Friday, October 15, 2010


As I mentioned before we are not doing Sit/Start team capsules this week because of time restraints, but will get back to the full set of games and player projections next week. Here is a guideline to how I would handle the QB's this week. Since many of you have certain QB's and have to start them no matter what I figured instead of giving you a cut and dry sit / start that this week I would give you a rankings system of how I feel your QB's will perform wk 6. For this weekend we can call it the Show Quarterback Index. The higher a QB is on the list the better start I think he will be in week 6.

1. Rivers vs. Rams
2. Eli vs The Lions
3. Sanchez vs Everybody throws on the Broncos
4. Rothlisberger vs woohoo I come back and get Cleveland
5. Schaub - gets well this week vs. the Chiefs
6. Flacco - have you seen the NE secondary?
7. Cutler - slices and dices the Seahags
8. Brees - Drew is due vs the improved Bucs
9. Orton - yeah he's facing the Jet's but he will have a nice start.
10. Manning - Peyton has a great record vs. the NFC east (faces the Skins wk.6)
11. Matty Ice - vs the Eagles
12. Brady - Throws because they cannot and will not run.
13. Romo - puts up numbers, still loses somehow - like the Boys over Vikes this wk.
13A - like Rodgers to put up about the same vs. Miami.
14. Farve/Jackson - Either Minn. QB will be decent, just not great vs the Boys pass rush.
15. Mcnabb - vs the Indy Defense or lack thereof on the road.
16. Kolb / Vick - vs. the ATL
17. Freeman - the kid hasn't been terrible and the Saints defense can be had this season. If Mike Williams can't play he may struggle...look for Kwin to get back in the picture this week for the Bucs which will really help out Freeman.
18. Vince Young - faces one of the worst secondaries in the NFL in the Jags.
19. Bradford - will play from behind, garbage time counts too.
20. Henne - keep hearing this guy is going to be great...but when? vs GB wk 6.
21. Garrard - looking to save him and his coaches job this season...will get a chance to do it on Monday night vs the Titans.
22. Alex Smith - change to finally win vs the Raiders this week.
22A - Hasselback at the Bears this week, not a great play.
23. S.Hill - This guy has flat got it done as far as stats go in Stafford's absence...problem is he faces a dialed in Giant's Defense this week.
24. Cassell - vs. the Texans
25. Jason Campbell - yep u suck so much Gradkowski has to get hurt for you to see the field...enjoy helping the niners get their first win.
26. Colt McCoy - great kid, horrible 1st start matchup vs Blitzburgh

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