Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Key Players Injured

If you own Andre3000, P.T.Cruiser, Stephen Jackson, Ray Rice, Jahvid Best or Ryan Matthews you are headed down the stretch to week 4 not knowing if one of your key fantasy players is going to be available on Sunday. By late tomorrow night I will have the Week 4 Prep posted with not only Sit Start information, but also players you should have ready to roll out if you find yourself without one of your star players come game time. I'm chasing ambulances this week rounding up all the information on the players listed here and more. Don't forget to check out the blog game day morning or follow me on twitter at for all your Sunday injury information. If you have a player you want us to specifically address, for example a Pierre Garcon' who has been temporarily replaced by the Blair White Project, just put it in the comment section and we will make sure the Week 4 Prep contains that information.

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