Friday, August 13, 2010

WHAT IF? (part 1)

What if Ryan Matthews is not the stud the experts say he'll be? How many times have we all seen a rookie Rb look mediocre or bust alltogether. Sure the learning curve is alot less for a running back, but this guy is going in the top 10 in almost every draft I have been in. This guy maybe God in cleats for all I know...but what I do know is if the cornerstone of my teams RB's is a rookie...that's an uneasy feeling. Ryan repeatedly goes before Steven Jackson and Shonn Greene and DeAngelo Williams. I consider myself a man of faith, but if you take this guy that early then you have more faith than I do.

What if Jay Cutler is able to grasp the Mike Martz system? Martz, the once heralded Mad Martz for his St. Louis Rams video game-like offense is hangin' out in Chi-town these days trying to bring some fire-works the Bears offense. Martz has been here and there since his days at STL and his teams haven't done much. What martz has not had since his days with Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger is an intelligent QB with the patience and arm strength to make this offense work. Jay Cutler is a big strong armed QB that went to ....wait for it....Vanderbilt and he has a gun for an arm. I am not convinced that Cutler is gonna take the Bears to the SB year one, but I promise you the td's will come, along with plenty of interceptions as well and maybe a few too many sacks. If the bears do have patience in the Martz and Cutler experiment I think the bears offense could get ridiculous as early as 2011. What I am not sure about is if this offense can work in cold weather. Maybe the bears can work it out to play all their playoff games on the road in domes.

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