Friday, September 17, 2010

Show Sports Writers Pick'em Challenge

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s on to week 2 in our “Experts” Pick’em Challenge.  So let’s do a short recap of Week 1 (let’s just say, no one really looked the part of an expert this week).
WES-- 2 points
DEADHEAD BILL-- 4 points
RYAN-- 5 points
“THE SHOW” aka Wes, was a “No Show” in week 1 as he reached deep and while one of his players did score, both were huge disappointments as a sleeper of the week.  Deadhead Bill gave 2 solid WR picks as his choices and while Naanee thrived for the Chargers, L. Robinson really had zero impact in the long run, even with his TD, much like Butler for Seattle.  Fuzzyman81 went a little less risky choosing to go with McFadden in Oak who finally stepped up to the plate and put forth quite the opening week performance leading many owners to wonder if it was a preview of things to come this season.  Add to that a solid performance by aging veteran Fred Taylor gave Fuzzyman the week 1 lead, however slim it might be.  Onto the picks for Week 2.
THE SHOW’s Picks

Louis Murphy, WR, Raiders (owned in 7% of Yahoo leagues) 

The Rams team and defense are improving, but there are big games to be had vs this very young secondary.  Steve Breaston looked like Wes Chandler in St. Louis last Sunday and someone from the Raiders is going to have that type of game.  Look for Jason Campbell to have a decent game and complete his fair share of passes to Murphy.  
I expect 90 yds and a score outta the former Florida Gator wide out.  

Mike Williams, WR, Seahawks (owned in 36% of Yahoo leagues) 
Week 1, Williams looked like he is ready to resurrect his career for the long haul.  Not blessed with blinding speed Williams did show that he can work a route and find the seam of a defense.  Vs a Denver defense that let Garrard throw at will in the red zone this past Sunday.
Williams should find his way to 75 yds and a score.


Mike Williams, WR, TB (owned in 37% of Yahoo Leagues)
Although not as highly touted as fellow rookie Arryleous Benn(Spelling?), Mike Williams seems to be the receiver who's stepping up and gaining QB Josh Freeman's confidence.  I think we'll see plenty of the "Killer W's" vs a pretty maleable Carolina defense which leaves me to believe Williams & TE Kellen Winslow might both be in for decent games stat wise.

Brandon Lloyd, WR, DEN (owned in 22% of Yahoo Leagues)
 My 2nd choice this week left me kind of torn--I was thinking Peyton Hillis (RB CLE) would be the way to go for some definite points, but he just didn’t seem "sleepy" enough to be a sleeper this week, so I went with Brandon Lloyd in a fairly crowded Denver wide receiving corp.  Sure he'll be competing with Gaffney & Eddie Royal for targets, but I'm far from convinced that this will be the year Royal finally breaks out big.  I saw some bonding between Lloyd & Orton in week one that leads me to believe Brandon will see enough targets for an easy 4-5 catches, but the key will be the endzone--if he finds paydirt he'll be a nice flex option, if he doesnt, he'll be on the fringe as a starter in DEEP leagues going forward.......


Peyton Hillis, RB, CLV (owned in 25% of Yahoo Leagues)
I’m going with a player who in week 1 almost put up the same numbers as he put up in all of 2009.  He is currently still sitting at #2 on the Browns RB depth chart behind Jerome Harrison.  The Browns also have this Cribbs guy who they want to get more involved in the offense.  However, going against a KC defense that allowed over 100 yards rushing in their first game, I like the 2 headed monster to do some damage and take some of the pressure off of the QB, especially if Seneca Wallace gets the start.  Hillis has good hands out of the backfield and if he can stay away from the fumbles, I see a nice season coming out of this kid.
Hillis will get 10 carries for 54 yards, 1 TD and 4 catches for 34 yards.

Mario Manningham, WR, NYG (owned in 38% of Yahoo Leagues)
Well, I really debated long and hard over this pick.  My initial pick was Mark Clayton, but after the Wed. waiver session, he was no longer under the 50% mark.  So onto my next choice - Brandon Lloyd.  Oooops, taken by Deadhead Bill (I mean the kid already has one 100 yard game it isn't that big of a stretch).  So here I sit going through the Yahoo player rankings by % owned and I stumble across a familiar name from my favorite college, U of M.  Manningham, really the #3 option in the Giants passing game, probably closer to #4 if you count TE Boss.  However, Boss is out, Nicks is questionable and little brother Eli better have a well rested arm to be able to come out throwing and keep up with big brother Peyton this weekend.  Manningham just needs to close his eyes and pretend he's back at the "Big House" and ignite his career (remember his standout game in Week 2 in 2009 - I do )
Manningham brings in 7 catches for 118 yards, 2 TDs and 2 rushes for 12 yards.

*** Check back first part of next week to see who has the magic and who flat isn't getting it done. Let's hear your them in the comments section below, put your money where your mouth is! Check out the key below to see how we score this thing.

0-5 fantasy pts=0
6-10 fp=1
11-15 fp=2
16-20 fp=3
21-25 fp=4
over 25=(5 is perfect)
(Yahoo default scoring) pts rounded down.

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