Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 1 Questions Answered Part 1

Each week there are questions that fantasy owners face. Answering those questions and starting the right lineup can be the difference between winning and losing. Everyone wants to go 1-0 out of the gate ...because the alternative begins the slippery slope of questioning yourself and your entire draft. I can't promise you that win, but I can take a look at some big question marks and give you my opinion on what play should be made.

Tony Romo, QB Cowboys (opponent @Redskins) - A myriad of questions surround Romo after this preseason. The cowboys may as well as had Hideo Nomo under center these past few practice games. Now, the big question is do we pull the trigger on this guy week 1 and expect big numbers? I have Tony in one league only this year and I am not starting him. I don't think it's a bad play if you do run him out there, but until I see that cowboys offense explode...Tony rides the pine for me. If your alternative is Josh Freeman then by all means don't pull Tony, but if you have a Joe Flacco or Matt Stafford or Jay Cutler on your bench...let TRome sit this one out til' he shows us he is ready to get down to business.

Joe Flacco, QB Ravens (opponent @Jets) -Joe is set for a big season, the question is does it start this week vs a dominant Jets defense? Flacco is going high enough in drafts now where unless you drafted another QB shortly after him you are probably going to need to run him out there week one and hope for the best. High end you could get 2 tds and 250 yds out him because he has a great WR corp, but realistic expectations have him putting up just over 200 yds and throwing 1 td, most likely to Derrick Mason or T.Heap. Revis will shut down Boldin and I don't expect the newly aquired TJ Houshmanzadeh to play all that much. If you have a Carson Palmer or an Eli Manning (which meant you took 2 QBs very close together in the middle rounds, which is a good strategy if you are going to wait on drafting a QB) I would play either of those guys and be alittle more confident than I would with Joe. This will be one of the few times you will hesitate to play Flacco all season long.

Do you have a QB quandry for week 1?

Kyle Orton, David Garrard and Trent Edwards

If you have QB troubles this week and are in a deeper league don't be afraid to pull the trigger on one of these 3 journeymen signal callers. Sure the games these three are playing in are about as exciting as watching underwater basket weaving, but what we do have is the possibility of big pts being scored by all. Trent looked really solid in preseason and the dolphins are working in some new pieces into their defense, so Edwards could be a sneaky play on Sunday. The Jags - Broncos matchup features two defenses in alot of trouble. The Jags are young and trying to find an identity and Denver is minus their best pass rusher for the year. I don't know how many people will actually watch this game, but fantasy owners could be surprised at the pts scored. This game is like an ugly horse that can run...I don't want to watch it run, just pay me when it wins.

*others who could enjoy the fruits of this one are Jags WR's Mike Sims-Walker, Mike Thomas, and Denver WR Jabar Gaffney and RB Knowshon Moreno.

WR Musical Chairs -
Regardless of how old you are and what level you play FFB you probably have a team that has 4-5 decent WR plays and only 2-3 starting spots to play them any given week. My son, Brett, has a team where he drafted both Ocho-Cinco and T.O. and in addition to that he has Harvin and Garcon'. He asked me, "daddy who would you play?" and I told him that he wasn't gonna learn how to play Fantasy Football without making these decisions and learning from them. He played T.O. and Ocho together flanked by Garcon'. Turns out so far that is a nice play because Harvin didn't do much vs. the Saints. When you have a situation like this I like playing both WR's even if they do play for the same team if the matchup is good. Someone is gonna have a big game and possibly both. If you split up the WR's there is just as good of a chance that you play the wrong player and the pts get left on your bench. Now if you are looking at WR's like Braylon Edwards and Jericho Cotchery you have to be much more careful with the matchup because the Jets are one of those teams that if they get a nice lead they are going to run run and run some more til they milk that clock down. Assess each matchup carefully, good luck!

Tomorrow in part 2 I will post a list of players and give a brief comment on their prospects for fantasy GOLD.

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