Thursday, October 28, 2010

THE PREP - WEEK 8 - Halloween Edition

Darkness falls across Fantasyland
NFL Week 8 is close at hand
Linebackers crawl in search of blood
To terrorize the fantasy pts flood.
And whosoever shall be found
Without a solid lineup for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot outside the playoff shell
The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand bad draft picks
And grizzy ghouls(like Pierre Thomas) from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your Team starts to shiver
For no mere manager can resist
The evil of the owning Jay Cutler.


*Vincent Price, theShow remix. Happy Fantasyween to you and yours.

In this week's edition of The Prep we focus on a few players from each matchup that could make an impact for you this week. In last week's aritcle I wasted alot of time on obvious starts and obvious sits. After checking out this week's Prep if there is someone you need a sit/start on post it in the comments and I will address it asap. To the games...

Carolina at STL

Stephen Jackson had finger surgery after last Sunday's game, but should be ready to roll on Sunday. Keep an eye on the injury reports via the twitter feed as we move towards game time for our list of inactive and active players. Have Ken Darby ready to roll out if you are a SJax owner. Start Sam Bradford, Amendola. Bye week TE help. M.Hoomanawaui - told ya last week to keep and eye on him and he got his first score of the year. Sit B.Gibson and the other Rams WR's until one of them can hopefully emerge soon.

On the Panther sideline word outta camp is DeAngelo Williams is battling a foot ailment and is doubtful. If you have been holding J.Stewart all year then rejoice because you may be getting your reward soon. If you own Jstew be glued to the injury reports this week and make sure to stick pins in your D.Will doll. Stewart showed us last year the hell he could give opposing defenses when given starters reps. Start in all formats if J.Stew is called upon.

Pitt at NO
Start Mike Wallace for Pittsburgh...for a guy that doesn't seem to be able to run much more than a go route he seems to make that big play every week. Start Hines "the psycho" Ward this week cause all he does is produce. TE bye week or injury help - H.Miller, should be more involved this week.

On the NO side...can the real Drew Brees please stand up? Drew is gonna have to be smokin' like Pac Man Jones to give his team a snowballs chance in hell of winning this one...I actually like the Saints this week...a night game in NO Halloween wkend??? They are liable to suit up Micheal Myers in this one or worse some really pissed off coeds lookin for Big Ben. The Horror!

SF vs Denver
So instead of Tea Time we are going to have Te(a)bow on hand for the matchup in London. I want to apologize for the piss poor game we sent you chaps...this has to be more of a joke than the last boat of Mike Vick Nikes we sent you back in the mid 2000's...bad timing there...whip them out...he's back and they're retro.
I look for a bounce back for Denver here so Start Kyle Orton and B.Lloyd and K.Moreno who looked pretty good in that Raiders debacle.
On the Niner side of the ball Troy Smith (former Ohio State QB) is getting the start for an injured Alex Smith. Keep starting Gore who is doing all he can for this team and if you must start Crabtree if you need bye week help at WR. Sit Troy Smith.

Seattle at Oakland
Can Oakland really be the 14th ranked offense in the NFL, believe it. Is D.McFadden really this sure looks like it! His problem as always will be staying healthy, but anytime he is playing the rest of the year start him. Louis Murphy is out this game so good luck with Heyward-Bey and J.Lee Higgins. Start Z.Miller - has been solid of late. Sit the QB whoever it is.
Seattle - In PPR's Mike Williams has been good. M.Lynch is worth a look at RB though I was very disappointed in his performance last week at home vs the Cards. Sit Deon Butler and J.Forsett and M. Hasselback.

NYJets hosting thePack
Start Mark Sanchez...sort of drinkin' the watered down Kool-aid here. Braylon Edwards has been very good his last 3 games getting a TD in each. Santonio Holmes could have a big game this week as well.

Packers - Driver(Start) went without a catch last week...Look for him to bounce back while Revis is smothering G.Jennings who I don't like at all this week. In most leagues I cannot bench him due to bye week troubles...just don't expect much outta Greg this week. Bill pointed out to me that James Jones is getting more looks now with Finley out. A big bodied WR - You could do worse in deeper leagues. Sit RB Brandon Jackson.

Miami at Cincy
This has the makings of a high scoring game.
Start - Bmarsh, D.Bess (deeper league sleeper - Brian Hartline)
Start Henne - can't say that too many weeks out of the year. I know it's scary starting Henne, just dress him up like Dan Marino and pretend. Sit Ronnie and Ricky again - til they do something I am calling for their benching every week.

Start Caron Palmer - serviceable of late...should be good this week. Also Start I love me some me (T.Owens who has been killing it!) Word has it that T.Owens loves himself so much that he is dressing up as himself for halloween and speaking in the 3rd person the entire day. Start 89 - rose from the fantasy abyss last week and should haunt the Miami corners on Sunday. Sit TE Gresham
Sleeper Alert - J.Shipley - the Bengals will throw it all day. Not too thrilled about Ced Benson this week, but a score and modest numbers are likely.

Jags at Cowboys
Romo is home on the range for a few week's...luckily for Dallas this week John Kitna (classic garbage time QB back in the day for Cincy...good times) has one of the worst secondaries in the league coming to town. John is not a bad start this week if you need some bye week help. Dez Bryant is starting to show why he is the next great playmaker in this league...if you have him...Start him. F.jones and Miles Austin along with Jason Witten should all get some love this week.

On the Jags side MJD should do ok and is a safe enough play, but I worry about the safety of Garrard coming off a concussion(know where Demarcus Ware is)..Sit him this week with the Jags WR's...Mike Sims-Walker and M.Thomas you simply cannot trust. TE bye week help or injury replacement...use Mercedes Lewis.

Buffalo at KC
Trick or Treat...this one's a treat of fantasy goodies. The Chiefs are running all over everyone and D.Bowe is getting a TD each week. Buffalo has no pass rush so even Cassell is a viable starter this week which usually is not he case. KC will continue to whip up on this pathetic schedule so get your Chiefs RB's in your lineup(Charles and Jones). Sit McCluster.

For Buffalo the fantasy candy has been sweet of late with the journeyman QB Fitzpatrick showing good chemistry with his WR's Steve Johnson and Lee Evans. Vs a young KC secondary there is no reason to think that this will not continue. Fred Jackson is settling into the starting role and is not a bad flex option this week.

Skins at Lions
The return of Matt Stafford highlights this matchup. Jahvid Best seems to be healing up nicely from a turf toe that has slowed him down in recent games...I like him to score at least once in this one. Nate Burleson is an intriguing play this week vs a gambling Skins secondary. TE help can be found in B.Pettigrew, the 2nd year kid outta Okla.St is showing signs of getting it this season.

The Skins counter with the mediocre QB play of D.McNabb and his one WR Santana Moss and TE checkdown machine C.Cooley...I like Cooley and Moss this week and I like McNabb to be serviceable but not great. R.Torian should see the end zone and close to 80 him with confidence. Sit Armstrong...he's good and he is quick and this Lions secondary is weak, but he is too much of a gamble.

Titans at Super-Chargers
This is an interesting game because Tenn brings the defense both home and on the road. SD brings the house on the blitz and usually gets to the QB so if Vince Young plays is he going to freak out and make bad plays? You'd think alot of points would be scored in this one, but it has the makings of a messy game. Start K.Britt who has been off the chain of late with his over 200 yd 3 TD gem last week(7 2010 TDs). Sit Young, Sit Nate Wash and the Titans TE's.

For the Chargers the only guarantees you have with them is Rivers is going to get you points and it's usually going to be through A.Gates(injured...check his statue over the wkend) Crayton is going to be the possession guy and Buster Davis will be the Deep threat...look somewhere else if you need a WR. Crayton can be used in ppr formats.

Bucs at Cards
The Arizona defense is always very good at home...they get turnovers and cause alot of havoc. I like them as a sneaky DST this week. Unless you need a QB to get you 215yds and a touch then park Freeman on the pine. He is consistent if nothing else and usually won't leave you without a few pts. Mike Williams is slowing down of late and I Sit him here. Kwin is getting more looks now, if i had to play a Buc, he'd be my guy.

Cards - This offense is just ugly and so hard to predict. Outside of the freak Fitgerald it is so hard to know where to go when looking for fantasy offense. Fitz should have a really nice day catching the football and either Anderson or Hall should put up 225 and 2tds at least which makes them a viable start or bye week fill in. Leave the Cards RBs on the bench. Would love to see Whisenhunt really pound Beanie Wells for a week to see what happens. Sleeper - Steve Breaston.

Vikes at Pats
Brett Favre looks like he needs to be mummified rather than suited up for a week 8 game. You know he is going to be out there limping around playing hero, but how affective will he be. I think if he can get out there he can do well because the NE secondary is not all that good. They do make plays so a pick 6 is always a possibility...vs Farve they are a sneaky DST play if you gamble they will get some stops and turnovers. Start Harvin who's been on fire of late and of course roll out Randy Moss who will be ultra motivated this can guarantee, mark it down, write it in stone, Randy Moss will hit paydirt. Vikes have a good shot in this game if AP is able to move the chains consistently for them and put up 125plus yds. Shiancoe has been alittle quiet of lately, but the Pats have let TE's run wild on them all year so you gotta start him. Sit Berrian and Camirillo. If Brett does not play...well forget everything I AP and sit the rest of them outside of maybe Moss because T.Jackson was horrific in the preseason...worse than that Friday the 13th where Jason was in space...worse that Sorority Row, worse than Cabin Fever! If you have seen any of know that these movies are scary...scary bad.

For the Pats figuring out who is going to be the focal point of the offense is much tougher. Outside of Tom Terrific and his Cousin It hairdo who do you start. The law firm(Ben Jarvus
Green-Ellis)seems to be the goal line guy for the Patriots so he is a solid flex play and Danny Woodhead is worth a look in deeper leagues as a bye week plug in....he is getting 10-15 touches per game. Welker has been quiet the past few games so I expect him to have a big game here. A.Hernandez is due for a TD...getting touches but no dice yet, I like him this week. Sit Deion Branch and Brandon Tate and Edelman....without set rolls this team is now a fantasy nightmare. If you need a bye week fill-in WR try Branch but know it could be feast or famine.

Goodluck to all this week...Ryan will have a Monday night preview with Sit/Starts for the game and projections across the board.
Wes "theShow"

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