Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 3 Prep

This week's Prep is going to be brief. I will try to get back to the complete team capsule sit/starts next weekend. As usual you won't see Tom Brady or Peyton Manning on this list...just the players that are questionable starts.

QB Starts - Joe Flacco (Broadway Joe, he ain't!!) roll him out vs the browns cause if you can't start him this week then ya may as well can him.
Carson Palmer - Expect bigtime numbers
Romo - throw him out there and hope for a shootout.
Favre - let's go's Detroit.
Vick - the jags are awful, use Vick now before he comes back to earth.
McNabb - it's the rams, of course!
Kyle Orton - at home vs the Colts he should be good.
Cutler - jump on this bandwagon while there's still room.
Eli Manning - big bounce back game at home on the way.

Start with Caution - Gradkowski - gut feeling tells me this guy has a decent game at the Cards. Hasselback - Matt seems to be a different QB at home so if you don't have a better option play him and you should be good to go.

QB Sit - Derek Anderson - this may be the week that he breaks out, but he makes too many mistakes to even play vs the Raiders
Charlie Batch - do you have to ask why?
Josh Freeman - time to play a real defense kid.
Henne and Sanchez...can't wait to see the game, but there's not gonna be alot of td's scored. Garrard - nice tease week 1! week 2...reality check.
Matty Ice - not in that building - Sheet happens in the Superdome...turnovers happen.
also Sit Vince Young, Alex Smith and Matt Cassell.

RB Starts
Mendenhall, B.Tolbert(in for Ryan Matthews), in ppr's start D.Sproles, MBarber(this guy is gonna break out soon), A.Foster, Brandon Jackson (still don't think he's a star, just startable cause he is in that offense), M.Forte (best WR on that team), S.Greene(see M.Barber), A.Bradshaw, Cedric Benson(finally has a nice game vs. Carolina), Pierre Thomas(no Bush makes owners smile), L.McCoy(showing monster improvement from last year), J.Best, becoming one of those players you start ever week.

Start with caution - DeAngelo Williams - Expecting big things this year...time to put up some #'s.

RB Sits

Jerome Harrison and Peyton Run for the Hillis, Thomas Jones, Cadillac Williams, Felix Jones, M.Turner, Stephen Jackson (both turner and sjax have some health concerns and bad matchups to boot). Jason Snelling, James Stewart(have been right about him all year, he was overdrafted and until I see otherwise he is not useable), Forsett(for the love of ppr lovers everywhere, show us something), LT.

WR Starts

H.Nicks and Steve Smith(nyg) - Smith making me nervous, is reaching sit territory in my book.
Anquan Boldin(breakout week), K.Walter (all the Jacoby Jones talk that limited his preseason value is now quiet), Maclin, Demaryius Thomas, Mike Sims-Walker, Louis Murphy and J.Knox. T.O. and Ocho-cinco, Meachum, Naanee, Driver(though I halfway expect Jennings to have the big game this week along with Finley and Driver to not score this week. thing is ya have to start him cause he's scored week one and two. Santana Moss, Steve Smith(car).

WR Sits
Mark Clayton, J.Cribbs and Massaquoi, Kenny Britt, Mike Wallace and Hines Ward (not til Big Ben comes back unless you have to). Lee Evans, D.Bowe(one of these clowns needs to step back into the world of viable fantasy WR), Gaffney, Berrian, Henderson, M.Jenkins, Garcon(tired of waiting, starting to think that Collie is no.2 on the manning checklist), Breaston, Mike Williams(sea), Aromashodu, D.Bess.

TE Starts - Cooley, T.Heap, Finley, Clark, Celek(gettin' worried), Carlson, Mercedes Lewis. Gresham.

TE Sits - H.Miller, Kwin, Fasano, Olsen, D.Keller

Goodluck to all in Wk 3

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