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Each week I dish out what I consider to be the most comprehensive Start/Sit article on the net. I don't get a penny for any of the work I do for us, but I do get the satisfaction of hearing from many of you who use The Prep to win matchups every week. If there is something I do not address here feel free to email me at or hit up our facebook fan page at and leave your comments or questions there. If you are new to the site, check out last week's Prep and you will see the results. Now to our Week 5 slate of 14 NFL games.

Rams vs Lions

Rams Starts - Sam Bradford - How good is this kid gonna be in a few years when he gets experience and weapons? Mark Clayton, Amendola(ppr only)
Start - Sjax - he crushed Detroit last year, even at 70% he's a sure fire start.
Keep and Eye on: Brandon Gibson
Sit: K.Darby(doubt he get's enough run this week)

Lion's Starts - Shaun Hill - this guy is very serviceable, wins more than he loses and has some great weapons in Calvin Johnson and Jahvid Best. Temper Expectations on Best who is playing through pain with the injured Toe. It is affecting how he plants and cuts.
Sneaky play - Brandon Pettigrew - 22 catches in 2010, due for a score.
Sit - Sheffler and Burleson (wait and see on him, coming off the injury)

Broncos at Ravens

The ravens are holding opposing QB's to under 120 yds passing...that is sick, but then again Orton has been throwing the ball all over the league this year. With Orton I think you can find a happy medium this week with alittle over 200 yds and a td or two. There are better starts out there for your fantasy team this week, but don't get all crazy and play Vince Young or Fitzpatrick over Orton.

Broncos Starts - It's just so hard to pick a Broncos WR to start vs this defense. Roll with Lloyd til he comes back to earth. Start Royal in ppr's. I have a sneaky suspicion Gaffney get's the score this week, but If you are in a 12 man or smaller he is probably a Sit.

Sit - all Denver RB's - Maroney will start, Moreno still out, Buckhalter not getting enough touches...just a mess.

Ravens Starts

Rice is practicing without limitation this week so roll him out as you normally would.

Also Start Flacco, he will continue to rebound from a slow start.

Start - Boldin and Mason

Sit - Heap(no td's in 2010) and TJ Houshmanzadeh until he get's more involved...may not be a bad play in a TD league this week.

NY Giants at Houston

Giants Starts
Eli Manning - After last week's horrific showing vs the Bears Eli is due for one of his....oh yeah he is a Manning, games. roll him out.
Start - Nicks(straight up beast) also start S.Smith who may get off the TD schnide this week (still a must start in pprs)

Start - Bradshaw (this guy is headed for a top 10 ranking at this I said last week, start this guy regardless of matchup! Note: check to make sure he is not injured...reports had him limping some at practice early this week.

Sit - consistency. Brandon Jacobs - oh how the mighty have fallen. K.Boss

Houston Starts

Schaub - Temper expectations if Andre3000 doesn't play...the ankle is still an issue, would like to see him sit another week and get that thing right.

Start - K.Walter (injuries to AJ and Jacoby Jones make Walter the man.

Start - J.Dreesen(he may not have Owen Daniels skilz but he is putting up nice numbers with Daniels struggling.)

Start - Arian Nation...Look what Foster did in the second half last week...Fosters (a King Can of Whoop-Ass)

Sit - Jacoby Jones

Chargers vs. Raiders

Rivers, Gates and Floyd(don't worry about last week's hiccup) continue to roll through this easy schedule.

Start - Tolbert and Ryan Matthews...vs this Raiders run defense there is plenty to go around.

Sit - Naanee, Crayton, Davis and the other 17 chargers receivers...such a crapshoot.

Raiders Starts - Gradkowski continues to put up nice games...a good bye week filler or injury replacement for Cutler or Vick owners.

Start: Louis Murphy - has been battling a collarbone injury, but does not appear on the Raiders injury report. Simply can't go with any other Raider WR's at this point.

Start - Z.Miller (now doing his thing with Jason Campbell on the pine)
Note: The Chargers DST has been killing it so far this year...check your waiver wire and strike before someone else notices.

Titans vs Cowboys

Will we Remember the Titans after this game? I am sure we will remember Vince Young's miserable performance and the countless personal foul's committed by the Titans defense. We will also remember Miles Austin, an elite WR getting off this week and probably a Jason Witten sighting as well. Tony Romo will have a nice game...think 260 and 2 TD's...the real question is which Cowboys back will be featured. Word out of Mexico's Team camp says Felix will be featured more to speed up the offense...that would be nice but we will believe it when we see it. Sit Felix until we see some proof. Start Barber in leagues where TD's rule the day and use the Dallas DST all day long.

Other than starting Chris Johnson I cannot rec. any other titans player.

If you must give K.Britt and Nate Wash a look as the Titans, who'll probably end up finishing with Kerry"Tom" Collins playing catch up in garbage time.

Philly at SanFran

Eagles Starts - I don't have a good feeling about this game for the Eagles...I can see this being an ugly game with SF coming out on top. I do like Celek this week now that the TE killer Vick is probably going to sit...If Vick plays, just call Celek magician cause he will disappear quickly.

Start Djax cause he owes you!

Start McCoy if he plays - he's 50/50 right now with a rib injury...he is a beast in ppr's this year.

Sit Maclin and Avant

Sit Mike Bell - even if McCoy doesn't play and Bell starts...I do not like the way he is running this year..."quicksand" is all that comes to mind. I would rather play FB Owen Schmitt who can be used much like L.Weaver was last year when McCoy was hurt.

Niner's Starts - Can't recommend Alex Smith because he is mostly abysmal, but I love me some Frank "don't call me Al" Gore.. he is going to gash Philly this week...take it to the bank, Gore owners, you deserve a big game and this is going to be it!

Also...wait for it....I even like Crabtree to get going this week and score a TD. He caught 5 of 6 balls thrown his way last week so he'll get more this week for sure.

Start V.Davis, should take advantage of a poor Eagles LB corp.

Sit: Josh Morgan, Actually like this kid but he just doesn't show every week.

On the fence - Alex Smith - 2 scores, low yardage...not worth the risk..if you need a QB try to find Gradkowski, S.Hill, or Sam Bradford on your waiver wire and spare yourself the rear view mirror nausea you'd feel most Monday mornings after starting Smith.

Falcons at Browns

Matty Ice and Roddy White are in almost have to roll these guys out every week.

Start - M.Turner - MT will bash the Cleveland D-line - expect 125 and 1-2 scores.

Start - Tony Gonzalez - look for Tony to rack up 75 yds and a score as he is used more like a no.2 WR.

Sit - M.Jenkins and Harry Douglas

Browns - Start Peyton "Run for the" Hillis - one of my favorite names in the game today...may have to use Peyton "Running Down" Hillis next week just to change it up.

On the Milk Carton -Have you seen M. Massaquoi? - Paging Mr.Massaquoi ???

Tampa Bay at Cincy

Is anyone actually going to watch this game outside of Tampa and Cincinnati (who are probably more concerned about the NLDS right now) Maybe I can find an Episode of The League that I haven't seen (Love that show, since when can you say those things on tv?) heck i'd rather watch Matlock than this game, but if I must....

Bengals Starts - Carson Palmer- Another easy matchup for Carson to get right...of course he will prob struggle with the Tampa2 and disappoint us again.

Start - TOwens and no don't expect huge numbers like last week, but look for another TD...I like Ocho-Cinco much more this week to get off in pound, get ready for some 89 endzone celebration.

Sit - Gresham, Caldewell, Shipley

Bucs Start - Mike WilliamsSit everyone else - the 3 headed RB committee may work itself out eventually, keep and eye out on who gets the carries and where they get them. Kwin - show us something Kellen, we want you back in our ppr starting lineups.

Saints at Cards
Saints Starts - It's Friday morning and we still have no definitive word on the Saints RB situation. PT Cruiser did not practice at all on Thursday leading me to believe that they will again run with Ladell Betts and Chris Ivory. If you are in a ppr Betts is the guy you run with. I like Betts over Ivory because I think he will play more simply because he is so good out of the backfield and would be better in pass protection over the rookie Ivory. If you are strapped for backs you could do worse than Ivory who runs hard and is a threat to score.
Start - Colston(still no td's this year) and Lance Moore who Brees trusts.
Sit - Meachum(has been awful for fantasy owners this season) D.Henderson, cannot be trusted week to week. Sit Shockey, he's dinged up, TE D.Thomas may get a few more looks this week but is no more than a bye week fill in.

Cards Starts - Uhm??? This is a tough one. The Saints aren't really good at stopping the run so I would play Tim Hightower and probably Beanie as well if I really needed the RB play. If you can wait and see how Beanie looks this week before rolling him out on a consistent basis...this is a juicy matchup so I can't argue against playing Beanie if it's a roster need for you.
Start - Larry Fitzgerald....we miss the dominant Fitzgerald from last year, but with the QB position being in flux we have no idea what to expect from the freakish WR.
Sit - Steve Breaston (make sure he is healthy this week)
Sit - new starting QB Max Hall. The undrafted rookie out of BYU is hoping to stir up memories of another undrafted HOFamer named Kurt Warner. I have no idea what this kid has...we'll see this weekend. He's a smaller QB at 6'1"more in the line of a Drew Brees type of player. Goodluck kid! He'll face a secondary without Tracy Porter who is out for a few weeks with an injury.

Chiefs vs Colts
The Chiefs are the only undefeated team in the NFL...that is probably going to change this Sunday when they go to Indy and face a pissed off Colts team still reeling from that Josh Scobee 53 yard FG. The Colts play much better defense at home and should slow down KC enough to get the to the Colts starts...
Colts WR's - Wayne & Clark set up for a big day.
Sit Collie - last I heard he was wearing a walking boot...look's like P.Garcon' may play this him at your own risk.
Start - J.Addai - This guy doesn't get alot of respect, but has got the job done of late...I told you guy's to start him and expect big things last week and he got 2 scores...he will score again this week and catch 4-5 balls...roll him out!
Sit - D.Brown(he's hurt), The Blair White Project (not enough balls to go around with Garcon' in the mix)

Chiefs Starts -
Start Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones - The chiefs will run run and run some more to try to milk clock and keep the ball away from Peyton and company...really like Charles in this one.
Start TE Moeki - The Colts will pressure Cassell so the checkdowns will come Moeki's way. Also play D.Bowe who is a 50/50 type of start for me...not loving it, but ya almost have to play him here as a WR no.3.
Sit - QB M.Cassell and WR Chambers

Jags vs Bills
Bills Starts - Start Fred Jackson(will be used heavily)
Tentative Start - CJ Spiller (please give this kid more touches)
Sit - Fitzpatrick unless 210 and 1-2 is good enough for you.
Sit with an Asterisk - Alot of people are starting to notice and even start WR Steve Johnson, so of course you know what's gonna happen this week? Lee Evans comes off the Milk Carton, answers his page, shows up for work and scores. I must need some therepy because in one of Bill's leagues I am actually starting Lee. Keep and eye on WR's Nelson and Johnson for Buffalo cause the Bill's are rolling with youth this year.

Jags Starts
Start - MJD - welcome back pocket hercules!
Start - Mike Sims-Walker - fresh off his bagel last week Mike get's it rolling this week. You have to know what you get with this guy...he will simply vanish from games, he's done it over and over again the past two years, but if you draft him, you just play through it and enjoy the big games when they come.
Sit - M.Thomas and R.Jennings, David Garrard (not playing this guy on the road)
Tentative Start - Mercedes Lewis...the kid is having a nice year so far(he's more of a bye week fill-in...I started him last week and was rewarded with reservations for 6.

The Pack vs The Skins
Roll out all the usual suspects in the Packers offense.
Sit - Brandon Jackson - has to be on the list for most disappointing pickup of the year. GB should have got Marshawn Lynch.

Skins Starts - RB Ryan Torain - I said last week that the Skins were going to phase out Portis and implement Torain...the process was sped up last week with Portis severe injury. Torain is a brutal, physical runner that will pay dividends for the rest of this season to all the owners that either got him early after you read my article or were fortunate enough to win the waiver sweepstakes for him.
Start - S.Moss - There is a reason I only have this guy on one team...he's just not that good, but against the Pack he could be a garbage time stud.
Start - Cooley - GB hits the QB so Cooley could be captain checkdown this week.
Sit- the rest of the Skins offense because no true no.2 WR's have emerged so far.
Sit Mcnabb - I just don't see McNabb doing much this week...he prob feels he can retire now after going back to Phily and sticking it to Reid and his old team.

Bears vs Panthers
Collins in for Cutler this week....Don't touch that one.
Rookie Clausen going for the Panthers along with two rookie WR's Lafell and Gettis...makes for an ugly defensive game where only the RB's hold value.
Start - Forte
Start - DeAngelo Williams
Start at your own risk - J.Stewart - got lucky last week with a TD on a blown coverage or he woulda done jack.
Sit - Steve Smith - out this week with a high ankle sprain
Sit - all bears wr's...if you have to play one maybe Hester because of his big play ability.
Fringe Start - Olsen (bears TE) could be Collin's checkdown guy.

Well that's it...another version of The Prep is in the books...good luck in Week 5. Look for Ryan's Monday night football projections for the Vikes vs Jets game coming soon.

Wes aka "theShow"

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