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After week 1 and 2 we had it all figured out...our busts, our breakout guys...we were into a groove..... and then came week 3. It seemed like there was some kind of reality check for fantasy owners when every player that we waited to score in week 1 and 2 but didn't, all of the sudden decided to score in week 3(can't tell I minored in English after that sentence). Studs like M.Turner came off an injury to have monster days. Players we forgot about, tucked away on waiver wires across the country like Lance Moore had huge numbers. And players we had banked on from the beginning only to treat us to 0-2 starts gave us hope...thank you Mr.Flacco for finding another week 3 breakout star, A.Boldin 3 times on the day. So, what surprises will Week 4 hold? A Lee Evans touchdown perhaps, nah, let's not get carried away. To help you be a little less's time for the Prep. (again, I will try to stay away from the every week starts like Manning and Brady)

Jets vs. Bills
Jets Starts - M.Sanchez, LT, Shonn Greene(if he can't score vs. the bill's...we've got problems) Braylon Edwards as a wr3 (seems to have a knack for the big play) and Cotchery may get some love as well vs a Bills team that doesn't play alot of defense.
Sit - D.Keller - can't see him having a game like he had last week...I think the RB's will get the short td's.
Bill's Starts - CJ Spiller - This kid is explosive...hopefully the Bill's staff got the message after he blew up last week. Week 2's, 1 touch was pathetic. Also huge in the return game.
Bill's Sits - Fitzpatrick, Lee Evans(on the milk carton)

Bengals vs Browns
Bengals Starts - Carson Palmer(tell me this guy is not this bad) T.Owens(ditto, score or I am dropping in all formats)
Bigtime - Chad Ocho-Cinco should go off Sunday.
Also start Cedric Benson.
Sit - J.Gresham - too inconsistent right now with suspect QB play.
Browns Starts - Peyton Hillis = warrior - 144 yds vs the Ravens last week - Mad props! Also start J.Cribbs - the only guy on that team that loves being a Brown.
Sits - Jake Delhomme, Massaquoi(reports have him auditioning for "Missing in Action IV" with Chuck Norris shooting informercials Massaquoi would fit the role perfectly after the last two weeks.
Fringe Start - Ben Watson - sneaky feeling he could score this week.

Ravens vs Steelers
Ravens Starts - Ray Rice - he's gonna play and if he does play him they can't trust Flacco vs. this defense so Ray Ray will get his touches and do well.(have McGahee ready just in case)
Start Boldin, big strong WR that can run the short tough routes
Sit - Mason and TJ - Neither get out of their breaks well...Flacco will be pressured and looking to throw quickly. Sit Heap too if you have other options.
Steeler Starts - Mendenhall - The Steelers will show patience and plow Mendenhall all game long. Also start Hines Ward.
Sit - Mike Wallace - don't like him this week and Sit H.Miller as well.

Broncos vs Tenn
Broncos Starts - Kyle Orton - you almost have to run this guy out cause they throw the ball so much he is gonna put up numbers. The Broncs don't run alot, but with Knowshon Moreno looking to be out again this week when they do run they seem to be roling with Maroney over the rest so he may get you 65 and a score if you are lucky.
Fringe Start - Brandon Lloyd and Gaffney
Sit - Eddie Royal and Demaryius Thomas(not sure about that wrist he hurt last week, if I hear he is ok and gets a start he moves to start territory)
Sit - Buckhalter - just not getting enough looks.
Start - Vince Young...yes I said it! If you are ever going to use this guy(and I won't cause I don't draft or pickup this guy), but if you have him this is as good a time as any to play him cause everyone throws on the Broncos. Cold get you 200 and 2tds, maybe a Nate Wash. strike and a screen to CJ. Serviceable.
Start - Nate Washington
Sit - Britt (how bad has he been?) and the rest of the Titans WRs
note - Tenn's DST gets alot of turnovers and can get to the QB as well, never a bad play.

Lions vs Packers
Lions Starts - Jahvid Best, if healthy. If he doesn't Maurice Morris is worth a look in ppr formats.
Fringe Start - Shaun Hill - If you are on a bye week you could do worse...this guy has a very nice record as a starter and has some weapons.
Sit - Burleson - injured last two weeks.
Sit - Sheffler
Packers Starts - B.Jackson - if dude can't get off this week, the Pack will have to make a move. Not the feature the Pack need to truly contend.
Start - Driver and Finley, everyone say "YES" we are playin the Lions.
Deeeeep League Start - James Jones - Garbage time stud?

SF vs the ATL
Frisco Starts - This week Frank Gore comes to play. Gore owners do not despair...he is getting the looks and will get it rollin'.
Fringe Start - Alex Smith - May be serviceable this week.
Sit - Crabtree - has been sucktacular, would almost rather have Josh Morgan.
Start - V.Davis..scores this week.
Dirty Bird Starts - Matty Ice and his boy Roddy will do more damage this week.
Start - Turner, not a huge game but should score and hover around 100yds
Fringe Start - Snelling may get some goalline luv in this one.
Sit - M.Jenkins, back from Injury and Tony Gonzalez...good SF Lb's won't let him get off this week.

Panthers vs DaChamps(Saints)
Saints Starts - PT Cruiser is in the garage and is the dreaded GTD as of right now. Stay tuned on this one.
Start - Colston and L.Moore (breakout week for Colston is possible here)
Sit - Meachum (on the milk carton), Sit Devery Henderson.
Fringe Start - Shockey, suddenly looking sorta viable.
Panther Starts - DeAngelo Williams and James Stewart - M.Turner ran through the Saints like Mexican food last week so expect a big dose of physical play by Carolina to protect the rook Clausen.
Start - kinda have to roll out Steve Smith if you have him.
Keep and eye on - Brandon Lafell - kid's got game and will show it once Clausen get's comfy in that offense.

Seahawks vs Rams (upset alert!)
Seahawk Starts - J.Forsett - should have a nice game. If return yds are in play you have to roll out Leon Washington cause the Rams have bad KR coverage.
TE Carlson - good TE's always hurt STL.
Sit - Seahawk WR's - who's the go to guy here??? Like Butler if he'd only get more targets.
Sit - Hasselbeck - I refuse to believe this guy can carry this team and he will be hit and hit hard all game.
Rams Starts - Sam Bradford the rook is beyond his years..wait til he gets a real WR weapon. Start - Mark Clayton, clearly the best of the bunch at WR.
Start - Stephen Jackson if healthy and if not play Kenneth "Terrance Trent" Darby.
Fringe start - Amendola - Like his matchup this week.
Sit - Rams other WRs and TE Fells.

Colts vs Jags
Colts Starts - Austin "Don't call me Lassie" Collie - our of nowhere this guy is Peyton's main man, if you drafted this guy...I knight you "Lord Awesomeness..ness" nice call.
Also Start Addai - I really like Addai this week.
Sit - Garcon - gotta wait til we see him healthy
Sit - the Blair White Project until we see him have more than one freak score.
Jags Starts - MJD and M.Sims-Walker, Bench everyone else.
Note to Garrard - David you have cost Jack Del Rio his job(trust me on this), he believed in you & got the organization to believe...what in the name of Tim Tebow were they all thinking.
Fringe Start - M.Lewis - every couple week's this guy gives us something to cheer for then crushes our hopes in following weeks.

Texans vs Oakland
I actually think this could be a good game. The raiders are doing well with Gradkowski, Mcfadden, Louis Murphy(my sleeper supreme so far this year) and Z.Miller. I'd start them all here.
Texans Starts - Hey Houston, I know who your favorite 80's band is, The Pretenders.
BigTime Start!!! Arian Foster - They are gonna run this guy til' his legs crumple this week...expect 30 carries and a monster day. 150 yds and 2 tds possible.
Start - K.Walter
Fringe Starts - Jacoby Jones
Now to business - I am saying SIT Andre Johnson - now don't sit him for Seattle's Mike Williams or Oaklands D.Heyward-Bey, but if you have a good WR2 you can roll with instead do it. Here's why - Ankle not withstanding, the last 3 games vs. the Oakland Raiders covered one on one by Nnamdi Asomugha Andre3000 has a grand total of 5 catches, 93yds and ZERO tds - TOTAL. Again, don't bench him unless you have a good start or a WR two on your pine, but i'd consider it, because the numbers don't lie and in those 3 games he didn't have an ankle injury he said himself is worse than it was when he first hurt it.

Skins and Eagles
Skins Starts - McNabb(karma start) - Not a McNabb fan this year, but you have to love him in this game, start him and Santana Moss and if you are in need of RB help look to Torain Green cause Portis is either not going to play or play sparely in this game.
Cooley should do well and I am starting him in leagues I have him.

Eagles Starts - Vick - as bad as the skins defense looked vs the rams last week...Vick's gonna have a field day. Can't wait til Vick plays a good defense so all this Vick hype will calm down.
Start - Lesean McCoy - the 2nd yr back outta Pitt looks like the real deal this year.
Start - Djax and Maclin
Sit - Celek (Celek now pretty much sucks in fantasy circles thanks to Vick who rarely checks down)

Cards vs. SuperChargers
Cards Starts - T.Hightower - Larry Fitzgerald (as bad as Derek Anderson is I now have to say start Larry, sad)
Cards Sit - Breaston(out 2 games) Doucet(battling injury, may play) Beanie Wells(until proven otherwise)

Chargers Start - Rivers and Gates looked awesome last week. M.Floyd is lookin' like a true No.1 and every week start. Ryan Matthews may play this week so keep an eye on that and how it may effect Tolbert's value in the offense. I will keep up on this and get you the info asap.
Fringe Start - Hello Patrick Crayton, got some good looks last week.
Sit - L.Naanee - I think he is a much better target that Crayton but is clearly way down the totem pole in priority on this team.
Sit - D.Sproles - team has totally left him out of the offense this year - odd. No Matthews, 1 rush, 1 catch week 3.

Bears vs Giants
Bears Starts - Forte, Cutler and Knox(like Knoxville this week)
Bears Sit - Hester(unless ret yds are involved), Aromashodu and E.Bennett (keep an eye on targets for these guys throughout the year cause the Martz offense show's no favorites...the ball goes to who is open)

Giants Start - For some reason I like Eli this week. He's a Manning isn't he? He has sparatic brilliant games...I say he shows up this week...bringing along his boys Nicks and Manningham.
Caution - S.Smith went high in drafts but has become a guy you start every week in pprs only. Let's hope he get's back to scoring, but until he does you must be careful in which format you roll him out and consider the match up.
Start - A. Bradshaw - looked great last week, can do it all.
Sit - Boss, Jacobs

The Monday Night Matchup will be covered separately in an article by Ryan, coming soon. Goodluck to you all in week 4 unless you are playin' me.


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