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Playmakers and Benchwarmers - Week 8 Monday Night Madness



Welcome to Week 8.  Almost at the halfway mark of the season.  Teams are starting to settle into their grove and figure out who they are going to be this season.  This week we get to preview another AFC South matchup, a re-match of the Week 1 beat down Houston laid on Indy where Arian Foster was introduced to the football world (and especially Fantasy world).

No Brainer Starts ::  Schaub, Manning, Foster, Wayne, Andre Johnson.  Pretty easy to "go out on a limb" here with these 4.  There really is no reason to have ANY of these guys on your bench ever as long as they are active.
Solid Plays ::  Mike Hart, Kevin Walter, Owen Daniels, Anthony Gonzalez.  Mike Hart looks to continue to build himself into a decent NFL caliber RB and with Addai on the shelf, he gets another chance to show what he can do.  Walter and Daniels have long been 2 of Schaubs favorite receiving targets though this season their number of looks has decreased with the emergence of Foster and the power running game that has Houston where they are in the AFC picture.  This is no longer a pass pass pass and run if we have to team.  It's a run to open up the pass team.  A Gonz is getting healthy at just the right time for Manning and the Colts.  Clark is out for the year and with Collie sidelined for a few more weeks, they need someone to step up and step up big time.  Can A Gonz be that guy?  I think so.

Keep an eye on these guys :: Jacob Tamme, Blair White, Donald Brown.  These 2 are being thrown into their teams "starting" lineup.  I saw that because Indy likes to run 3 wide and White would be #3 behind Wayne and AGonz if Garcon doesn't play and even if he does, expect to see a lot of White on the field.  Tamme, well he is Peyton's new Dallas Clark.  Can he be any kind of a playmaker at TE to fill the void?  They don't need him to be the star Clark is, just a solid fill in would do just fine.  Peyton has shown before he can turn average players into stars, can he do it again?  Brown is getting healthy.  Are we ever going to see him fulfill his potential of being Addai's successor?  Can he stay healthy enough to be a factor for the 2nd half of the season?

Sleeper of the week ::  Derrick Ward.  Sharing carries thus far with Arian Foster, Ward has scored a TD in each of his three games, two of which have been runs of greater than 30 yards.  He has that explosive burst that can make teams pay if they aren't careful in containing him and take plays off because Foster is out of the game.  I expect the Texans to try and establish the run early just like in the 1st matchup, the difference is this time I expect it to be a two headed attack and not all Foster.

IDP Watch ::  DeMeco Ryans is on the IR for the rest of the season.  Look for 2nd year LB Brian Cushing to step into the middle and fill the void.  LB Gary Brackett needs to step up and have a huge game trying to stop the Texans rushing attack.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Another week of the writer's sleeper challenge is here and this week we have a guest writer that has been a friend to the site competing with us. Stephen is the webmaster for a very cool site called and he is going to get in our little competition and be scored for this week along side our staff of Ryan, Bill and yours truly (Wes). Again this week we are not going to repeat any of the past 7 week's picks so our list of impact players is shrinking quickly. Feel free to put your own picks in the comments section and matchup against our staff and guest picker for this week. All picks will be below 50% ownership in standard Yahoo Leagues.

Show's Picks
Well it is Halloween weekend so why not go with The Blair White Project, WR for the Colts(8% owned). With A.Collie out with hand surgery and Peytons' favorite target Dallas Clark done for the year the kid fresh off the Colts practice squad a few week's ago will again get a chance at making an impact for the Indy offense. Look for Blair to haul in a TD and 60plus yards receiving.

Everyone throws on the Bengals and even Chad Henne shouldn't be able to mess this one up. Brian Hartline has fallen behind D.Bess in the pecking order as far as WR's go, but this is a great opportunity for him to get his second score of the year and make some noise vs the pass defense challenged Bengals secondary. Look for a TD and 55 yds receiving.

DeadheadBill's Picks

James Jones(6%)

Even though it's a tough matchup--I like Jones this week as a sleeper--he's a big target and if GB cant get the running game going we might see alot of Rodgers airing it out--JJ should be able to be the open man more then once--prediction: 4 catches for 75 yards and a possible score.

Jacob Tamme(7%)

This one is more of a "hail mary"--I'm not expecting Tamme to duplicate the great Dallas Clark's usual numbers, but something tells me w/a banged up Addai that the Colts are gonna throw and throw again--some of them should go Tamme's way--prediction: 4 catches for 44 yards and a score

Ryan's Picks

Jordan Shipley - 8% owned- Looking to build off his strongest game yet as a rookie, the #3 WR for the Bengals is looking to open things up for Carson and take advantage of having T.O. and Ochocinco taking the DBs attention.

Derrick Ward - 10% owned - Against a terrible Indy Run defense that Houston already gashed once this season, look for the Texans to get Ward involved more like he was in their matchup against Oakland where he had 11 Carries for 70+ yards and a TD. Plus the fact that he has 2 TD runs of 30+ yards makes him a nice play knowing he can bust one at any time.

*Ward was also picked by Stephen but Ryan takes priority here for cumulative numbers sake...I am going to let Stephen keep Ward as well and let the WR's sort it out.

Stephen(Finest in Fantasy webmaster) Picks
Derrick Ward-Everyone remembers what Arian Foster did to the Colts in Week 1 so, even though I don’t expect a repeat performance, it’s obvious the Texans are able to run on Indy, and with Ward registering TDs in each of the last 3 games, I think it’s a fair assumption that he’ll keep that streak going.

Anthony Gonzalez- Might be a little partial here to the former Buckeye, but after basically a year and a half of injury problems, he comes back just when the Colts need him the most with Clark out for the season and Collie out for at least a few weeks. Expect Dallas Clark type numbers from him in slot, which means he should be good for at least one score against a terrible Houston secondary on Monday Night.

Good luck fellaz.

Time to get Fired Up

Hey everyone.  Well this is my first attempt at starting up a new little article to help bridge the gap between Monday Night’s game and the following weekend.  This article main purpose is to “fire up” those teams that had heart breaking losses or major beat downs the week prior and to give their fans a glimmer of hope (and maybe some laughs).

#1 Hello Jaguars.  I’m going to bring back a tradition that one of your former teammates used to do before game time except the difference is, I get to pick the person that it happens to.  When “Big John” Henderson was a Jaguar, before each game, his defensive tackle coach would slap him in the face as hard as he could to help get John fired up.  Well Jack Del Rio, this slaps for you (SLAP!!!!!!!).  It’s time to realize that your team is a power running team and if you are going to beat teams, you need to run the ball more than 35 times a game (ok against Denver it was 34) but in wins against the Bills and Colts it was 40+.  So Jack just remember that red mark on the side of your face when your team takes the field in the Big D this weekend. 

#2 -  Overdue Bills.  Bills fans it’s time to come off the ledge.  After seeing your team have early leads in your past two games, I have just one thing to say.  You are not the 2008 Lions and your first win will come eventually.  Just not this week.  Your offense is getting better and I think most would agree has the weapons to be a strong team.  You just don’t have the Defense yet. 

#3 – Who Dat Nation… you still there???  Ok, no one in their right mind saw this coming, especially in the Dome.  But it happened.  Cleveland came out, tricked played ya, out gunned ya and beat ya pretty much all over the building.  You came to play football NFL style, they came to play backyard football and you had no answers.  Really this shouldn’t surprise people though  especially Coach Payton as it was his ballsy call to start the 2nd half of last years Super Bowl that led his team to the title.  Payton better make sure his guys quickly forget this game and move on because Pitt is coming to town for Sunday Night in America.   

#4 – Dolphin Dilemma.  Ok yes I know, after a thrilling OT win against the Packers many ‘Phin fans are feeling like they got screwed this week against the Steelers.  Well technically you didn’t.  It’s the rules and that’s that.  Yes that rule is outdated and probably should be changed, but it is the rule.  Here is a better thought.  How about playing special teams, not allowing a 48 yard kick return followed by an almost 3 minute eating drive.  Or maybe with just over 2 minutes left you complete a pass for more than 2 yards and sustain a drive and give yourself a chance to win it again with Carpenter’s leg. 

That’s it for this weeks “pep” talks.  If these don’t inspire you, maybe they will tick you off enough to play better next week so you don’t get singled out for your horrid play.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

THE PREP - WEEK 8 - Halloween Edition

Darkness falls across Fantasyland
NFL Week 8 is close at hand
Linebackers crawl in search of blood
To terrorize the fantasy pts flood.
And whosoever shall be found
Without a solid lineup for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot outside the playoff shell
The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand bad draft picks
And grizzy ghouls(like Pierre Thomas) from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your Team starts to shiver
For no mere manager can resist
The evil of the owning Jay Cutler.


*Vincent Price, theShow remix. Happy Fantasyween to you and yours.

In this week's edition of The Prep we focus on a few players from each matchup that could make an impact for you this week. In last week's aritcle I wasted alot of time on obvious starts and obvious sits. After checking out this week's Prep if there is someone you need a sit/start on post it in the comments and I will address it asap. To the games...

Carolina at STL

Stephen Jackson had finger surgery after last Sunday's game, but should be ready to roll on Sunday. Keep an eye on the injury reports via the twitter feed as we move towards game time for our list of inactive and active players. Have Ken Darby ready to roll out if you are a SJax owner. Start Sam Bradford, Amendola. Bye week TE help. M.Hoomanawaui - told ya last week to keep and eye on him and he got his first score of the year. Sit B.Gibson and the other Rams WR's until one of them can hopefully emerge soon.

On the Panther sideline word outta camp is DeAngelo Williams is battling a foot ailment and is doubtful. If you have been holding J.Stewart all year then rejoice because you may be getting your reward soon. If you own Jstew be glued to the injury reports this week and make sure to stick pins in your D.Will doll. Stewart showed us last year the hell he could give opposing defenses when given starters reps. Start in all formats if J.Stew is called upon.

Pitt at NO
Start Mike Wallace for Pittsburgh...for a guy that doesn't seem to be able to run much more than a go route he seems to make that big play every week. Start Hines "the psycho" Ward this week cause all he does is produce. TE bye week or injury help - H.Miller, should be more involved this week.

On the NO side...can the real Drew Brees please stand up? Drew is gonna have to be smokin' like Pac Man Jones to give his team a snowballs chance in hell of winning this one...I actually like the Saints this week...a night game in NO Halloween wkend??? They are liable to suit up Micheal Myers in this one or worse some really pissed off coeds lookin for Big Ben. The Horror!

SF vs Denver
So instead of Tea Time we are going to have Te(a)bow on hand for the matchup in London. I want to apologize for the piss poor game we sent you chaps...this has to be more of a joke than the last boat of Mike Vick Nikes we sent you back in the mid 2000's...bad timing there...whip them out...he's back and they're retro.
I look for a bounce back for Denver here so Start Kyle Orton and B.Lloyd and K.Moreno who looked pretty good in that Raiders debacle.
On the Niner side of the ball Troy Smith (former Ohio State QB) is getting the start for an injured Alex Smith. Keep starting Gore who is doing all he can for this team and if you must start Crabtree if you need bye week help at WR. Sit Troy Smith.

Seattle at Oakland
Can Oakland really be the 14th ranked offense in the NFL, believe it. Is D.McFadden really this sure looks like it! His problem as always will be staying healthy, but anytime he is playing the rest of the year start him. Louis Murphy is out this game so good luck with Heyward-Bey and J.Lee Higgins. Start Z.Miller - has been solid of late. Sit the QB whoever it is.
Seattle - In PPR's Mike Williams has been good. M.Lynch is worth a look at RB though I was very disappointed in his performance last week at home vs the Cards. Sit Deon Butler and J.Forsett and M. Hasselback.

NYJets hosting thePack
Start Mark Sanchez...sort of drinkin' the watered down Kool-aid here. Braylon Edwards has been very good his last 3 games getting a TD in each. Santonio Holmes could have a big game this week as well.

Packers - Driver(Start) went without a catch last week...Look for him to bounce back while Revis is smothering G.Jennings who I don't like at all this week. In most leagues I cannot bench him due to bye week troubles...just don't expect much outta Greg this week. Bill pointed out to me that James Jones is getting more looks now with Finley out. A big bodied WR - You could do worse in deeper leagues. Sit RB Brandon Jackson.

Miami at Cincy
This has the makings of a high scoring game.
Start - Bmarsh, D.Bess (deeper league sleeper - Brian Hartline)
Start Henne - can't say that too many weeks out of the year. I know it's scary starting Henne, just dress him up like Dan Marino and pretend. Sit Ronnie and Ricky again - til they do something I am calling for their benching every week.

Start Caron Palmer - serviceable of late...should be good this week. Also Start I love me some me (T.Owens who has been killing it!) Word has it that T.Owens loves himself so much that he is dressing up as himself for halloween and speaking in the 3rd person the entire day. Start 89 - rose from the fantasy abyss last week and should haunt the Miami corners on Sunday. Sit TE Gresham
Sleeper Alert - J.Shipley - the Bengals will throw it all day. Not too thrilled about Ced Benson this week, but a score and modest numbers are likely.

Jags at Cowboys
Romo is home on the range for a few week's...luckily for Dallas this week John Kitna (classic garbage time QB back in the day for Cincy...good times) has one of the worst secondaries in the league coming to town. John is not a bad start this week if you need some bye week help. Dez Bryant is starting to show why he is the next great playmaker in this league...if you have him...Start him. F.jones and Miles Austin along with Jason Witten should all get some love this week.

On the Jags side MJD should do ok and is a safe enough play, but I worry about the safety of Garrard coming off a concussion(know where Demarcus Ware is)..Sit him this week with the Jags WR's...Mike Sims-Walker and M.Thomas you simply cannot trust. TE bye week help or injury replacement...use Mercedes Lewis.

Buffalo at KC
Trick or Treat...this one's a treat of fantasy goodies. The Chiefs are running all over everyone and D.Bowe is getting a TD each week. Buffalo has no pass rush so even Cassell is a viable starter this week which usually is not he case. KC will continue to whip up on this pathetic schedule so get your Chiefs RB's in your lineup(Charles and Jones). Sit McCluster.

For Buffalo the fantasy candy has been sweet of late with the journeyman QB Fitzpatrick showing good chemistry with his WR's Steve Johnson and Lee Evans. Vs a young KC secondary there is no reason to think that this will not continue. Fred Jackson is settling into the starting role and is not a bad flex option this week.

Skins at Lions
The return of Matt Stafford highlights this matchup. Jahvid Best seems to be healing up nicely from a turf toe that has slowed him down in recent games...I like him to score at least once in this one. Nate Burleson is an intriguing play this week vs a gambling Skins secondary. TE help can be found in B.Pettigrew, the 2nd year kid outta Okla.St is showing signs of getting it this season.

The Skins counter with the mediocre QB play of D.McNabb and his one WR Santana Moss and TE checkdown machine C.Cooley...I like Cooley and Moss this week and I like McNabb to be serviceable but not great. R.Torian should see the end zone and close to 80 him with confidence. Sit Armstrong...he's good and he is quick and this Lions secondary is weak, but he is too much of a gamble.

Titans at Super-Chargers
This is an interesting game because Tenn brings the defense both home and on the road. SD brings the house on the blitz and usually gets to the QB so if Vince Young plays is he going to freak out and make bad plays? You'd think alot of points would be scored in this one, but it has the makings of a messy game. Start K.Britt who has been off the chain of late with his over 200 yd 3 TD gem last week(7 2010 TDs). Sit Young, Sit Nate Wash and the Titans TE's.

For the Chargers the only guarantees you have with them is Rivers is going to get you points and it's usually going to be through A.Gates(injured...check his statue over the wkend) Crayton is going to be the possession guy and Buster Davis will be the Deep threat...look somewhere else if you need a WR. Crayton can be used in ppr formats.

Bucs at Cards
The Arizona defense is always very good at home...they get turnovers and cause alot of havoc. I like them as a sneaky DST this week. Unless you need a QB to get you 215yds and a touch then park Freeman on the pine. He is consistent if nothing else and usually won't leave you without a few pts. Mike Williams is slowing down of late and I Sit him here. Kwin is getting more looks now, if i had to play a Buc, he'd be my guy.

Cards - This offense is just ugly and so hard to predict. Outside of the freak Fitgerald it is so hard to know where to go when looking for fantasy offense. Fitz should have a really nice day catching the football and either Anderson or Hall should put up 225 and 2tds at least which makes them a viable start or bye week fill in. Leave the Cards RBs on the bench. Would love to see Whisenhunt really pound Beanie Wells for a week to see what happens. Sleeper - Steve Breaston.

Vikes at Pats
Brett Favre looks like he needs to be mummified rather than suited up for a week 8 game. You know he is going to be out there limping around playing hero, but how affective will he be. I think if he can get out there he can do well because the NE secondary is not all that good. They do make plays so a pick 6 is always a possibility...vs Farve they are a sneaky DST play if you gamble they will get some stops and turnovers. Start Harvin who's been on fire of late and of course roll out Randy Moss who will be ultra motivated this can guarantee, mark it down, write it in stone, Randy Moss will hit paydirt. Vikes have a good shot in this game if AP is able to move the chains consistently for them and put up 125plus yds. Shiancoe has been alittle quiet of lately, but the Pats have let TE's run wild on them all year so you gotta start him. Sit Berrian and Camirillo. If Brett does not play...well forget everything I AP and sit the rest of them outside of maybe Moss because T.Jackson was horrific in the preseason...worse than that Friday the 13th where Jason was in space...worse that Sorority Row, worse than Cabin Fever! If you have seen any of know that these movies are scary...scary bad.

For the Pats figuring out who is going to be the focal point of the offense is much tougher. Outside of Tom Terrific and his Cousin It hairdo who do you start. The law firm(Ben Jarvus
Green-Ellis)seems to be the goal line guy for the Patriots so he is a solid flex play and Danny Woodhead is worth a look in deeper leagues as a bye week plug in....he is getting 10-15 touches per game. Welker has been quiet the past few games so I expect him to have a big game here. A.Hernandez is due for a TD...getting touches but no dice yet, I like him this week. Sit Deion Branch and Brandon Tate and Edelman....without set rolls this team is now a fantasy nightmare. If you need a bye week fill-in WR try Branch but know it could be feast or famine.

Goodluck to all this week...Ryan will have a Monday night preview with Sit/Starts for the game and projections across the board.
Wes "theShow"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Morning After Pill - Week 7

Let me start by apologizing to the readers for the actions of the blog management that prevented you from enjoying another Morning After Pill last week. Not only was I suspended for enjoying the way James Lambert, er…Harrison plays the game of football, but I was also fined. Honestly, I was thinking of retiring, but then I realized I don’t even get paid so what would be the point? Thankfully, Wes only fined me 50 feet of garden hose and a lawn sprinkler. Apparently his old lady was on him to get something more like a “city people shower” for the trailer.

But I did have time to think. One of the things I thunk on was NFL fines. Just where exactly do they go? Does Goodell need trailer upgrades too? I doubt it. Do they go to the families of Harrison’s and Merriweather’s victims? Maybe they should, but not likely. They obviously don’t go to improve officiating. Am I right, Dolphin fans? Booyeah!

NFL fines are like the traffic camera scams in your town. You didn’t realize they changed that stretch of freeway on your commute to a “school zone” just because classes go on field trips to see the hydroelectric plant nearby. So you fail to drop from 65 down to 15mph for a quarter mile, and the next thing you know, you get a bill in the mail. (I wonder if James Harrison got a letter with grainy, zoomed-in photos of the back of his jersey?). Meanwhile, the potholes get bigger, the interstate tolls get higher, and the schools get suckier. Where does the money go?

If I knew the money was going somewhere worthwhile, like designing new pink-striped breast cancer awareness jerseys for all NFL officials, I would be chanting, “Fine that hit! Fine that hit!” along with the nasally Collinsworths of the world. In fact, here are some more ideas for fine-able offenses I would like to see:

-Speaking of pink, let’s fine players who don’t wear enough of it. I mean, what’s wrong with you guys? Don’t you CARE? It’s like not wearing enough “flair” at Chotchsky’s in Office Space. For shame! Philip Rivers would have been fined Sunday. What kind of football player is he? For the record, so would Tom Brady if we didn’t all know he wore pink underwear. On a related note, did you see that game yesterday where the pink towel was momentarily confused for a challenge flag? Ha! More please.

-Players who celebrate after downing a punt inside the 5 should be fined when the following play results in a 20+ yard gain. GET A DEFENSE! My laughter at their team is not enough. Fine them!

-Of course, refs who can’t tell who landed on a fumble with 5 angles of slo-mo replay (Hello, isn’t that in your job description in the same sense that the camera guy is supposed to point his lens in that direction?). And yes, I am a Steeler fan, but sometimes I wonder if I hate the refs more than I love the Steelers. Chuckie Gruden would understand.

-That ref who was standing two centimeters from Percy Harvin Sunday night as he clearly stepped out of bounds, yet called a touchdown anyway needs a special fine. It better be higher than Harrison’s 75k.

-I’d like to see Al Michaels fined for his commentary on the NFL fines as proactive insurance against future lawsuits. Seriously? “Your honor, my client, the plaintiff, asserts that he was never told he could get hurt playing this game.” Maybe if we follow the fine money it will lead to Michaels’s hairpiece?

-I think Brett Favre nut-hugging sportscasters who incessantly quote Favre stats (especially stupid ones at Lambeau like how many times he’s used the urinals there) should be fined each time the legendary Favre throws a pick-6.

-Sports authors who convinced fantasy owners to bench Kenny Britt this weekend should be slapped with a very special fine. (Yeah, I started Anthony Armstrong over him. Who’s going to take care of my family when I put my head through the monitor?)

-Should Michael Boley get fined for an overrated hit that took out an overrated QB? Interesting logic puzzle isn’t it?


Ok, switch gears. Trivia time. The question is: “291?”

No, it’s not the pill count from Elvis Presley’s stomach contents in his autopsy report. It’s not the Tomlin-imposed speed limit on James Harrison’s future hits.

Yes! It’s the year Emperor Diocletian signed a peace treaty with the Nubian and and Axum empires!

It’s also the end of an era. That’s right, no sports commentary would be complete without a completely unrelated Brett Favre segment. Besides, I need to get my Favre word count up for this article’s Wordle (see M.A.P. Week 5).

Did anyone else see the sign near the end zone Sunday night? It read:


I was so intrigued by the nuances of this Lambeau fan art that I nearly missed the Favre implosion that was the fourth quarter. I didn’t think to DVR it, but I could swear “Pictures” was actually spelled, “Pitchers,” which, along with other evidence, makes it an obvious product of a cheesehead-level education. I found myself wondering, “Favre-hater, or desperate, obese, opportunistic fan-ho?” And what was he/she failing to spell vertically? ESPN? Nothing? Something only the “Pack will be Back” faithful would understand? Fascinating, and hilarious when seen over Favre’s shoulder during a snap count closeup.

So when Favre performed his Magnum Poopus for us on Sunday, did anyone else feel like you were watching a zombie flick? With the pale, pasty, sweaty-faced, agitated look he wore, I could have sworn he’d been bitten by the undead in the ankle an hour before, and he was trying to hide “the changing” from his teammates. I was waiting for him to spring on Shiancoe in the huddle and try to eat his brains.

Good news. It was just a double fracture. He’ll be back in two weeks with an INT for you and another for me. Set your watch by it.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Cincy at theATL
ATL Starts - Matty Ice, Turner(feel I have to put him on there cause he has been far from money this year) and Tony Gonzalez
Sleeper - Micheal Jenkins
Sit - Snelling(not getting enough run to play) Harry Douglas(Jenkins back and starting)
Cincy Starts - T.O. has been solid the past two starts, Cedric Benson(ydge has been low this year but he has no real competition)
Sit - I am not playing 89 til I see him do something...I am just waiting for this to blow up with T.O. getting more balls thrown his way of late.
Sit - Carson Palmer - like a pitcher his velocity is down, on the road I am not touching him. Don't go out and bench him for Ryan Fitzpatrick or anything, but I would not count on a big day either.
Sleeper/Bye wk replacement: Gresham - is having a good rookie campaign

Blitzburgh at Miami
Dolphins Starts - Bmarsh - 10 catches last week...what we like to see!
Serviceable - Henne - I don't think he will have a terrible game...can see him at 205 yds and 2 td's
Sit Ronnie and Ricky - This defense just crushes the run game. Sit D.Bess - is a matchup start only and this is not a good one.
Steelers Starts - Big Ben - not a huge game here on the road, but will probably have 225yds and 1-2 scores.
Mendenhall - should have a really nice game. Ward and's hard to tell which of these guys will have the game, i like Ward this week alittle better, but Wallace can make his start in one play so let's say Ward is a No.2 this week and Wallace is a lower tier 2 or solid WR 3 option.
H.Miller - like him in ppr only this week.

Buffalo at Baltimore
Ravens Starts - Joe Flacco is a bigtime start this week. It's a proven fact that when you allow Joe to set his feet and scan your defense he will torch you for big numbers....the Bills are devoid of any pass rush so this is maybe the best start Flacco will have all year. Play in all formats!
Start - Mason and Boldin - Mason is actually getting more targets of them both.
Sit - T.Heap - had a great game last week, but he's banged up abit and I don't expect him to play much once this one is salted away.
Sit - Doushmanzadeh - worthless - could be a garbage time target...only try him out of desperation bye week trouble....he is just not involved in the offense at all.
The Bills offense - Uhm....well, it's like this...if you have to use someone I guess it would be CJ Spiller or Fred Jackson...the WR corp hasn't been terrible lately so Lee Evans and S.Johnson(4 TDs) could both be used for bye week fill-ins but realize you probably have better plays on your wire this week.
Sit - Fitzpatrick - has been serviceable this year...NOT THIS WEEK.

Jax at KC
Chiefs Starts - One of the funniest things I heard last week is when DeadHeadBill and I were chatting last Sunday on the SFS facebook fanpage (shameless plug!) and word came in about this guy's 2nd TD of the day and Bill breaks out in song..."Somewhere over DeWayne Bowe.." classic, I was still laughing about that yesterday when I heard Bowe's name on the radio. Well this guy drops more passes than any no.1 WR that I have seen, but he is a primo start vs. the atrocious Jags secondary.
Also run out Jamal Charles and T.Jones - plenty to go around this week.
Cassell is pretty much terrible more often than not, but if you need a QB plug in this all means take a shot.
Sit- T.Moeki - alot of managers fell in love with this guy early, but he has not really been involved of late...proceed with caution unless you just have to use him for the bye week' definitely could do worse with the matchup.
Jags Starts - MJD - people are trading this guy like he insulted their mother...the faith is gone...a terrible QB situation this week with Todd Bouman who hasn't started a game since 2006 I think, maybe 2005 is scaring people off pocket hercules...I think he has a decent game this week...I'd play him. Sit - Mike Sims Walker - is anyone else sick of this becoming so inconsistent that he is dropable in some formats. Mike Thomas is a fringe start this week and Mercedes Lewis had a terrible game last week, but with 5 td's so far and one of the few red zone targets for the Jags he is not a terrible bye week fill-in or Dallas Clark band-aid.

NO at Cleveland
Is it just me or are there going to be alot of blowouts this week. Colt McCoy wasn't terrible last week but outside of a two QB league start where you had to find someone to replace Vick, Stafford, Peyton and others this week ya really can't play him yet.
Also Sit - Browns WR's(word in that Cribbs may play, could be sneaky this week)
Consider - Ben Watson, is quietly having a good year in Cleveland and again, with Clark and Finley down and bye week's ya gotta get TE help somewhere.
Start - Peyton Hillis - How can you not run this guy out every week...100% effort every week no matter how the team is doing.
NO starts - Start Brees of course. I also like Chris Ivory alot this week to go over 100 again and put up two scores.
New Orleans WR's are a TD's for Coleston in 2010 with all the cream puff matchups he has had. I am getting tired of saying, "this is the week", but how can ya sit the guy vs. this him as a WR-2...he certainly is showing me that he doesn't have the skill set to be a true No.1. I also like Lance Moore this week...Experts are saying to start Meachum...I disagree...I see Meachum pulling a disappearing act this week but he's a late no.3 - solid no.4 start this week because of the matchup...i'm sitting him though. Sit the NO TE's as well. If you have to play one use Shock as he does get an occasional red zone look.

Washington at Chicago
Skins Starts - I don't like the Washington offense this week at all...honestly I am having a hard time reccomending anyone outside of Ryan Torain who I like to maybe get a score and 80 yds, but he won't run wild on the Chicago run defense. Donavan Mcnabb scares me on the road, but may hook up with Santana Moss for a TD, sling it around for 190 and change...throw in a fumble and an Int and ya may as well start Matt Cassell ...I Sit Mcnabb unless I am hurting this week...again not a popular view, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em. Start S.Moss only because there is no one else to throw to other than a banged up C.Cooley who I believe will play after practicing on Thursday on a limited basis. Dbl check this before you put him in your lineup.
Bears Starts - Start Culter, Everyone is throwing on the skins this year. Run him out and expect 265, a TD to Johnny Knox and probably his one per week to Mr.Forte as well. Speaking of Forte he has flirted with some terrible games lately but seems to salvage his owners with late TD's...until he doesn't come through he is always a Start for me..
Consider - Greg Olsen - bye week fill-in, Clark/Finley band-aid.
Sit - Hester, Aromashodu, Bennett and all the other useless Bears WR's.

SF at Carolina
A QB extravaganza - Alex Smith vs Matt Moore(John Fox has decided that Moore is alittle less pathetic than Jimmy Clausen at this point and thinks maybe he will try to save his job over trying to develop the rookie...ahh way to put the future on hold John for the sake of your own monetary needs). If you must use A.Smith.
In this matchup we have a few starts - DeAngelo Williams(still believe he can and will get it done), F.Gore(still a must start every week for me), V.Davis and Crabtree(who has finally started to play since I picked him to break out two week's ago).
Sit - Josh Morgan, Jon Stewart(waste of talent sitting on the bench) Also Sit - Lafell, Gettis and newly aquired Devin Thomas who will see some action this weekend.
NOTE - S.Smith(still on the injury report but is back practicing...check to see if he will play this week and if he does...roll him out at home)

STL at TBay
Rams Starts - Sam Bradford, Stephen Jackson
Sit - Amendola, L.Robinson, TE Fells
Keep and eye on - Danario Alexander - the rook fresh off his practice squad stint looks recovered from his early spring knee injury...has the size to do damage and the opportunity. also M.Hoomanawaui is the new rook TE in STL and will play more as the season goes on. Hooms had great chemistry with Sam in the preseason (check his numbers) then he got hurt wk 1.
Tampa Starts
WR - Mike Williams - will have a significant size advantage over the Rams DBs.
QB - Josh Freeman - Will be running for his life vs the Rams pass rush, but is mobile enough to burn the Rams for all the endless Freeman to throw for 250 and 2 td's.
TE - As always, the Rams get torched by opposing TE's...Start KWin if he is healthy, if he plays he is gonna be a nice option.
Sit - Carnell Williams(2.5 yd per carry) why is this guy still playing.
Consider - E.Graham - seems to be the goal line guy and should have a short ydge op in this one.
Sit - other bucs WR's

Philly at Tenn
Eagle Starts - K.Kolb, throw on some butter and salt cause this corn on the Kolb is hot and ready to roll til he proves otherwise. Faces a tough Tenn defense on the road so don't expect monster numbers, but still play him.
Start McCoy - One of my favorite RB's this year, has improved in every area of his game...I'd take him top 10 if we drafted right now.
Start Maclin - Mac Daddy doin' work the past few games!! We'll see if his streak continues without Djax to take the pressure off. Djax was last seen humming nursery rhymes wearing a diaper after that hit he took last week...come back Djax, we need you for the playoffs. He is out this week and has a bye the next...may be able to deal for him on the cheap.
Tenn Starts
K.Britt WR, Finally Kenny you are rakin' in TD's. Moving up my WR board like flash gordon Kenny is a must start regardless of what no talent QB they put out there. VY may start, if not Todd Collins will play. If Collins plays Bo Scaife is a viable TE option because Collins will check down more than Young.
Consider: Nate Washington - about every 3rd week or so Nate breaks a long one.
Expect Tenn to gash Philly with CJ with philly settting up some play action passes where Britt will do his thang.

Arizona at Seattle
Look out cause Seattle actually looks like they know what they are doing when they are at home...opposing QB's have always had a problem in this stadium dealing with a rowdy crowd and the unpredictable weather. Expect Marshawn Lynch to be the fantasy star of this game running in 1-2 scores while rushing for about 110 yards. Hasselback is not a bad play here, but trying to predict who he will throw to is like doing calculus. Mike Williams caught 10 balls last week, but of course didn't score...the spark plug Deon Butler got that honor. This week I like John Carlson to get in the endzone and catch maybe 4-5 balls for 60 yards. In ppr's Williams is your option at WR. Sit Deon Butler for now. Sit Beanie and Hightower for now...I expect to see the Cards try to lean on Beanie abit more. Start Larry Fitzgerald...look for him to get 80 yds and a TD. Sit Mad Max Hall - still way too green and really has no chance to do well in that building.

NE at SD
The Chargers injuries are robbing us of what could have been a crazy game on the NFL Wk7 Schedule. When I saw this one on the calender a few weeks ago I was expecting a fantasy buffet of scoring goodness. Now Gates is banged up and probably will play but not be 100%, Floyd is out, F.Jax is still sucking his momma's.....ok we won't go there, but this guy needs to get his sheet together and play, his team needs him right now. Start Rivers, Ryan Matthews(about to get his due, trust me, avging 5.1 yds a carry, all he needs is the carries). Also Start Pat Crayton who will serve as the chargers number one WR this week. And consider Mr. BUSTer himself Chris Davis as deep threat lower tier No.3 WR. Sit Tolbert, Naanee - and make sure to check the injury report on Gates.
Patriot Starts - Tom Terrific and Welker are must starts here. I kinda like the Law Firm of BJGE to get abit more run as well to slow down the SD pass rush. Start Branch as a lower end no.2 simply because Tom Brady trusts this guy.
Bye Week Fill-in - Danny Woodhead...."The Spec" can be used in Yahoo formats as a WR or RB play depending on your need and will get 8-10 touches in this game.
Sit - B.Tate - still looking for an every week role in the offense.
Consider - A.Hernandez - had some big drops last week and I don't trust him just yet other than maybe in ppr's. Note his targets this week.
Sit - Gronkowski - will catch a TD now and then but not enough balls to go around for him.

Raiders at Denver
I am starting Kyle Orton over Tom Brady in one league cause I am expecting Kyle to raise the roof in the Mile High City this week!
Start Brandon Lloyd and Jabar Gaffney with confidence...Eddie Royal has been banged up so check the injury report for this steady ppr performer.
Start: Knowshon Moreno: I look for the 2nd year back outta Georgia to have a nice 2nd half.
Sit: Maroney and Buckhalter and the Denver TE's

Oakland - Start M.Bush and Z.Miller and Sit everyone else. An unstable QB situation makes this week a complete wreck for the Oakland offense this week. D.McFadden should be ready to go by week 8.

Vikings and Green Bay
Start: Brett Farve, AP and Randy Moss and Shianco...Minn has to win so I expect a nice day from the Vikes offense and a win on the road.
Start: A.Rodgers...will be running for his life vs the Vikes pass rush, but this guy get's it done no matter what.. Also Start G.Jennings and Driver who always seems to do well when Farve is on the field regardless of what team he is playing for.
Sit GBay TE's and Brandon Jackson who is looking better of late, but I am still not sold.

Goodluck in week 7...Tell your friends about The Prep...well, after you beat them in this week's fantasy matchup. Join Bill and I on the facebook chat each week...if you haven't "friended" us yet look us up at Show Fantasy Sports and get in on our Sunday morning chats that go from 9am thru gametime every Sunday. Also if you haven't done so yet subscribe to the blog and make sure to click on the link we send you to confirm that subscription to get a daily digest from the blog. Lastly follow me at to get injury updates and fantasy information throughout the week.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Writer's Sleeper Challenge Week 7

Writer's Sleeper Challenge is heading into week 7 with Ryan still leading DeadheadBill and I by a few points. As always these picks are being scored week to week and over the season cumulatively over the NFL season. We are trying not to repeat any of each other's selections so this is getting tougher by the week. As always the criteria is players owned in under 50% of yahoo leagues. We try to stay away from the 50% guideline because some players will increase in ownership as the week goes on. Last week we all pretty much stunk it up....but again coming up with new sleepers each week when 6 players are off the list teach week, isn't easy. Each writer will write a blurb about why they think their pick is a winner this week. To the picks!

Ryan's Picks

Brandon Tate - WR - 42% Owned - The pats are gonna throw against the Chargers and Tate is now Brady's #1 deep threat.

Anthony Armstrong - WR - 8% Owned - With a healthy D. McNabb throwing the ball, Armstrong has found himself as the #2 WR behind Santana Moss, surpassing Joey Galloway. Look for McNabb to find holes in the Chicago secondary and Armstrong to benefit from having Cooley and Moss getting the majority of the defensive worry.

Show's Picks

Danario Alexander - The rookie WR out of Missouri has been toiling away on the Rams practice squad since the beginning of the season. Finally healed up from his 4th major knee surgery the kid is ready to come off the PS and help the rams after devastating injuries to Donnie Avery and Mark Clayton. Last week he debuted catching a TD from Sam Bradford and opening the eyes of fantasy owners. I am not sure most managers are ready to grab and start this guy yet after one game along with no proof that he can stay healhy, but after some research I found this guy had a pro day at Missouri that was jaw-dropping. One scout was quoted as saying that "he has a Calvin Johnson skill set". Shortly after that performance is when he suffered his knee injury and did not get to go to the combine which explains the lack of buzz about this kid. He is the full definition of a sleeper....I am rolling him out this week in this challenge and in a few FFB leagues not knowing what the heck I am going to get. Facing the Yucs, I could do worse, Sam has to throw to someone other than Amendola.

Micheal Jenkins WR - theATL - another WR coming off an injury (shoulder) is Micheal Jenkins. Last week, lost in a miserable team performance vs the Eagles Jenkins came back and played his 1st game of the season. Jenkins was quick, showed good hands and looked game ready. With Roddy White on the other side MJ is not going to see double coverage or safeties slanted his way anytime soon...even the Linebackers of opposing teams will be distracted with Tony Gonzalez. Jenkins is a sweet pickup right now for anyone in dire need of WR help. This week I like him to get his first score of the year and a handful of catches totaling 89 yds. Go to your wire right now and get this guy if he is available, because after the next week or two...he won't be.

DeadHeadBill's Picks
Dexter McCluster(37% owned)

I really feel this could be the week McCluster makes his owners smile--playing Jacksonville in KC McCluster could gobble up some home cooking to the tune of 60+ all purpose yards and a score. Those in leagues that count return yards(unlike our little contest here)might get to take advantage of his big play ability on special teams......

Jason Avant(owned in 5% of Yahoo leagues)

As one of the legions of owners counting on Desean Jackson to carry my wide receiving corp, I'm far from thrilled at this development--but in Desean's absence there will be a whole to fill at starting WR and I believe Avant should step up nicely. I dont think he'll have a huge game vs Tenn(if any WR does it would most likely be Jeremy Maclin), but I do see him going for around 60 yards and a score which should make him a more then servicable WR3 of FLEX play.

Think you can beat us?...give it your best your sleeps in the comments section. Bill will post our scores at the end of each fantasy week.

Indy TE Dallas Clark Injured

TE Dallas Clark was seen with a cast on his hand and looks to be out for awhile....details coming as I get them. Horrible news for fantasy owners! Get your backups now if you haven't already done it in preparation for Indy's bye week.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Morning After Pill This Week

I am sad to report that there will be no Morning After Pill this week because our writer Adam has been suspended for enjoying James Harrison's two brutal hits on defenseless Cleveland Browns players in week 6 a little too much. Rumor has it that Adam takes his family out to eat and celebrates these hits so we are reviewing his conduct on a week to week basis. The M.A.P. will return next week better than ever. Lastly, Adam requested that I give a shout out to Peyton Hillis for a nice game vs. his team, but also wanted me to note....

Ya don't spit into the wind,
Ya don't tug on Superman's cape,
and ya don't rush for 100 yds on the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Live from tailgaters parking in Jacksonville, FL

I am sitting here at tailgaters parking and the atmosphere is ELECTRIC!!!  I can't remember the last time there was this much buzz in this city before a football game.    All offseason the Jags asked for the fans to come out in numbers and support the team, we are here Jaguars - now play like the team that beat the Colts tonight and send us all home happy.

I will be heading into the stadium shortly, but will try to tweet and send facebook updates during the game.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Playmakers and Benchwarmers - Week 6 Monday Night Madness

Welcome to Monday Night Football, this week live from Jacksonville, FL.  I will apologize ahead of time that this article will not be as long or as in depth as my previous ones have been and I apologize for the late timing.  This week, the battle for early season AFC South supremecy takes place on the banks of the St. Johns River. Both teams are coming in off a couple of solid wins last week and are looking to keep the momentum going (especially the hometown Jaguars).  Now onto what's going to happen on the field.

Studs of the week ::  No shockers here.  Start Chris Johnson and MoJo Drew.  Both defenses are allowing 100+ yards per game and a per carry avg. of over 4 yards.  Both these RBs are the pillars of the team and are looked at to carry the load so the QBs don't have to make plays (and thus create unneeded turnovers). 

CJ - 24 Carries - 112 Yards - 1 TDs
MoJo - 29 Carries - 141 Yards - 2 TDs

Solid Plays this week :: Look for the following athletes to put up solid numbers this week. 

Jaguars - Mike Thomas, Mike Sims-Walker, Marcedes Lewis

Titans - Kenny Britt, Nate Washington

Solid Bye Week Fillin's ::: 

This is the only place these 2 QBs should be.  Neither team wants to rely on their QB.  But if you are in a pinch, either of these guys might get you 210 yards and a TD or 2.  Just don't expect HUGE numbers, even though the Jags defense is weak against the pass, Vince Young won't be able to take advantage.  Garrard has been solid in the 2 most recent wins, taking care of the ball and making plays when he has to.  The key for the Jags is to run the ball and not turn it over.  Look for Garrard to get 233 yards and 1 TD, while Young struggles a bit more for 204 and 1 TD.

Keep your eyes open for a special piece Monday as I report in live from Tailgaters Parking outside of EverBank Field.

Friday, October 15, 2010


As I mentioned before we are not doing Sit/Start team capsules this week because of time restraints, but will get back to the full set of games and player projections next week. Here is a guideline to how I would handle the QB's this week. Since many of you have certain QB's and have to start them no matter what I figured instead of giving you a cut and dry sit / start that this week I would give you a rankings system of how I feel your QB's will perform wk 6. For this weekend we can call it the Show Quarterback Index. The higher a QB is on the list the better start I think he will be in week 6.

1. Rivers vs. Rams
2. Eli vs The Lions
3. Sanchez vs Everybody throws on the Broncos
4. Rothlisberger vs woohoo I come back and get Cleveland
5. Schaub - gets well this week vs. the Chiefs
6. Flacco - have you seen the NE secondary?
7. Cutler - slices and dices the Seahags
8. Brees - Drew is due vs the improved Bucs
9. Orton - yeah he's facing the Jet's but he will have a nice start.
10. Manning - Peyton has a great record vs. the NFC east (faces the Skins wk.6)
11. Matty Ice - vs the Eagles
12. Brady - Throws because they cannot and will not run.
13. Romo - puts up numbers, still loses somehow - like the Boys over Vikes this wk.
13A - like Rodgers to put up about the same vs. Miami.
14. Farve/Jackson - Either Minn. QB will be decent, just not great vs the Boys pass rush.
15. Mcnabb - vs the Indy Defense or lack thereof on the road.
16. Kolb / Vick - vs. the ATL
17. Freeman - the kid hasn't been terrible and the Saints defense can be had this season. If Mike Williams can't play he may struggle...look for Kwin to get back in the picture this week for the Bucs which will really help out Freeman.
18. Vince Young - faces one of the worst secondaries in the NFL in the Jags.
19. Bradford - will play from behind, garbage time counts too.
20. Henne - keep hearing this guy is going to be great...but when? vs GB wk 6.
21. Garrard - looking to save him and his coaches job this season...will get a chance to do it on Monday night vs the Titans.
22. Alex Smith - change to finally win vs the Raiders this week.
22A - Hasselback at the Bears this week, not a great play.
23. S.Hill - This guy has flat got it done as far as stats go in Stafford's absence...problem is he faces a dialed in Giant's Defense this week.
24. Cassell - vs. the Texans
25. Jason Campbell - yep u suck so much Gradkowski has to get hurt for you to see the field...enjoy helping the niners get their first win.
26. Colt McCoy - great kid, horrible 1st start matchup vs Blitzburgh


Each week Ryan, Bill and I throw out 2 sleepers each that are owned in less than 50% of yahoo leagues going into Sunday. We try to stay well below the 50% so that even if a players value increases we do not cross that 50% owned line. After the weekend Bill will post our scores and give us a summary of how we have done during the year. My picks last week were abit of a hailmary with Lafell and Gettis (the starting wr's in Panther land last week) thanks to Mr.Clausen sucking beyond belief. Can't say I cried any tears when I heard he was headed back to the pine. I'm thinking they should throw the actual bench out there and leave Clausen and Moore on the bench...the TD pass ratio would stay about the same and the bench works for free. Now let's go to our picks and a blurb from each author telling why they like the players chosen.

Ryan's Picks

Going back out on a limb this week - No safe picks here. For me it's all about finding the injury replacements.

Mike Hart - 8 % Owned - The tiny RB from Michigan looks to step up in Washington for the Colts this week with the other RBs banged up. Look for 65 yards and a score.

Andrew Quarless - 3% Owned - Again no slam dunks here, but with the top 2 TEs on the bench in Green Bay, I am going with the kid I was thrilled to see going to Green Bay on draft day this season. I didn't figure for immediate impact with Finley as the #1, but with his injury, look for Andrew to become an immediate target of whomever takes snaps in Green Bay (though I like this pick alot more in Rodgers can play). I'm saying he grabs 6 balls for 81 yards and 1 TD.

Deadheadbill's Picks

For week six I again went w/one upside pick and one riskier "dart"--first w/the news of Megatrons shoulder injury a game before the Lions bye week I could see Nate Burleson(9% owned)WR, having a bigger slice of the air pie then usual--as long as he's healthy enough to go, expect a decent output from Nate along the lines of 60-70 yards and a score.

Now for the dart--I'm not one to chase last weeks numbers or jump at starting a RB in a 3 headed attack, but I think this could be the week to start Ernest Graham RB(5% owned) at home vs New Orleans--the "Who Dat" defense has had more of a "Where'd dey go" feel to it recently so expect at least a few goalline touches and possibly 50 yards on the ground from the Cracker Man this week......

Show's Picks

Willis McGahee - RB, Ravens - Baltimore smashed the Pats right in the mouth with the running game in last years playoffs and I don't see NE stopping the run or pass in this one...Willis is a goal line gamer and should punch in at least one this weekend.

Danny Amendola - WR - Rams. With their WR's dropping like flys this season there aren't alot of targets left for Sam Bradford to look for on third down other than the useful slot WR Amendola. The rams will be passing alot trying to keep up with the San Diego track team so look for Amendola to have 9 catches and 102 yds and a td.

There are better sleeper options out there this week but we are trying not to repeat our choices throughout the season or at least til the half way point. Feel free to jump into the competition and post your sleepers and try to matchup with the writers. Until next week....