Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BUSTED!! - Week 2

Week 2 of this NFL season is going to be remembered by for being the week of WR busts. Many a FFB manager woke up this morning to check their scores only to see 0-2 total points beside their WR names. Dudes they drafted that were suppose to be sleepers, not sleep through games, wide outs in top offenses sure to feast on weaker defenses, only to feast on your chances of winning your match up. Below is a list of players who flat out killed their owners this week and an opinion on whether or not I think this will be a reoccurring theme this season.

Lee Evans - WR, Buffalo Bills - with exactly ZERO catches for ZERO yards Lee Evans caused as many curses to be flung around this weekend as the score of the Cowboys game. Lee was set up for a monster day...his team was gonna get beat down by a superior foe (the Pack) and he was going to splurge his owners with multiple garbage time catches and possibly a score ...good times for all...well a funny thing happened on the way to 10 catches and 100+ yds receiving... T.Edwards made the mistake of thinking he can play football in the NFL. After disappointing owners 2 weeks straight now we are going to give Lee one more chance with a new starter in place Fitzpatrick...this guy did go to Harvard after all and surely he knows that to keep a starting QB job make your No.1 WR a target multiple times. I expect it to happen and this and only this next week will save Lee from a vacation on a whole bunch of waiver wires.

TJ Doush-for-Starting(Ravens,WR). No Catches, nada. TJ TJ TJ, you had me fooled...it was the old switch uniforms and make fantasy managers think you have game trick again!(Seattle fans are great at this game) I fall for that one all the time (see Jason Campbell). I don't know if I would drop TJ in deeper leagues, but the way Flacco is playing I would certainly consider it in 12 man leagues and in 10 man leagues...TJ wouldn't be on my team, not even my bench.

Aromashodu - WR, Bears, no catches week 2 - How many pre-2010 season experts were giving you the targets for Aromashodu the past few weeks of last season telling us that he had that chemistry with Jay Cutler. Have we not learned anything from last year. Two words - Earl Bennett - How many times did we hear Earl went to Vandy with Jay...draft him, he is a mega sleeper...sure he is.

Massaquoi - WR, Browns - for those of us who ran out Massaquoi this week we deserve what we got. a whopping 1 catch for 9 yds probably scored a big fat 0 in most leagues. What made me think that Seneca Wallace would turn into Bernie Kosar I have no idea. I'd rather wear a chicken wing costume in the dog pound than play Massachoke again.

Pierre Garcon' - WR - Colts. 1 catch for 11 yds. Out of all the horrendous performances this week this one disappointed me the most. I even told my 9 year old son he was a good start this weekend when he asked me what WR 3 to start in his league. Dear old dad is handing out piss poor start info to his kid thanks to Mr. Garcon. After showing glimpses of brilliance last year and some in this years preseason what's not to like about this athletic speedster playing opposite Reggie Wayne in the most prolific passing offense of the last 10 years? One problem could be that Peyton may have found his Wes Welker in Austin Collie. The jury is still out on Garcon', he has the tools to be huge, but I am officially worried about him being a monster bust.

Greg Jennings, WR, Packers - Now 3 catches and 35 yds and no score may be an ok day for a backup TE, Roscoe Parrish, Greg Camarillo, but for Jennings in a game where the Pack went up and down the field on Buffalo this was a massive disappointment. Greg had a couple of these last year and I am starting to think he is a feast or famine guy and if this continues he will be dropping down my rankings. What we need out of our first or second drafted WR's is consistency...not 35 yd performances vs bad teams.

Speaking of consistency...How does Hines Ward not catch a Batch of balls vs Tennesse? The dependable Ward graced us with a 1 catch for 9 yards, a mind blowing suckfest that made many of us a victim of the dreaded backup QB effect. Come back Big Ben! the owners of Ward, Wallace, Mendenhall and Miller need you. Buy low on Ward, Wallace and Ben.

Perennial Bust award: Bernard Berrian - why does anyone bother with this guy?

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