Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rice Injury a Sticky Situation for Fantasy Owners

News floating out of vikings camp this morning has Sidney Rice missing half the the 2010 season after undergoing hip surgery. Many of you Rice owners breathed a sigh of relief at the news that Brett Favre was back on the scene. Now, suddenly, you are left without Rice for more than half of the fantasy football regular season (most leagues) if the 8 game forecast is true. Obviously, Harvin and Berrian and Shiancoe all get an uptick in value, but none of them outside of Harvin is the dynamic athlete that Rice is and Harvin is not going to give you that leaping end zone grab that you get with Sidney. Berrian is going to be available in some leagues so if you can get him which will be some compensation for you, but again Berrian is not gonna put up Sidney Rice numbers. I wouldn't get too excited about Javon Walker who could replace Rice on the roster. Another guy you can look at is Jabar Gaffney (Denver)who has been Orton's favorite target so far in the preseason and is available in a ton of leagues right now. If you own Rice I would not drop him unless you are in a 10 man league with a reasonably small roster, because he is young and he could heal faster than the projection. I also would not panic and drop someone from your bench and hurt your depth just to get another WR on your team. Be patient. Rice owners should study the WR targets over the first few weeks and find productive guy to get you through. Going into last year no one thought Sidney Rice was going to be a star and that goes the same for guys like Miles Austin. I grabbed both these guys off the wire in several leagues early on last season. Keep your eyes open...the breakout WR's come around every season. Keep your eyes open and shop like a it's black Friday til' you find that diamond in the rough. Good Luck.

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