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As promised here are the grades from the 8/11/10 NFL.COM draft for T.Jam football. Now, considering this is a 10 man (2qb) league everyonei s gonna be loaded. That means I am going to have to be abit harsher than normal with these picks or give everyone very high grades.

Uncle Johns Band B- this team could be very very good or very mediocre. It depends on whether Ryan Matthews is all that and a bag of chips and if Mike Wallace and M.Crabtree end up being stars this year. Don't love either player and your no.1 WR Colston is in an offense that spreads it around abit so he is more of a 1b in my opinion. Like your bench, love Rodgers and the upside of Forsett, but too many things have to happen for you to win, therefore I don't think you will be more than a 7-5 team. Did I mention that you are a swell guy for letting me in the league?

AC A- This team is well built and has everything you need to win in a 2 qb league. You have the star QB, the QB that could be a fantasy beast and in a ppr setup the roster is loaded with quality wideouts and backs who can catch the ball. This team would've earned a straight up A but I am not sure about the bench..not saying they arent good players but I don't think they are the perfect compliment to this great set of starters. Other than driver can you really count on any of these other guys except for Winslow whom I assume you will start with Daniels healthy problems.

Go Vikes Go! Grade...wait a sec....holy cow this team is loaded...beast set of rb's with MJD, Mendenhall and Shonn Green and then these wrs with Rice, Jennings and S.Smith(nyg) how can this team lose??? Oh look, I just found a way...his QB's. First of all there are only two of them and they are Vince Young and M.Cassell. Isn't this a 2 QB league...don't you need one for your bye week on your bench? Is either Vince or Matt gonna do enough to help you win this league...the answer is, NO and the grade is a C. Yes this is a low grade considering Vikes team looks like a pro bowl roster, but overcoming this QB problem is gonna be too much. When one team's qb's are putting up 80 pts and yours is putting up 30...your roster being a bit better than mine is not gonna matter that much. If for some reason Cassell or Vince put a mark on this years fantasy map, then I don't want to be playing this team.

CrazyBaldHeads C Great RB's, Nice WR's as well. The problem here is with your QB's. Big Ben is out 4 games along with Vjax. That means you will be going with Stafford and Moore for the first 4 weeks and again, no Jackson. 10 man leagues usualy come down to the last week on who makes the could go 1-3 very easily to start out and if you are probably done. even if you somehow go 2-2. Not sure even with Big Ben you have enough firepower at the position.

Berman's Whoops B this team is not the sexiest on the block, but it is well drafted from top to bottom. There is alot of balance here with enough QB play that this team will not be hurt by the QB play. Great WR's, AP to go with Spiller who I like alot in this format plus a nice bench This team should be a playoff team. You woulda got a B+ but there is no backup QB here.

Boise grade B

If Favre doesn't come back this season this team takes a major hit but let's assume #4 is coming back. This team looks very good...The rb 3-pack of Gore, Sjax and PThomas can stick with anyone else's in the league and I think Eli Manning is very underrated coming into the year. Good things are ahead for this squad.

*quick note here, if Favre comes back I think this team should drop one of his starting qb's...a max of 3 starters per team should be in play for the good of the league. of course you can carry any number of your own backups.

Voodoo B here is another team with a great set of RB's and they also have Andre Johnson (gold in a ppr setup) But this is another team I cannot give an A to because there is no backup QB. As far as offensive output goes though...this team should put up pts all year long cause it is not short on firepower, especially at the WR position. Hester may be a sneaky play with these settings as well, good draft VDoo.

Hooligans3 grade C+ - sorry man I am not loving this team. After Carson and Schaub and Roddy White there are too many question marks...too many of those, "hey if this guy gets off this year I am gonna roll" type of players. The upside is huge here, but in a 10 man L. you need to be loaded with more guarantees than this team. TO(headcase) R.Brown(comin off a major injury) Floyd, Bradshaw, Berrian...see where I am headed with this. Good luck man, you will do well, but probably not as well as you'd like. I think the keys for you are Turner returning to form and M.Bush emerging into a consistent factor.

Ice Man ...I don't think this team has much of a shot to do anything in this league without some bigtime tweaking. I am not grading this team because it looks like it was picked by the computer and I believe there was someone who could not get into the draft room. Seeing how the picks fell here with Tate being grabbed as a starter I would assume this team was not handpicked. All is not lost with a wire with this much talent on it. The right wire moves and this team could be in the playoffs mix. If J.Best emerges this team's fortunes could turn quickly. Get a backup QB when you hit the wire next time.

Last but not least Show's team. This team was drafted according to the settings. The QB 1-2 punch of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady was picked more out of where i was in the draft rather than wanting to go qb-qb, at 10-11 it just made sense. This duo is going to be a handful all year long for any opponent and the 1-4 WR corp is a beast in a ppr format. RB's are not real exciting but again, the ppr format should put up very good numbers and Forte may be the smartest pick here. The bench is solid with Evans, Barber handcuffed to Felix and Jacobs as rb 5 or 6 could be a monster steal. Cribbs will look really good as a spot play with the KR yardage as well. If you don't give this team an A, then what do I give it? I suppose you could drop it to a B+ because you could argue there are teams out there with 2 rbs better than any one of mine. I would agree with that.

*Note that grades are a reflection of what I think is your position right now. Moves and turnarounds are easy to make in a 10 man league because of the amount of players that will be coming off the wire week to week. That being said, If you guys prove me wrong I am more than willing to eat my words...preferably on some Honey Wheat bread if you can work that out for me with a side of hint of lime tostitos, if that can be arranged.

Thanks for checking out the blog...I think once all these drafts are done I am going to get with you guys and we are gonna grade the providers of these leagues. It can only help the improvement of the draft interfaces and game play throughout all the leagues to let these big companies know what we like in a league.

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