Friday, October 15, 2010


Each week Ryan, Bill and I throw out 2 sleepers each that are owned in less than 50% of yahoo leagues going into Sunday. We try to stay well below the 50% so that even if a players value increases we do not cross that 50% owned line. After the weekend Bill will post our scores and give us a summary of how we have done during the year. My picks last week were abit of a hailmary with Lafell and Gettis (the starting wr's in Panther land last week) thanks to Mr.Clausen sucking beyond belief. Can't say I cried any tears when I heard he was headed back to the pine. I'm thinking they should throw the actual bench out there and leave Clausen and Moore on the bench...the TD pass ratio would stay about the same and the bench works for free. Now let's go to our picks and a blurb from each author telling why they like the players chosen.

Ryan's Picks

Going back out on a limb this week - No safe picks here. For me it's all about finding the injury replacements.

Mike Hart - 8 % Owned - The tiny RB from Michigan looks to step up in Washington for the Colts this week with the other RBs banged up. Look for 65 yards and a score.

Andrew Quarless - 3% Owned - Again no slam dunks here, but with the top 2 TEs on the bench in Green Bay, I am going with the kid I was thrilled to see going to Green Bay on draft day this season. I didn't figure for immediate impact with Finley as the #1, but with his injury, look for Andrew to become an immediate target of whomever takes snaps in Green Bay (though I like this pick alot more in Rodgers can play). I'm saying he grabs 6 balls for 81 yards and 1 TD.

Deadheadbill's Picks

For week six I again went w/one upside pick and one riskier "dart"--first w/the news of Megatrons shoulder injury a game before the Lions bye week I could see Nate Burleson(9% owned)WR, having a bigger slice of the air pie then usual--as long as he's healthy enough to go, expect a decent output from Nate along the lines of 60-70 yards and a score.

Now for the dart--I'm not one to chase last weeks numbers or jump at starting a RB in a 3 headed attack, but I think this could be the week to start Ernest Graham RB(5% owned) at home vs New Orleans--the "Who Dat" defense has had more of a "Where'd dey go" feel to it recently so expect at least a few goalline touches and possibly 50 yards on the ground from the Cracker Man this week......

Show's Picks

Willis McGahee - RB, Ravens - Baltimore smashed the Pats right in the mouth with the running game in last years playoffs and I don't see NE stopping the run or pass in this one...Willis is a goal line gamer and should punch in at least one this weekend.

Danny Amendola - WR - Rams. With their WR's dropping like flys this season there aren't alot of targets left for Sam Bradford to look for on third down other than the useful slot WR Amendola. The rams will be passing alot trying to keep up with the San Diego track team so look for Amendola to have 9 catches and 102 yds and a td.

There are better sleeper options out there this week but we are trying not to repeat our choices throughout the season or at least til the half way point. Feel free to jump into the competition and post your sleepers and try to matchup with the writers. Until next week....

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