Friday, August 6, 2010

Pigskin and FL Heat Power Rankings for 2010

Pigskin Power Rankings
1. DC
2. Show
3. TCH
4. Rejects
5. Rollaz
6. Lynchers
7. Bolt
8. AC
9. Impact
10. Dreamin'
11. Imbeciles
12. Bama (sorry champ but you have work to do)
*no grades here because half the team was keeper players

Florida Heat Power Rankings
*there are so many teams so close here these rankings are tough to do before alot of position battles are done and the preseason injuries come into play so these will be ever changing.
1. Stewis
2. Strange
3. DC
4. Davistators
(these guys had the best drafts and get a strong B+ on the show ffb ranking index)
5. MM
6. AC
7. Show
8. MLM
9. Bolt (drafted well late)
10. Lassie
11. Storm
(this next tier is large..all get a B rating and are balanced)
12. 24
13. Wayne-o
14. Fury
(these guys get a B- rating and may need to make an early move)

If you would like an individual team breakdown I will be glad to do it. Post in the comment section exactly what you are looking for. Awards coming later.

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