Friday, October 15, 2010



This week's Prep is going to be a shortened version. Full Team Capsules for every matchup will return in full force next week. In part 1 we cover the guys that carry the mail for your team each week. Below you will not find obvious starts like Chris Johnson or Ray Rice....just the guys with some kind of ? mark on them going into this week.

Start - Ronnie Brown(slow start for RB this year, get's it going this week), Brandon Jacobs(mmm good, detroit's comin' to town), Tolbert(Rams, nuff said), J.Charles(come on Jamal...we expect more), L.McCoy(man I love this kid this year, ppr glory), Shonn Greene(will continue to eat into LT's fantasy pie), and last but not least I love me some Ryan Torain this week.

Sit - J.Best (this kid is really good and in ppr's ya still have to play him, but the Giants D looks really good right now), T.Jones, M.Lynch(wait and see what Pete does with him and how much run he gets..i think he will be good going forward and if you need a bye week fill in play him just don't bench a dependable option for him), M.Bush, F.Jones and I am not feeling MJD this week...ya can't really bench him, but I expect Fisher to load up on the run and take away the short passes forcing Garrard to go downfield.

Check out the tweets and the facebook page this Sunday for a long list of inactives and actives that will include alot of your starting options at RB including J.Addai and whatever is going on in the Saints backfield and many more banged up backs. We will be tweeting at and chatting on the facebook page on Sunday morning after 9am EST.

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