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Showdown 2010 Draft Recap & Grades

Recap: (complete grades are after the recap)
Rd. 1 - Showdown 2010 began with the typical CJ, AP, MJD and Rice a Roni main course, but after that it was an anything but typical road all the way to the end. The first mini-reach of the draft came at pick 5 when Stewie Lives picked Andre Johnson(we'll have more on this owner later). More of the usual suspects came after as Turner and Gore flew off the board and the rook Matthews went to Bolt Action at pick 10. Masters got great value at pick #12 with last years second leading rusher (despite missing some games) in S.Jackson. Show grabbed the first QB A.Rodgers at pick 13.

Rd. 2 - The first pick in the 2nd round was a surprise in Desean Jackson which was the 2nd WR over all. Maybe he is an eagles fan? Maybe he figues the return yds Jax brings is enough to warrant this pick. It's not bad...just curious. After this pick the usual flow of top ranked wr's flew off the shelf like fresh Krispy Kreme's. Manning, Brady and Schaub also go here.

Rd. 3 - P.Rivers kicks off rd 3 and is followed by Romo (first draft I have been in, I believe, where Romo was not picked just ahead of Rivers. J.Charles comes at a bit of a surprise here, but it's hard to question the pick the way he finished last year. The Percy Harvin pick by Wind sorta blew me away(yeah i know that's bad). This was reach city. First of all, we don't know that Favre is coming back and second of all he is the 3rd option at best on that team. With both S.Smiths, Boldin, Beanie, Beanie and Dallas Clark on the board Percy just wasn't the pick here and could have easily been had 2 rounds later. Almost as bad was Brett Favre going to Hawkeye Woody in this round in pick 11 (better get a nice backup). D.Clark was the first TE picked by Mastermind. Javid Best(toonc) and L.McCoy(show) both stuck around til the last picks of this round so RB value for teams who picked QB and RB early was still to be had.

Rd. 4 - This round was highlighted by 2nd to 3rd tier backs coming off the board along with the other top TE's. Wind continued his questionable draft with a trendy young player in Dez Bryant. Wes Welker was taken last here by Hooligans in what could be the steal of the round.

Rd. 5 - This round bursts onto the scene with TO going before Ocho. The rest of the round goes pretty much according to the settings with #2 WR's and a few 3rd tier backs. P.Garcon' is a good value here at pick 11 by Hawkeye.

Rd. 6 - Mastermind goes defense here with the Jets (hey Steve, you better hope Revis signs). Don't like this pick here because in 14 man or larger leagues these middle rounds are crucial for the offensive depth of your team. Bolt Action grabs Santana Moss in yet another draft...you are banking big on this guy this year, hope he comes through for you..I still think Devin Thomas in his 3rd year is the Skins WR to watch in 2010. Alan grabs Bradshaw here adding another 3rd tier type of RB trying to recover from not picking an RB for the first 3 Rounds. Now loaded at WR and QB we will see how this strategy plays out down the line...took guts to try it, I give you that. Brandon Jacobs looks to be the beefy steal of this round. Not lovin' AC's pick of Gonzalez here...his name is a heckofalot better than his numbers are gonna be this season, but I do realize the pickin's were getting thin at TE.

Rd. 7 - 10. Alot of really solid picks in the 7th; Forsett (like this pick Alan), J.Harrison, Winslow, Fred Jackson, D.Mason, Wallace, Barber. Carson Palmer comes off the board in round 8! Remember Brett Farve in round 3? I am betting their numbers this years are very comparable...this is a really nice grab at the last pick of round 8 by Hooligans. Z.Miller (Bong hits) and A.Foster (Show) highlight round 9 and round 10 begins a title wave of DST's being taken ...best pick of that round was either D.Thomas(toot-toot) or Massaquoi (Delhomme has to throw to someone).

Rd 11-17. Here's where the depth/upside picks can make or break your team. These are the picks that the better players enjoy making. Where teams seperate themselves from the pack or doom their teams to mediocrity. This recap is getting abit drawn out so I am going to list the picks I liked the best in these rounds and the managers who took them. I may also comment on some picks I didn't like at all.
Rd.11 picks I liked: Cooley (AC), T.Hightower(Hooligans), C.Henne (Bolt), D.Avery(Tooc.)
and Big Ben (Wind)
Rd.12 Not much going on in this round.
Rd. 13 This is the "Hey remember 2008 when I was awesome" round.
Lance Moore(hooligans), Bernard Berrian(Stewie), Roy Williams(MM) good upside this late, he has all the incentive and every opportunity in the world to produce in BigD this year. And to complete our 2008 studs list Leon Washington end the round(toocinators).
Rd14. Rooks highlight this round with Toby "John Riggins" Gerhart going to (Bong Hits)
And yet again, why on earch is Snelling being taken by Bolt here. The pick is a good one for him, but why, why, why does M.Turner owners continue to ignore this guy. Snelling is a key handcuff this year people...How many times do I have to say it!
Rdds 15-17 complete a fun draft (congrats Bill on a good league)
Found it interesting that Plaxico Burress, who is on my all-work release team was drafted by Hooligans in the last round. My fav. pick in the last round was probably Josh Morgan by Dream Team or my man Sam Bradford going last in the draft (Toocinators)

Draft Grades
Bong Hits B- +'s good set of power backs. -'s Bench
Hooligans2 C- +'s Welker grab, -'s Depth at WR
Toocinators C+ +'s Djax, Best and Williams Combo - -'s late drafting decisions
81 + 85 Takeover B- +'s Very Solid Core, -'s QB depth
AC Express A- Balance across the board. Older Rb's have some wear and tear and could be a concern here.
Wind D. +'s are Drew Brees and Grant. -'s loaded up on #3 WR's and reached on too many young players.
AcHookers B. +'s include Beast wr corp with Rice. -'s, after Rice big ?'s at RB.
Bolt Action B+ +'s Wr corp could be a monster and I also like the Henne pick to backup Eli who'll be feast or famine this year. -'s depending too much on rookie rb's who are a 50/50 gamble. Top rook helps your chances. I woulda grabbed sproles to handcuff Matthews.
Mastermind C+ +'s Manning, Sjax and D.Clark / Veteran Stability. -'s V.jax suspension, depth ?'s. Key for this team is avoiding slow start.
Dream Team C+ +'s Schaub and good 1-2 punch at RB. -'s Odd mix of WR's here. no depth at all at RB.
Show A- +'s Depth all over/not sexy but efficient. -'s no big stud at RB to carry the load. Need lower rated backs to be all they can be.
Stewie B- +'s Brady paired with two Bigtime! WR's -'s ?'s at RB (will be the key to his season) No rb's drafted in the first 3 rds...risky strategy here, hope it pays off for ya.
Mounties B- +'s Solid WR's/RB 1 & 2. -'s Not sold on Mcnabb this year and the depth here is questionable.
Hawkeye D +'s Green and 1-2 WR. -'s Farve in the 3rd? and you back him up with Vince Young? This is a draft don't. Depth is very poor here, RB 2-3 are backups.

*Like I have said before, I don't have a crystal ball so every team has a chance going into this year...These rankings reflect who has the best teams starting out. Injuries, breakout players, and wire claims can change the landscape in a hurry. Goodluck to all.
**for game day updates this season on injuries and pickups of the week follow me on my new twitter account at www.twitter.com/westheshow
email: wes@showfantasysports.com

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