Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 2 PREP - Start/Sit - All Games

The work week is flying by and believe it or not it's almost time for some football!!!! Week 2 is right around the corner and many of you are looking to improve on a disappointing week 1 and the rest of you are focused on staying undefeated. Again this week we look at each individual matchup and briefly take a look at a few players and what we think they might do this week. In this article we will avoid telling you to start Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson...some players are every week starts and you know who those players are.

Bills vs Packers

Start - All Packers skilled position guys, Lee Evans, CJ Spiller (in leagues with decent return yd point value) Bills will return alot of kicks this week!

Bigtime Start - Expect big things out of J.Finley this week.

Be Cautious - B.Jackson - I have never seen this guy run more than 3-4 yds without getting tackled so until you see something from this guy don't get too excited about him...his chances for a few goallines aren't bad though, start as a flex rb.

Sit: M.Lynch & Fred Jackson...FreddieJax looked quick last week and could be a a good option real soon especially if Marshawn Lynch is dealt.

Sit: Roscoe Parrish - Don't expect another score outta Roscoe P. Coltrain this week.

Start the GBay Dst and if your league rewards high return yds on Dst's start Buffalo as well.

Dolphins vs Vikings

Start - Farve - The old man should get you 250 and 2tds in this one at least.

Sit - Henne - The kid won't be ready for the loud dome crowd or the Vikings pass rush.

Start - Harvin(injury concern) and Shiancoe....both will probably reach paydirt.

Fringe start - Berrian(start at your own risk) if Harvin Sits, roll him out.

Start - B.Marshall - Miami will be playing from behind all night...he may catch 12 balls.

Sit - Ricky, D.Bess, G.Camarillo, Fasano.

Start the Viking Dst

Chiefs vs Browns

Sit - Both QB's. If i had to pick one of them to start it would be Seneca Wallace (if he starts for Jake Delhomme) Cassell is just awful.

Start: Jamaal Charles - man he looked explosive Monday night.

Sit: Jerome Harrison and Peyton Run for the Hillis until we see another game and get some idea of what kinda split the Browns are going to run.

Start - Massaquoi - Like this kid alot and the Browns have to throw to someone.

Fring Start - Josh Cribbs - could be a sneaky play.

Start - Bowe - who should see the end zone in this game.

Sit - both team's TE's and Team DST's

IDP alert - look for a big play from Joe Haden the rookie corner.

Bears vs Cowpokes

Shocker Sit of the week - Sit Matt Forte in smaller leagues - he will not run on Dallas and will not do half the damage through the air that he did vs the Lions. In full 1 pt pprs you still have to start him but in smaller leagues where you probably have other backs with better matchups...sit him down and thank me later.

Start - Tony Romo and Jay Cutler...the ball will be in the air alot in this one.

Start - A. Miles...this kid just keeps getting better. also roll out Dez Bryant...he will have a nice game.

Start - Marion Barber(love me some goalline barbarian this week!) , Jason Witten

Fringe Start - J. Knox

Sit: Aromashodu (battling some knee issues this week, but will start most likely) check Sunday morning tweets to be sure if you plan on using him in larger leagues. Also Sit G.Olsen.

Cardinals vs Falcons

Start: Matty Ice, M.Turner and of course Roddy White, he's a ppr beast.

Fringe start: Tony Gonzalez

Sit: M.Jenkins, healthy issues...Harry Douglas.

Start - Larry Fitzgerald...yeah even with a crappy QB.

Sit - Steve Breaston - not this week Steve. also sit Doucet, Derek Anderson, Beanie Wells.

Fringe Start - T.Hightower...he will get some good reps in this one...but start at your own risk!

Start the Falcon DST and Sit the Cards Dst

Bucs vs Panthers

Remember when these two teams were they had some defensive wars.

Sit - Josh Freeman, Matt Moore, James Stewart, Dwayne Jarrett, K.Winslow

Start - DeAngelo Williams, Steve Smith, Cadillac Williams and Mike Williams(TB)

Sleeper Alert: Brandon Lafell - kid's got quicks and could do some damage.

Eagles vs. Lions

Too bad the eagles aren't playing the Browns this week...Can't ya just see Vick over there betting on a fight in the dog pound between two drunken construction workers....ahh the good ole' days.

Start - M.Vick, love this play, L. McCoy(looks more under control this year), Desean Jackson, Maclin. I guess you have to start Celek but Vick is not gonna check down as much as he may pull it down and run so his value goes down with Vick running the show.

Start - Jahvid Best...this kid looks good and the Lions don't have alot of other options at RB so run him out there. Calvin Johnson...I'd roll this guy out with anyone throwing him the ball.

Sit - Shaun Hill - this guy actually has a good record as a starter but I can't say anyone should use him until we see him run this offense for an entire game.

Also Sit - Burleson and the rest of the lions offense.

Start Eagles DST...should get some sacks on Hill and maybe a pick or two.

Ravens vs Bengals

Can't see alot of pts being scored in this one...but ya never know.

Start: J.Flacco - Tom Brady carved this secondary Joe should have an ok day.

Also Start - Ray Rice(Ray is back this week!) Boldin, TJ Houshmanzadeh.

Fringe start at your own risk - D.Mason - This guy can still get it done when it counts.

Start - Carson Palmer - They are gonna have to throw to move the ball so run him out there...he has alot of weapons.

Start - Ocho-Cinco and T.O. (In smaller leagues I am going away from T.O.)

Sit - Gresham, Heap(injury concern, may not play) his backup may be Ed Dickson the rookie out of Oregon who is going to be very good.

Sit - Cedric Benson and Shipley and Magahee.

Start Balt DST. Hold off on Cincy's after last week's dismantling.

Steelers vs Titans

Start: Mendenhall, Hines Ward(keeps doing it) M.Wallace(will break one this week)

Sit - Heath Miller and D.Dixon

Sit the entire Tenn offense not named Chris Johnson

Fringe Start - Nate Washington - playing against old team may do ok, but I woudn't bet on it!

Seahawks - Broncos

Start - Tim Tebow...oh wait ...sorry that's next year.

Start - Knowshon Moreno

Start - Eddie Royal - can't believe I am typing this, because this kid has been a bust. But, you cannot deny the large amounts of targets he got last week so Orton must owe him some money or something so run him out there.

Fringe Start - Gaffney

Sit - B.Lloyd, can't see this journeyman WR putting up another 100 yds receiving.

Start - Hasselbeck...not a fan of his, but Garrard threw all over Denver. Expect 240 and 2-3 td's out of Matt.

Start - Mike Williams

Start - J. Forsett - start him and enjoy the ride this week. I'd love to see this kid breakaway and grab that starting role by the throat....well until some other USC hack comes out of retirement and takes the job away.

Sit: J.Carlson and Deion Branch(former SB MVP)

Raiders vs Rams

Whew this one is really going to get the tv ratings...I hope no Oprah reruns are on or I am going to be the only one watching this game. Well, Me and Howie Long, he can watch his son's team and his old team at the same time.

Start - McFadden - Start could be tempered if M.Bush plays and I think he will. Tune into my morning tweets at to check his status pregame on Sunday.

Start - Mark Clayton - was targeted a whopping 16 times last have to roll him out in 12 man leagues and over.

Sit both qb's...unless you are playing in 14 man or larger leagues.

Start - Z.Miller - should feast on a young rams LB corp.

Sleeper alert - Louis Murphy - predicting a nice game from this young former Gator.

Start with Caution - Stephen Jackson - battling knee soreness. If he starts you gotta play him cause this could be one of his best games of the year. I would be really tempted to deal him if he has a monster game here. Targets should be Shonn Greene, Jamaal Charles, Ryan Matthews, Jahvid Best... all rbs on the rise.

Texans vs Redskins

Start - Matt Schaub - Good Washington Defense...Better Houston offense.

Start - Andre3000 - AJ get back his mojo.

Start - Arian Foster - with tempered expectations....115 yds and a td.

Fringe - Jacoby Jones - like him this week.

Sit: K.Walter - two wks in a row? don't think so.

Start: Mcnabb: 200yds - 2 tds and 50 yds rushing a real possibility.

Start - S.Moss and Cooley - will be targeted heavily.

Sit - Steve Slaton(not enough looks) Clinton Portis and the rest of the old geezer backs in Washington...J.Riggins supposedly getting a tryout...Team says he looks fresh compared to what they have. Start neither DST.

Pats vs Jets

Sit: Mark Sanchez....he won't be as bad as last week but he's prob looking at less than 200 yds passing and a td to Braylon Edwards(start in larger leagues, just a gut feeling)

Start - Jets DST. they will hit brady early and often and probably force some TO's.

Start - Tom Terrific - cause ya have to. Also run out his boy Welker.

Use Caution - Randy Moss - Revis Island is waiting.

Sit - Brandon Tate, Jericho Cotchery, both teams TE's.

Jags vs Chargers

Start - Rivers, Garrard, Naanee, Floyd, M.Sims-Walker(won't goose egg ya this week)

Fring Start/larger leagues - Marcedes Lewis...big athetic target who has battled injuries the past few years....when healthy Garrard will go to him.

Obviously Start Gates, MJD(seems ok with the knee) and Ryan Matthews and sit both DSTs.

Giants vs Colts

Oh what a tasty plate of fantasy goodness this game should be.

Start - Bradshaw and Jacobs...both should run all over the place on Sunday.

Start - Nicks(Monster!!!) will be drafted top 20 next year. Also start S.Smith

Start - Garcon(gonna score this week, mark it down) and start Collie(mostly in pprs)

You know the other good Colt I really have to mention them...Start 'em!

Start Eli - will have a solid game running the play action.

Sit both DSTs.

Sit - K.Boss

Saints vs Niners(Hank Williams Jr Monday night special)

For the lowdown on this game stay tuned for the Fuzzyman's Monday Night Primer. Dead on projections and info on who you need to start on Monday night to close out your weekend with a W.

Best of luck to you all.


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