Sunday, September 5, 2010

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Most of your drafts are now over. Over the next few days you will pull up your lineups across the ESPN, CBS,, and Yahoo platforms and decide who you will start week 1. This should be easy, right? For guys...picking what socks we are going to wear is easy, taking out the garbage is easy, turning up the TV and pretending not to hear the wife or gf....easy! Figuring out who to start on your fantasy team week 1 is far from easy. A few days out from the Thursday night opener the second guessing has already began. There are many roster questions facing us in week 1. Here are a few players that are driving us crazy this week.

1. Bears WR's. Johnny Knox is going higher in drafts, but all we keep hearing is how much Aromashodu was targeted the last 3-4 weeks of the 2009 season. With no KR yds in play who is the better start? And is Devin Hester still trying to be a receiver? Vs Detroit's defense at home this is such a tasty match up to have so many unanswered questions.

2. Thomas Jones, Tim Hightower and LT. Here are three tough running backs that have been relegated to backup duty and in most circles have been dismissed as players that you keep for depth purposes only. Are Jamaal Charles, Beanie "broken glass" Wells, or Shonn Greene going to score the majority of the fantasy points for their respective teams this year?(maybe)I think the real question here is if you have a WR/RB flex spot are you going to put in a WR like Tampa's Mike Williams or Denver's Gaffney or are you going to play one of these three RB's? Don't count out these fantasy warriors...they will all be heard from this fantasy season. When to deploy them...that's the 25, 000 question.

3. Felix Jones - Is he an every week start? Has he officially overtaken Marion the Barbarian in fantasy importance? This is one of the main RB situations I will be keeping an eye on Week 1.

4. Rams WR's and TE's. No one outside of Sam Bradford's brain knows who he will throw the ball to this season on a consistent basis. The rams are going to be down in almost every game they play in this season so someone is gonna get their share of targets.

Check back as the week progresses for answers to questions like these. Week after week we will be here giving you our unique take on who you should be in your lineup and who should be serving the Gatorade for your team. In the end, you will have to put your money where your mouth is...hit the submit button and live with it...hopefully with our help...your Mondays will be filled with a little less regret.

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