Sunday, August 29, 2010

Movers and Shakers

Like many of you I started drafting Fantasy Football Leagues mid-summer and if you weren't doing actual drafts you were doing mocks...if you say you weren' lie. The following are some current players that are seeing a boost in their draft position and others that are falling because of one reason or the other.

Jabar Gaffney - WR Denver Broncos - This cagey veteran was going undrafted in many leagues early on in the summer, but things have changed as owners are finding out about his new found connection with Kyle Orton. So far this season Orton has looked to Gaffney more than any other Broncos wide outs. You will see Gaffney going as high as the 12th round and as low as the 15th in standard 12 man leagues. I have seen him taken in quite a few 10 man formats as well...they are going to throw the ball up there in Denver and they gotta throw it someone.

Mike Williams - WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The biggest surprise at Bucs camp this year is the kid outta Syracuse. Being down here near the Tampa market I heard about him early and I added this kid in a few leagues early on and drafted him last in a few others but on the main scene the kid was no where to be found even in 14-16 man formats. Now the secret by the Bay is out and drafters are taking notice. This kid may "Buc" the rookie trend and make a nice impact this season. Sure, this offense is less than prolific, but drafters aren't afraid to target this guy anywhere in their last 3-4 picks in the draft depending on roster size. Draft him with confidence especially in keeper league formats. If you want to make sure you get him you may want to look at the 10th or 11th round to make this pick.

Greg Camarillo and Bernard Berrian - WRs Vikings - The news on ESPN on the heels of the Sidney Rice injury was all about the signing of Javon Walker. The real draft and wire find may be Greg Camarillo. The sure handed WR spent the last couple years in Miami and actually caught 50 balls on that terrible 1 win Dolphins squad. If you catch the ball and just do what you are suppose to do Brett Favre will get you the ball. What's not to love about this hard working kid in his 5th season out of Stanford...draft him in your later rounds and reap the reward out of a possession guy with dependable hands. I threw Berrian in here as well because he is being drafted as high as the 10th round in many cases and sometimes earlier. Drafters are all over Berrian since the Rice injury. Sure, Berrian is gonna see more balls without Rice in play but a possession WR he is not. He will have his big games now and then and he'll also have his clunkers...Berrian is definitely a better play now, just don't be too surprised if he still disappoints more than anything else. Get Berrian if you can, but don't reach for him.

RAMS WRs - Donnie Avery, Done. Now what? Now what, is what I have been asking for years as a Rams fan. This probably shouldn't surprise me because Avery has been milk carton material since he came into the league. One second, hey look at that catch and run! The next couple week's....have you seen number 17??? Call rams place for a reward for any information on this imposter of a #1 WR. Ok, enough Avery bashing, get well kid. The question now is are any of the rams WR's in camp worth a look in very deep leagues. 50 million dollar man Sam Bradford can throw the rock, but who's he gonna throw it to??? Laurent Robinson is worth a look and so is Amendola. If you need help at TE in deep leagues give Michael Hoomanwanui (yeah i looked up the spelling) a look. Brandon Gibson aquired from the eagles last year will get time at the No.2 spot and we may see some of Mardy Gilyard down the road. Draft Amendola in leagues with KR yardage cause the rams are gonna give up alot of pts this year and keep an eye on Gilyard if he assumes this role. Keep and eye on Robinson and Gibson's targets for later wire plays or reach out and grab one and hope for the best in 12 team and larger leagues.

Brian Westbrook RB Forty-Niners- Westbrook showed up late in draft rooms when it was announced that he had signed with the niners to back up Gore. Thing is somebody forgot to tell Anthony Dixon that he wasn't the best backup on the roster. Dixon has looked strong and fast in preseason and is, for right now your best backup option in niners camp. This could be SF babying Westbrook and his propensity for concussions...keep and eye on this, but I would say don't bother looking at Westbrook until you see him do something on the field. If you have to handcuff, take Dixon with your last pick.

Sidney Rice WR Vikings - Yes everyone knows he is hurt...he is out at least half the season...this is not news to fantasy owners. But should you draft him at all? The hip is a concern...he could be done for the year very easily or he could come back and not be effective at all. Then again he could be a guy that you could use approaching the fantasy playoffs. I say if you are out of options and don't see any of your sleepers on the board grab this guy. If you have solid depth you can afford to wait on what could be a late season treat. Maybe around Thanksgiving you can look forward to having some Rice with your Turkey. mmm mmm good.

Santonio Holmes WR Jets - It's almost like we forgot about this guy. He was missing like a Reggie Bush Heisman early in the draft season and now is being taken in the mid teens in recent drafts. Sure he's not gonna play the first 4 games of the year due to a suspension, but flashes of his athleticism have reminded fantasy owners that this guy could be worth a look once he gets back to the Meadowlands. If you are not a deep team I would go with guys that are actually playing wks 1-4 rather than Holmes. If you have depth, and you have the room, we are talkin' about a former SB MVP with all kinds of talent.

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