Saturday, October 30, 2010

Playmakers and Benchwarmers - Week 8 Monday Night Madness



Welcome to Week 8.  Almost at the halfway mark of the season.  Teams are starting to settle into their grove and figure out who they are going to be this season.  This week we get to preview another AFC South matchup, a re-match of the Week 1 beat down Houston laid on Indy where Arian Foster was introduced to the football world (and especially Fantasy world).

No Brainer Starts ::  Schaub, Manning, Foster, Wayne, Andre Johnson.  Pretty easy to "go out on a limb" here with these 4.  There really is no reason to have ANY of these guys on your bench ever as long as they are active.
Solid Plays ::  Mike Hart, Kevin Walter, Owen Daniels, Anthony Gonzalez.  Mike Hart looks to continue to build himself into a decent NFL caliber RB and with Addai on the shelf, he gets another chance to show what he can do.  Walter and Daniels have long been 2 of Schaubs favorite receiving targets though this season their number of looks has decreased with the emergence of Foster and the power running game that has Houston where they are in the AFC picture.  This is no longer a pass pass pass and run if we have to team.  It's a run to open up the pass team.  A Gonz is getting healthy at just the right time for Manning and the Colts.  Clark is out for the year and with Collie sidelined for a few more weeks, they need someone to step up and step up big time.  Can A Gonz be that guy?  I think so.

Keep an eye on these guys :: Jacob Tamme, Blair White, Donald Brown.  These 2 are being thrown into their teams "starting" lineup.  I saw that because Indy likes to run 3 wide and White would be #3 behind Wayne and AGonz if Garcon doesn't play and even if he does, expect to see a lot of White on the field.  Tamme, well he is Peyton's new Dallas Clark.  Can he be any kind of a playmaker at TE to fill the void?  They don't need him to be the star Clark is, just a solid fill in would do just fine.  Peyton has shown before he can turn average players into stars, can he do it again?  Brown is getting healthy.  Are we ever going to see him fulfill his potential of being Addai's successor?  Can he stay healthy enough to be a factor for the 2nd half of the season?

Sleeper of the week ::  Derrick Ward.  Sharing carries thus far with Arian Foster, Ward has scored a TD in each of his three games, two of which have been runs of greater than 30 yards.  He has that explosive burst that can make teams pay if they aren't careful in containing him and take plays off because Foster is out of the game.  I expect the Texans to try and establish the run early just like in the 1st matchup, the difference is this time I expect it to be a two headed attack and not all Foster.

IDP Watch ::  DeMeco Ryans is on the IR for the rest of the season.  Look for 2nd year LB Brian Cushing to step into the middle and fill the void.  LB Gary Brackett needs to step up and have a huge game trying to stop the Texans rushing attack.

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