Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Down the Stretch Strategies Part 1

As we roll into week 11 we hit the stretch run of the fantasy football season for 2011. I can't believe how fast the season is going and it's kinda like can't wait for it to get here but it goes so fast and it is so much fun that when it's over there is a huge let down. This goes for me more in the enjoying a real game over the fantasy game, but when the NFL season does end it is never a good thing and usually leads me to looking towards the draft way too early to keep myself from going into some kind of depression. Maybe College Football will keep stretching it's Bowl Season out to such a ridiculous point to where they'll play long enough to get me to March Madness.

Looking at the Fantasy Football aspect of things, these next 3-4 weeks will determine the fate of many teams and for others they will spend these weeks tweaking a really good team for their playoff starts and sit's. We are going to be really careful with our advice to you guys and gals in our Prep articles...I will be putting alot more studying on tendencies of teams and players in order to give you the best advice possible so you can get into the playoff mix or make your playoff lock of a team even better. The Prep for week 11 will be up in the next day or two so stay tuned for that. And keep a watch on the westheshow twitter feed for all your breaking NFL news and injury reports.

Right now you need to look at your teams and decide a few very important things:
1. Do I have injured players on my roster and if so are they worth waiting on?
To give you an example we will look at 2 players. Jonathan Stewart has been a massive buzzkill for fantasy owners this year...severely over drafted in most leagues I am JStew has done nothing but sit on the bench one minute and do absolutely nothing when finally given the chance to start just a week or two ago. Out with a concussion right now, alot of managers are cutting bait on him. With the announcement of DeAngelo Williams (fantasy bust) being out for the season Stewart is sure to get another chance at starting for the Panthers down the stretch and if you remember last year down the stretch sans Williams he was a fantasy monster. Now it's highly doubtful he will roll like he did last year because of the QB injury problems in Carolina, but a starting back with his combo of skills cannot be ignored...stash him away and wait for Stewart to hopefully prove that he is worth something this season. The second player I want to look at is Ryan Torain - Torain is like a good batch of can use it a time or two and warm it up maybe one more time than you actually should, but eventually you gotta chuck the leftovers out the backdoor or in the trash and look for something else to eat. Shanny likes Torain and it's not like he isn't going to get used, but Washington seems like they are on a downhill slide...K.Williams is now in the mix and can catch the ball much better than Torain and C.Portis will demand at least 10 touches a game or possibly more when he returns to action. So looking back you may want to actually drop Torain for Stewart if that is possible in your league. I would certainly take a guy like Ryan Matthews or Tolbert over a Torain right now simply because of the offense that those guys are in. There are alot of situations just like this across the league right now...use good judgement...look at who you need to win right now if you have a team at that .500 level and if you are locked into a playoff birth look at the guys on the wire and on your team that will take care of your team in the week's that will really count (13-16 and in some week 17, something I will hit on in part 2 of this series).

2. The second thing you need to look at concerning injured players is are you in a keeper league? If you are, what is the keeper structure in your league? Once you have checked that out, decide, am I going to keep this injured player? Another thing I like to do about this time of the season is look on the wire for other players people have cut bait on that may be of value to you. I know I have one team where I am pretty much already playing for next year and I dropped one young QB for another young QB who I think will be a better player going forward. There are teams out there looking to win a championship that may drop a player you could actually keep so just because you are out of it...don't stop looking through the wire because you never know when you may find some waiver wire gold someone else threw out in the trash. If you are not happy with your keeper structure don't be afraid to beat that trade deadline by offering up a hot player... maybe a player of a certain position that you may have a surplus of to a contender who may be able to get you a banged up player you may want to keep going into next year. Contenders are always going to want to go championship or bust so make an offer...If you need a QB to keep don't tell me a contender needing a WR wouldn't take a WR like M.Coleston for their 2nd QB who may be Matt Stafford or Josh Freeman (guys they may not use again this year because they have Rivers or somebody like that and/or they may not be able to keep a 2nd QB anyway in that structure so them dealing you that QB is no skin off their back but it could be a great move for the future of your team. In part 2 of this series we will look at playoff prep and a few other late season strategies.

Wes "theShow"

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