Friday, October 1, 2010

Sleeper Challenge Week 4

Another week for 3 of the writers to engage in sleeper combat is here. Ryan leads DeadheadBill and I by a few pts as we enter week 4. Scoring will be updated on Tuesday of each week. Feel free to post your own sleepers and see how you matchup...just try to stay well under the yahoo 50% ownership limit. Each writer in the challenge will type an explanation of why they think their picks are sleeper gold this week. To the picks we go...

Ryan's Picks

Alright, this may be like taking a poison pill this week, but as we enter a period of bye weeks and as injuries start to pile up I am looking at some unknown injury replacements as my week 4 sleepers. Last week was my all TE week, this week I am starting the rookies

Stephen Williams - WR - Arizona (1% owned)

Boldin is gone, Breaston and Doucet are both hurt. Can Larry Fitz do it all? Of course not, he's barely made a blip on the fantasy radar so far this season. Derek Anderson is not the savior in Zona, but he is a decent QB with a solid arm. Williams showed a lot of flash in the preseason. Anderson is averaging 200 yds per game, and against the high powered Chargers the Cardinals know they will have to score. I am counting on Williams getting in on the action this week @ San Diego. Projection: 6 catches 72 yds 1 TD

Chris "Ebony and" Ivory - RB - Saints (4% owned)

Now some of you may be thinking who? What 4% of people own this unknown rookie? Easy, the same people that have Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas holding down their backfield. When Bush went down Ivory was elevated to the backup to Thomas. Now, all of the sudden Thomas is dinged up. In week 4 the Saints play the Panthers who defend the pass alittle better than than the run. The real question is will the Saints go the way of the Packers and abandon the run? I see the Saints locking this one up early allowing Ivory to come in and run the clock down in the 2nd half. Thomas is a game time decision, if he plays then my prediction blows up in my face and I risk getting a goose egg this week.

Projection: 13 carries 61 yds 1 TD

Show's Picks

Patrick Crayton - WR - Chargers (6% owned)

Philip Rivers new toy has a great chance of a breakout game vs. a bad Arizona Cardinals team.

Ryan Torian - RB - Redskins (9% owned)

Let the phasing out of Clinton Portis begin.

DeadHeadBill's Picks

My first pick this week is kind of a Hailmary. I think he will need to find the endzone this week to be a good play, but something tells me that this week is the week to start Deion Branch (WR, Seahawks), sorry Wes, I know you are the resident Rams fan, but I think the improved offense of the Rams will make this a higher scoring game than most owners are expecting. I can see Neon Deion going for 70 yds and a score. Remember, if it wasn't for a penalty he would have had a long TD in week 3.

For my 2nd sleeper I am taking John Kuhn (RB, GBay). I don't know if this decision is based more on what I have seen from Kuhn or what I have not seen from Brandon Jackson, but if there was ever a week where Kuhn was gonna get some goal line touches it's this week vs. a dreadful Lions run defense. I think this game will go a long ways on telling us how the carries will be split up in Green Bay. Look for Kuhn to haul in about 50 yds rushing and a score. If things get particularly ugly for Detroit Kuhn could even make it two scores!

Sorry we got this up alittle late this week so less of you were able to get in on the challenge. Next week we will get this up earlier.

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