Friday, October 8, 2010

Playmakers and Benchwarmers - Week 5 Monday Night Madness

Well after another hit and miss performance last Monday, we move on to the final game on the Week 5 schedule.  3 words sum up this game – Moss is back!  That’s right Vikings fans, Randy Moss is back in purple and finally gets his wish to suit up and catch passes from Favre.  Let’s be honest, when Adrian Peterson is your teams leading receiver after 3 games, you pass receiving corps needs help.  I know as a Packer fan, his addition to the NFC North, has me questioning my pass defense.  Will Moss make an immediate impact?  Keep reading and let’s find out. 



Superstar of the Game :  Adrian Peterson – Yes I know what you are thinking.  The Jets have a strong rush defense that is ranked very highly right now.  My answer to that, in their 4 games so far, they haven’t exactly played a RB the caliber as AP.  They haven’t played a team that has the ability to balance their running and passing numbers because they have playmakers at all positions.  NE had no RB with over 10 carries.  Miami’s dynamic duo had only a combined 18 carries.  Buffalo…. Well they are Buffalo and were getting blown out so they flushed the running game down the toilet.  Look for the Vikings to balance things between run and pass and AP to have a solid game helping to control the clock.  Projection – 23 Carries – 117 Yards – 2 TDs
Solid Plays :
Mark Sanchez – The “San-chise” as he is being called in New York he finally starting to put up the numbers you would expect from a 1st round quarterback.  Through 4 games he is carrying a QB rating over 100 and has yet to throw an INT.  While I think that last part will change this week, I still look for him to continue to manage the games for his team with his smart play and make just enough plays not to lose a game.  Projection – 207 Yards – 2 TDs – 1 INT
LaDanlian Tomlinson – Face it Charger’s fans.  Your brass was wrong.  L.T. had at least 1 more solid year left in the tank and could have been a valuable asset while you groomed Matthews into a true starting RB.  Now Minnesota is tough against the run as always, but I look for L.T. to find enough holes to make at least a little noise.  Projection – 16 Carries – 85 Yards – 1 TD; 3 Catches – 25 Yards
Randy Moss – Yes I know… blah blah Revis Island Blah blah.  Until I see Revis is 100% healthy, I am going to test him and I am going to have Randy just running 20-30 yards down field a couple plays in a row to do it.  Hamstring issues are tough to get over and we’ll see if he can plant and run with Moss.  It should be a great matchup to watch all game long (assuming Revis doesn’t pull up gimpy after Moss scores on him again).  Projection - 4 Catches – 82 Yards – 1 TD
Bye Week Fill Ins :
Percy Harvin – Percy goes back to a much better position for him, the #2 WR.  He isn’t big enough or polished enough to be the #1 target as they tried to make him.  He is a quick playmaker that when healthy can make defenders look stupid.  He’ll pull a combination of Cromartie and Kyle Wilson throughout the night.  Also look for Percy to get more looks as a Kick Returner, because the Jets will put some points up.  Projection – 5 Catches – 72 Yards – 0 TDs; 120 Return Yards
Dustin Keller – I really want to start considering him a must start, but I have to keep seeing the solid play of Sanchez to believe he is a viable starting TE option.  I know the numbers this season have been great, but the Vikings have good linebackers and safeties to cover the TE and I just can’t see Keller keeping up the 20 TD pace he is on, but that doesn’t mean he is shut out in week 5.  Projection – 6 Catches – 84 Yards – 1 TD
Brett Favre – Yes, this is what it has come down to.  No seriously, Favre isn’t as bad as his early season numbers make it look like.  The simple fact is, he didn’t have the weapons to throw the ball to.  Now he does in Randy Moss.  Look for that to make a huge impact on his numbers going forward, but until he shows it, he’s still not a must start.  Projection – 241 Yards – 2 TDs – 2 INTs (he is Brett Favre afterall)
Bench the bums :
Shonn Greene -  Hyped throughout the fantasy world as the heir apparent to Thomas Jones’ throne in New York, Greene has sat back and watched L.T. revitalize his career is a fashion that not many experts expected.  Until L.T. slows down or they play the Bills again where they plan to run the ball 50 more times, it’s hard to have the confidence to play Greene. 
Jerricho Cotchery – Jerricho will be less of a factor now in the JETS offense than his namesake TV show was in CBS’ ratings after getting cancelled, brought back and then shut down again.  Edwards is the #1 and with the return of Santonio Holmes from his 4 game “vacation”, don’t expect much from Cotchery, as when you factor in Keller and the RBs, he’s the 5th or 6th option. 

IDPs to watch :
Darelle Revis – Probably gets a pick and a couple passes defensed, but he has never put up huge tackle numbers. 
Chad Greenway – Tackle machine manning the middle of the Vikes D.
Jared Allen – Off to a slow start, but he is a full speed ahead, every play kinda guy and Sanchez has been sacked 5 times this season.
David Harris – Strong LB who has a nose for the ball.  Might be tasked with helping to cover Shiancoe but mostly he’ll charged with tackling AP.

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