Sunday, September 12, 2010

Final Preparations - Part 2 of ?'s Answered

Here is a list of players you may be looking at putting in your last WR, RB slot or possibly a Flex position. It's these players that many times win or lose your matchups...don't take the decision lightly. If there is anyone not listed here put them in the comment section and someone will address that player or you can email me directly at . What you won't see below is every week starts like Andre Johnson, Peyton Manning and Ray Rice. The players listed below are all players that could go one way or the other in 12 man or larger leagues.

Browns and Bucs
Jerome Harrison, RB Browns, Start
Cadillac Williams, RB Tampa, Sit
Mike Williams, WR, Tampa, he's gonna be good, but wait and see, Sit
Jake Delhomme and Josh Freeman from this same game - Sit
K.Winslow - Start him, especially in ppr's.

Bills vs Dolphins
Ronnie Brown - RB, Miami - Start
Ricky Williams - RB, Miami, Sit (with a healthy Ronnie his value goes way down, Lex Hilliard could be in this mix as well.)
Henne - Scares me abit on the road week 1...I am sitting him, though I know most will disagree with this one.
T.Edwards - this guy is a fringe start and I think he will have a nice day.
Lee Evans - Start as a WR 3 or Flex.

Cincy and New England has big fantasy pts written all over it. Start all your main skilled position guys. Avoid New England Rb's and TE's because you just don't know which will produce.

Houston vs Indy
Start - Addai, Garcon, A.Foster, Jacoby Jones
Sit - Collie and A.Gonzalez and D.Brown, Owen Daniels, K.Walter, S.Slaton

Rams vs Cards
Start - Hightower, Fitzgerald. Breaston is hard to sit as well vs a bad Rams secondary.
Sit - Beanie(til we get a healthy report, stay tuned for that)
also sit all Rams offensive personnel not named S.Jackson until we see how Sam Bradford is going to distribute the ball. If KR yards are in play you can make an argument for running out Amendola.

Jets and Ravens's hard to sit a stud like this, but if you can only start 2-3 WR's think long and hard about throwing this guy out there vs Revis.
Fringe Start - Braylon Edwards...I don't hate this start for some reason. D.Mason is also a dependable guy that I hate to bench until he starts showing me some age, Flacco will look to him every time when in trouble.
Sit - Magahee, TJ Houshmanzadeh, Heap, Cotchery, Keller, LT.

Chargers and Chiefs
Start - M.Floyd(set for big day) Ryan Matthews, T.Jones, J.Charles, D.Bowe
Sit - McCluster, Sproles, C.Chambers,and Patrick Crayton.
Fringe Start - Legadu Naanee (could be big but play at your own risk as a no.4)

Cowboys and Skins
Start - F.Jones, Barber, Witten, Cooley and S.Moss
Sit - Mcnabb(he will get hit today, his leg/ankle worries me), and all the rest of the Skins WR's and their RB's too until we see how Shanny is gonna play them. also Sit the monster that is Dez Bryant til' we see the ankle is ok.

Broncos and Jags
Start - Garrard and Orton (I like both of these guys today in what could be a high scoring game...I have no faith in either defense) Start Mike Sims-Walker and Mike Thomas.
Start - Gaffney and Moreno
Start at your own risk - MJD - check the injury report. In 10 man leagues, why risk it, go with someone else. If he sits Rashad Jennings is a must start.
Sit - Eddie Royal, Buckhalter, M.Lewis, Demaryius Thomas.

Falcons vs Steelers
Start- I love me some Mendenhall today and start Turner as well vs a tough Steeler defense on the road. Ya start Roddy White no matter what!
Tentative Starts - M.Wallace and Hines Ward...hard to recommend these guys not knowing what Dixon is going to do. I think I'd start either as a No.3 in all formats, just know it's a risk and if you have better options roll with them.
Sit - H.Miller, M.Jenkins, T.Gonzalez(really don't like this guy this year) & Matt Ryan.

Raiders vs Titans
There are a whole lotta iffy starts in this one outside of Chris Johnson. I like Jason Campbell this year but his healthy is abit of an issue and he starts out on the road possibly without M.Bush so I just cannot start him with any confidence. Start - Z. Miller
Tentative Start - Louis Murphy and Darren Mcfadden
Sit - M.Bush (not starting a rb with a hand injury), K.Britt(please show us something Kenny, we want to start you!), J.Gage, Darius Heyward Bey and of course don't play Vince Young unless??? don't do it.

Panthers and Giants
Start - Steve Smith(both of them) H.Nicks, A.Bradshaw, Eli Mannning, and DeAngelo Williams(Contract year)
Tentative Start - Jacobs could make a nice flex play or he could completely suck and not play that much cause him and coach Coughlin are not seeing eye to eye.
He may be worth the risk vs. a bad Carolina Defense.
Sit - J.Stewart, M.Manningham, D.Jarrett and B. Lafell(i do like this kid and he will be heard from soon)and M.Moore.

Packers vs Eagles
Start - All Packers skilled position players and of course the TE J.Finley
Start - DeSean Jackson and L McCoy, not because I think he is a lock for great numbers, he just doesn't have alot of competition and will get plenty of chances to run and catch the ball...he is a ppr must start this week! I guess as high as most of you drafted Celek you have to start him but I don't like his chances to score this week...but like you I will probably start him anyway.
Sit - Maclin(shoulder worries me)

Lions vs Bears
Start - Cutler, Stafford, Burleson, Knox, Forte and the rook Best.
Sit - Pettigrew, K.Smith, G.Olsen, Bennett, Hester
Tentative Start - Aromashodu(I am starting him but there is alittle gamble with him being listed as the No.3 guy).

Niners vs Seahawks
Start - J.Forsett(more confident with him in a ppr), Crabtree, V.Davis, Alex Smith(12 man leagues and larger).
Sit - Hasselbeck, Mike Williams, Deion Branch, Julius Jones
Sleeper Alert - Deon Butler - WR, 14 man or larger him out there and look like a genius or snag him off the wire and wait and see if he gets enough targets to be viable. This is a tough matchup for the Seahawk offense so temper expectations on him this week.

Get those rosters set and let's do this!!!

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