Friday, October 29, 2010

Time to get Fired Up

Hey everyone.  Well this is my first attempt at starting up a new little article to help bridge the gap between Monday Night’s game and the following weekend.  This article main purpose is to “fire up” those teams that had heart breaking losses or major beat downs the week prior and to give their fans a glimmer of hope (and maybe some laughs).

#1 Hello Jaguars.  I’m going to bring back a tradition that one of your former teammates used to do before game time except the difference is, I get to pick the person that it happens to.  When “Big John” Henderson was a Jaguar, before each game, his defensive tackle coach would slap him in the face as hard as he could to help get John fired up.  Well Jack Del Rio, this slaps for you (SLAP!!!!!!!).  It’s time to realize that your team is a power running team and if you are going to beat teams, you need to run the ball more than 35 times a game (ok against Denver it was 34) but in wins against the Bills and Colts it was 40+.  So Jack just remember that red mark on the side of your face when your team takes the field in the Big D this weekend. 

#2 -  Overdue Bills.  Bills fans it’s time to come off the ledge.  After seeing your team have early leads in your past two games, I have just one thing to say.  You are not the 2008 Lions and your first win will come eventually.  Just not this week.  Your offense is getting better and I think most would agree has the weapons to be a strong team.  You just don’t have the Defense yet. 

#3 – Who Dat Nation… you still there???  Ok, no one in their right mind saw this coming, especially in the Dome.  But it happened.  Cleveland came out, tricked played ya, out gunned ya and beat ya pretty much all over the building.  You came to play football NFL style, they came to play backyard football and you had no answers.  Really this shouldn’t surprise people though  especially Coach Payton as it was his ballsy call to start the 2nd half of last years Super Bowl that led his team to the title.  Payton better make sure his guys quickly forget this game and move on because Pitt is coming to town for Sunday Night in America.   

#4 – Dolphin Dilemma.  Ok yes I know, after a thrilling OT win against the Packers many ‘Phin fans are feeling like they got screwed this week against the Steelers.  Well technically you didn’t.  It’s the rules and that’s that.  Yes that rule is outdated and probably should be changed, but it is the rule.  Here is a better thought.  How about playing special teams, not allowing a 48 yard kick return followed by an almost 3 minute eating drive.  Or maybe with just over 2 minutes left you complete a pass for more than 2 yards and sustain a drive and give yourself a chance to win it again with Carpenter’s leg. 

That’s it for this weeks “pep” talks.  If these don’t inspire you, maybe they will tick you off enough to play better next week so you don’t get singled out for your horrid play.

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