Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Each week Ryan, DeadheadBill and I pick 2 players each and compare their performances. At the end of each NFL week Bill will compile our scores using a scoring system he will post on occasion and we keep cumulative scores for the season. The players chosen must be clearly under 50% owned in Yahoo leagues. Add your own sleepers in the comments section and compete along with us. Ryan's leads the pack heading into week 12...let's see if Bill and I can cut into that lead. Let's go to the picks and a little blurb on why each writer believes these sleepers will get it done in week 5.

Ryan's Picks
L.Blount - RB - TBay (7% owned) I am making this pick for one reason only - he has the chance at a short yardage TD. Word came out this week that some carries will be taken away from Caddy and Blount is already the goal line RB.
Projection 20 yds & 1 TD

Kenny Britt - WR - Titans (34% owned) Still floundering in the shadows and yet to step up as the star WR they had hoped for Kenny Britt sits and waits for his chance. The real question is, will Tennessee ever throw the ball enough with Vince Young running the show to give anyone a chance at being a true #1? No one knows what Tennessee will do with their passing game, but if given the chance, the WR emerging from the group will be Kenny Britt.
Projection: 6 catches 71 yds. 1 TD

Show's Picks
My pick's are so deep this week that if they were on the ocean floor not even Michael Phelps could swim down and get them. At 2% and 0% owned in yahoo leagues Brandon LaFell and David Gettis will be your starting bookend WR's in this Sunday's home matchup with DaBears. The Bears will load up on the run and dare another Rookie, QB Jimmy Clausen to beat them. Not sure the Panthers can get it done, but with Gettis, a huge possession WR and the explosive game of Lafell the young Panthers could make a game of it. Expect a combined 145 yds and 1-2 TD's from the future in Carolina.

DeadheadBill's Picks

My 1st pick of week 5 is Mike Bell RB, Eagles(15% owned). I know it's a gamble because Starter Lesean McCoy hasn't been ruled out(actually on the contrary, as of this writing Reid is on the record saying he thinks McCoy will play through the pain), but with ONE total format point for me in weeks three and four combined I needed to grab some upside before I'm so far behind I'm actually playing for 3rd place!!

Since I wanted to mix it up I went with a WR for my second sleeper--I think the defensively challenged Jags and Bills could give a leg up to certain players who are off to slow starts(think Fred Jackson, Lee Evans. Mike Sims-Walker etc....)so my pick here is Steve Johnson, WR Buffalo(4% owned). I could see him going for 60+ yards and a score if things go the Bill's way on Sunday........

Tune in Sunday to see if Bill's Johnson comes through for him, If Ryan's Blount is smoking and if Show's rookies Gettis it done. (that sounded alot better before I typed it, oh well, too late!)


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