Friday, October 22, 2010


Cincy at theATL
ATL Starts - Matty Ice, Turner(feel I have to put him on there cause he has been far from money this year) and Tony Gonzalez
Sleeper - Micheal Jenkins
Sit - Snelling(not getting enough run to play) Harry Douglas(Jenkins back and starting)
Cincy Starts - T.O. has been solid the past two starts, Cedric Benson(ydge has been low this year but he has no real competition)
Sit - I am not playing 89 til I see him do something...I am just waiting for this to blow up with T.O. getting more balls thrown his way of late.
Sit - Carson Palmer - like a pitcher his velocity is down, on the road I am not touching him. Don't go out and bench him for Ryan Fitzpatrick or anything, but I would not count on a big day either.
Sleeper/Bye wk replacement: Gresham - is having a good rookie campaign

Blitzburgh at Miami
Dolphins Starts - Bmarsh - 10 catches last week...what we like to see!
Serviceable - Henne - I don't think he will have a terrible game...can see him at 205 yds and 2 td's
Sit Ronnie and Ricky - This defense just crushes the run game. Sit D.Bess - is a matchup start only and this is not a good one.
Steelers Starts - Big Ben - not a huge game here on the road, but will probably have 225yds and 1-2 scores.
Mendenhall - should have a really nice game. Ward and's hard to tell which of these guys will have the game, i like Ward this week alittle better, but Wallace can make his start in one play so let's say Ward is a No.2 this week and Wallace is a lower tier 2 or solid WR 3 option.
H.Miller - like him in ppr only this week.

Buffalo at Baltimore
Ravens Starts - Joe Flacco is a bigtime start this week. It's a proven fact that when you allow Joe to set his feet and scan your defense he will torch you for big numbers....the Bills are devoid of any pass rush so this is maybe the best start Flacco will have all year. Play in all formats!
Start - Mason and Boldin - Mason is actually getting more targets of them both.
Sit - T.Heap - had a great game last week, but he's banged up abit and I don't expect him to play much once this one is salted away.
Sit - Doushmanzadeh - worthless - could be a garbage time target...only try him out of desperation bye week trouble....he is just not involved in the offense at all.
The Bills offense - Uhm....well, it's like this...if you have to use someone I guess it would be CJ Spiller or Fred Jackson...the WR corp hasn't been terrible lately so Lee Evans and S.Johnson(4 TDs) could both be used for bye week fill-ins but realize you probably have better plays on your wire this week.
Sit - Fitzpatrick - has been serviceable this year...NOT THIS WEEK.

Jax at KC
Chiefs Starts - One of the funniest things I heard last week is when DeadHeadBill and I were chatting last Sunday on the SFS facebook fanpage (shameless plug!) and word came in about this guy's 2nd TD of the day and Bill breaks out in song..."Somewhere over DeWayne Bowe.." classic, I was still laughing about that yesterday when I heard Bowe's name on the radio. Well this guy drops more passes than any no.1 WR that I have seen, but he is a primo start vs. the atrocious Jags secondary.
Also run out Jamal Charles and T.Jones - plenty to go around this week.
Cassell is pretty much terrible more often than not, but if you need a QB plug in this all means take a shot.
Sit- T.Moeki - alot of managers fell in love with this guy early, but he has not really been involved of late...proceed with caution unless you just have to use him for the bye week' definitely could do worse with the matchup.
Jags Starts - MJD - people are trading this guy like he insulted their mother...the faith is gone...a terrible QB situation this week with Todd Bouman who hasn't started a game since 2006 I think, maybe 2005 is scaring people off pocket hercules...I think he has a decent game this week...I'd play him. Sit - Mike Sims Walker - is anyone else sick of this becoming so inconsistent that he is dropable in some formats. Mike Thomas is a fringe start this week and Mercedes Lewis had a terrible game last week, but with 5 td's so far and one of the few red zone targets for the Jags he is not a terrible bye week fill-in or Dallas Clark band-aid.

NO at Cleveland
Is it just me or are there going to be alot of blowouts this week. Colt McCoy wasn't terrible last week but outside of a two QB league start where you had to find someone to replace Vick, Stafford, Peyton and others this week ya really can't play him yet.
Also Sit - Browns WR's(word in that Cribbs may play, could be sneaky this week)
Consider - Ben Watson, is quietly having a good year in Cleveland and again, with Clark and Finley down and bye week's ya gotta get TE help somewhere.
Start - Peyton Hillis - How can you not run this guy out every week...100% effort every week no matter how the team is doing.
NO starts - Start Brees of course. I also like Chris Ivory alot this week to go over 100 again and put up two scores.
New Orleans WR's are a TD's for Coleston in 2010 with all the cream puff matchups he has had. I am getting tired of saying, "this is the week", but how can ya sit the guy vs. this him as a WR-2...he certainly is showing me that he doesn't have the skill set to be a true No.1. I also like Lance Moore this week...Experts are saying to start Meachum...I disagree...I see Meachum pulling a disappearing act this week but he's a late no.3 - solid no.4 start this week because of the matchup...i'm sitting him though. Sit the NO TE's as well. If you have to play one use Shock as he does get an occasional red zone look.

Washington at Chicago
Skins Starts - I don't like the Washington offense this week at all...honestly I am having a hard time reccomending anyone outside of Ryan Torain who I like to maybe get a score and 80 yds, but he won't run wild on the Chicago run defense. Donavan Mcnabb scares me on the road, but may hook up with Santana Moss for a TD, sling it around for 190 and change...throw in a fumble and an Int and ya may as well start Matt Cassell ...I Sit Mcnabb unless I am hurting this week...again not a popular view, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em. Start S.Moss only because there is no one else to throw to other than a banged up C.Cooley who I believe will play after practicing on Thursday on a limited basis. Dbl check this before you put him in your lineup.
Bears Starts - Start Culter, Everyone is throwing on the skins this year. Run him out and expect 265, a TD to Johnny Knox and probably his one per week to Mr.Forte as well. Speaking of Forte he has flirted with some terrible games lately but seems to salvage his owners with late TD's...until he doesn't come through he is always a Start for me..
Consider - Greg Olsen - bye week fill-in, Clark/Finley band-aid.
Sit - Hester, Aromashodu, Bennett and all the other useless Bears WR's.

SF at Carolina
A QB extravaganza - Alex Smith vs Matt Moore(John Fox has decided that Moore is alittle less pathetic than Jimmy Clausen at this point and thinks maybe he will try to save his job over trying to develop the rookie...ahh way to put the future on hold John for the sake of your own monetary needs). If you must use A.Smith.
In this matchup we have a few starts - DeAngelo Williams(still believe he can and will get it done), F.Gore(still a must start every week for me), V.Davis and Crabtree(who has finally started to play since I picked him to break out two week's ago).
Sit - Josh Morgan, Jon Stewart(waste of talent sitting on the bench) Also Sit - Lafell, Gettis and newly aquired Devin Thomas who will see some action this weekend.
NOTE - S.Smith(still on the injury report but is back practicing...check to see if he will play this week and if he does...roll him out at home)

STL at TBay
Rams Starts - Sam Bradford, Stephen Jackson
Sit - Amendola, L.Robinson, TE Fells
Keep and eye on - Danario Alexander - the rook fresh off his practice squad stint looks recovered from his early spring knee injury...has the size to do damage and the opportunity. also M.Hoomanawaui is the new rook TE in STL and will play more as the season goes on. Hooms had great chemistry with Sam in the preseason (check his numbers) then he got hurt wk 1.
Tampa Starts
WR - Mike Williams - will have a significant size advantage over the Rams DBs.
QB - Josh Freeman - Will be running for his life vs the Rams pass rush, but is mobile enough to burn the Rams for all the endless Freeman to throw for 250 and 2 td's.
TE - As always, the Rams get torched by opposing TE's...Start KWin if he is healthy, if he plays he is gonna be a nice option.
Sit - Carnell Williams(2.5 yd per carry) why is this guy still playing.
Consider - E.Graham - seems to be the goal line guy and should have a short ydge op in this one.
Sit - other bucs WR's

Philly at Tenn
Eagle Starts - K.Kolb, throw on some butter and salt cause this corn on the Kolb is hot and ready to roll til he proves otherwise. Faces a tough Tenn defense on the road so don't expect monster numbers, but still play him.
Start McCoy - One of my favorite RB's this year, has improved in every area of his game...I'd take him top 10 if we drafted right now.
Start Maclin - Mac Daddy doin' work the past few games!! We'll see if his streak continues without Djax to take the pressure off. Djax was last seen humming nursery rhymes wearing a diaper after that hit he took last week...come back Djax, we need you for the playoffs. He is out this week and has a bye the next...may be able to deal for him on the cheap.
Tenn Starts
K.Britt WR, Finally Kenny you are rakin' in TD's. Moving up my WR board like flash gordon Kenny is a must start regardless of what no talent QB they put out there. VY may start, if not Todd Collins will play. If Collins plays Bo Scaife is a viable TE option because Collins will check down more than Young.
Consider: Nate Washington - about every 3rd week or so Nate breaks a long one.
Expect Tenn to gash Philly with CJ with philly settting up some play action passes where Britt will do his thang.

Arizona at Seattle
Look out cause Seattle actually looks like they know what they are doing when they are at home...opposing QB's have always had a problem in this stadium dealing with a rowdy crowd and the unpredictable weather. Expect Marshawn Lynch to be the fantasy star of this game running in 1-2 scores while rushing for about 110 yards. Hasselback is not a bad play here, but trying to predict who he will throw to is like doing calculus. Mike Williams caught 10 balls last week, but of course didn't score...the spark plug Deon Butler got that honor. This week I like John Carlson to get in the endzone and catch maybe 4-5 balls for 60 yards. In ppr's Williams is your option at WR. Sit Deon Butler for now. Sit Beanie and Hightower for now...I expect to see the Cards try to lean on Beanie abit more. Start Larry Fitzgerald...look for him to get 80 yds and a TD. Sit Mad Max Hall - still way too green and really has no chance to do well in that building.

NE at SD
The Chargers injuries are robbing us of what could have been a crazy game on the NFL Wk7 Schedule. When I saw this one on the calender a few weeks ago I was expecting a fantasy buffet of scoring goodness. Now Gates is banged up and probably will play but not be 100%, Floyd is out, F.Jax is still sucking his momma's.....ok we won't go there, but this guy needs to get his sheet together and play, his team needs him right now. Start Rivers, Ryan Matthews(about to get his due, trust me, avging 5.1 yds a carry, all he needs is the carries). Also Start Pat Crayton who will serve as the chargers number one WR this week. And consider Mr. BUSTer himself Chris Davis as deep threat lower tier No.3 WR. Sit Tolbert, Naanee - and make sure to check the injury report on Gates.
Patriot Starts - Tom Terrific and Welker are must starts here. I kinda like the Law Firm of BJGE to get abit more run as well to slow down the SD pass rush. Start Branch as a lower end no.2 simply because Tom Brady trusts this guy.
Bye Week Fill-in - Danny Woodhead...."The Spec" can be used in Yahoo formats as a WR or RB play depending on your need and will get 8-10 touches in this game.
Sit - B.Tate - still looking for an every week role in the offense.
Consider - A.Hernandez - had some big drops last week and I don't trust him just yet other than maybe in ppr's. Note his targets this week.
Sit - Gronkowski - will catch a TD now and then but not enough balls to go around for him.

Raiders at Denver
I am starting Kyle Orton over Tom Brady in one league cause I am expecting Kyle to raise the roof in the Mile High City this week!
Start Brandon Lloyd and Jabar Gaffney with confidence...Eddie Royal has been banged up so check the injury report for this steady ppr performer.
Start: Knowshon Moreno: I look for the 2nd year back outta Georgia to have a nice 2nd half.
Sit: Maroney and Buckhalter and the Denver TE's

Oakland - Start M.Bush and Z.Miller and Sit everyone else. An unstable QB situation makes this week a complete wreck for the Oakland offense this week. D.McFadden should be ready to go by week 8.

Vikings and Green Bay
Start: Brett Farve, AP and Randy Moss and Shianco...Minn has to win so I expect a nice day from the Vikes offense and a win on the road.
Start: A.Rodgers...will be running for his life vs the Vikes pass rush, but this guy get's it done no matter what.. Also Start G.Jennings and Driver who always seems to do well when Farve is on the field regardless of what team he is playing for.
Sit GBay TE's and Brandon Jackson who is looking better of late, but I am still not sold.

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