this weeks game (a lot like last weeks Philly – Washington matchup).  Both teams have offenses that in any given week can put up over 400 yards but somehow are both under .500 and are trailing the Raiders and Chiefs in the AFC West. 

No Brainer Starts –

Phillip Rivers : If you have to ask us “experts” if you need to start Rivers with the season he is having, please email me your contact information as I would like to extend you an invite to a league or two next season.  Denver is the 3rd worst scoring defense in the NFL and  7th worst in Total yardage allowed.  Yes they are middle of the pack against the pass, but Phillip is at home and looking to run up the score.  Expect 351 yards, 3 TDs tonight from Rivers.

Kyle Orton : Leaving fans to ask Brady who?  Orton has seen the writing on the wall with the team going out and getting Brady Quinn and then drafting Tim Tebow in the first round, Orton knew that if he wanted to secure his job, it was this year or never in Denver.  What has he done to respond?  Only throw for almost as many yards already as he had during the entire season in 2008 with Chicago, averaging over 300 yards a game with a 16:5 touchdown to interception ratio.  How do you read that?  He is playing smart, making plays and not turning it over.  Expect 324 Yards, 3 TDs tonight from Orton.

Brandon Lloyd : How “Who the heck are you?” player of the year award.  Lloyd will break the 1000 yard receiving mark sometime during this game and in doing so will reach the mark probably some 25+ catches faster than the other 1000 yard WR this year thus far (Roddy White).  He has nearly 50 catches and is averaging over 20 yards a catch – pretty amazing.  Only Mike Wallace and DeSean Jackson have come even close to that average and they are hundreds of yards short of what he is doing.  Lloyd is Orton’s go to guy and is making plays game after game.  7 Catches for 113 yards and 1 TD.

Solid Starts –

Jabar Gaffney – As the clear cut #2 guy in a pass happy offense, Gaffney is a solid WR2 or WR3 in pretty much all leagues.  His numbers are far from amazing and he doesn’t find the endzone a lot, but given that he is averaging 5+ catches a game, you have to like that kind of production coming from a WR2 or WR3.  I like Jabar to get 5 Catches for 71 yards.

San Diego WRs – Its tough to call this one.  Floyd should play but with that hamstring it’s tough to put too much faith in him.  Legedu Naanee has also been hampered with leg injuries.  Seyi Ajirotutu has been playing very solid football as has Patrick Crayton.  We pretty much know Gates is out, so Rivers is going to be throwing the ball to someone.  The trick is… who?

The little engine that could award goes to Darren Sproles.  As one of the most underutilized and under appreciated players in the game, Sproles has been the model citizen in San Diego.  When L.T. left, a lot of people thought it was finally Darren’s time to shine as the feature back though many never expected him to get 25 carries a game, but most thought he could handle 10-15 touches a game and has always been an explosive receiving target out of the backfield.  This year, its been primarily return duty for the pocket sized warrior.  But I am going out on a limb saying he is going to have one of those breakthrough performances that make you wanna say Hmmmmmmmmm on the national stage of Monday Night Football.  Denver isn’t good against the run and I would guess after Matthews or Tolbert pounds on their defense some, there will be some holes for Darren to run through.  I am expecting 7 Carries for 72 yards, 1 TD, 4 catches for 52 yards and 145 return yards.  They might be big expectations, but I think he can handle it.

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