Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mountain Elite Draft Breakdown

I was asked by a friend to breakdown and grade this leagues draft. This was a 10 man draft with most of the managers present in one place to do a true LIVE draft.

Davistators grade A Davistators starts out with the no brainer C.Johnson. Great turn here with Ryan Matthews and Calvin Johnson poised for a monster season. I think the pick here shoulda been Lesean McCoy which would have pretty much set you at running back, maybe the best set of backs in the league. The Boldin pick confirms that the McCoy pick may have been the right call previously. I do really like the Spiller pick. Spiller may be better than Mccoy by the end of this season. Wayne's starting lineup is gonna be a monster...what the rooks Matthews and spiller do will go along way in determining whether this league is his for the taking. QB's Kolb and Ryan will be effective enough as spot starters.

Weevils grade C+ AP in the first is gold. Larry Fitz is a decent pick here...I tried to call and get a comment from him on his new team, but he was reportedly camping outside of Kurt Warner's house. Roddy White is a really nice 3rd rounder followed by Forte who is set for a rebound season. WR depth is hurt with the S.Rice pick. Gambling abit on Carson Palmer and D.McNabb to take you home at QB, but one of them should work out for you. Decent depth here, but if AP is not huge for you this team is going to struggle to stay .500

Cabin Creek B- Love the balance at the top 4 spots here in Rice, Austin, Charles and the remix version of Steve Smith (nyg) . The only question I have with this team is at QB. Cutler will need to perform early and Stafford will need to mature to provide enough top end power to get you a title this year. Spot start them...study tendencies and matchups closely and you'll have a shot. A better, veteran backup or starter would have earned you a higher grade. Lastly in a 10 man draft Donnie Avery and Anthony Gonzalez are very borderline picks and could just as well stayed on the wire...at least one of them anyway.

Holy Molars grade B Well it looks like the auto-pilot was on for this team taking 27 running backs before other positions were addressed. Actually the computer picked very efficiently and got great value with picks 1-5....Romo was an excellent grab where he was taken. This owner should have no problem trading 2 of these solid RB's for serviceable WR's. If you cannot aquire a number one type WR a couple good second tier guys in the mold of Hakeem Nicks will do nicely and should give you a shot at a mid-level playoff seed. Sorry for giving a guy who didn't pick his team a better grade than some of the rest of you...but I took that in consideration when grading the team. Many times in 10 man leagues guys reach and get too cute with their picks rather than simply drafting a balanced team...autodraft may screw your team up abit but it will most always get you value and it did here until the later rounds. The autopick feature did a nice job with the Harvin and Vjax picks as well. If deals get done to improve WR depth this team will be very solid.

Wide Right A This guy did an excellent job throughout his draft. Loaded at the top with Gore, Manning, Grant and Djax and bolstered by veterans in the later rounds this team doesn't have alot of flaws. This dog will hunt. Nice work.

Vandelay Ind. C or "Team Upside" as I like to call it. This is one of those teams with a bunch of..."man if this guys busts out this year my team is gonna be awesome!" type of squads. There is always one guy who gets Andre Johnson in the first...in a 10 man league any WR in the first is very borderline. Love pick 2 in Shonn Greene, then another can't miss at 3 in Tom Brady...from here on out though the question marks arise. I don't like Gates at 4...just too early considering Celek went in the 8th round. the upside kicks in here with Jahvid Best which I really like this year and Garcon soon follows and I also like his athletic style of play in this offense, but when you package Welker and his knee, Jerome Harrison and a potential rookie RB threat(Hardesty) and Donald Brown...hey he could be good. Why not draft Hardesty here if he is on the board...not sure if he was or not...but if you are going to have Jerome...try to handcuff him with Hardesty. Maybe you are a Lebron James fan and too much Cleveland is just a bad thing. By the way if you get the upside you are looking for you are looking at an A- team at least.

L4TD grade C (team Murphy's Law)Good veteran squad here....but on the other hand there are alot of things that could and probably will go wrong with this team. Turner worries me that his best fantasy days are behind him...Wayne should be good for you though he didn't look real quick in that Super Bowl. Still, he is a lock for 1000 yds and 8-9 tds.
Schaub, Ronnie Brown, LT and Berrian have all had injury problems in recent years. Don't like the Gonzo pick in the 6th...way too early in my opinion for what you will get from him this year. I don't like Tony this year at all. Zach Miller or Celek was the TE pick here. I do like your team if healthy..it can be a playoff team...just don't put any money on it.

WWBD grade A Stephen Jackson and Drew Brees at the first round turn is just money in the bank. If i got those two I probably woulda broke out in a dance or something...maybe cued up some electric slide on the juke box...or if you were at mark's house maybe broke out your favorite guitar hero jam and shredded like it was 1988. Solid veteran players across the board here with Colston, Ward, and Cedric Benson and young players on their way to being great fantasy players include Hakeem Nicks, Micheal Bush and B.Celek(who was a steal in the 8th) A.Gates was taken in the 4th, so was Dallas Clark...will they be that much better than Celek taken 4 rounds later??? I'd say it will be minimal if any difference at all. Like the late adds of Shiancoe who's value took an uptick today with the Rice news and the backup QB Henne who is just rolling so far this preseason. This team is one of the teams to beat. Dust off that mantle just in case and get ready to move that Mathlete of the year trophy you got in high school and make room for some recent hardware.

Mooners grade C I tried really hard not to yawn too much while looking over this team. There was an attempt at balance here. I like the Rivers and Moss picks and I like the later gambles on Jacobs and Thomas Jones who has been a fantasy warrior for years now...one of those guys should take care of you this year. Drop Shockey and get some more depth in other areas. You need a big year out of Deangelo Williams (who is in a contract year) and Moreno to have any playoff shot. Best of luck to you, but it's gonna be an uphill value. Watch the wire closely the first couple weeks and drop guys like Shockey and Jason Campbell(you do not need 3 QB's) for that hot WR or RB. A couple early moves can do wonders for your team.

Mounties B- Mark passes on Shonn Greene and Stephen Jackson for Rodgers here looking for maximum stat power at QB. Can't argue with his logic here because Rodgers is projected to the the number one fantasy QB in almost every format I have seen. With his next pick he got one of my 2010 must have players in Brandon Marshall (again, have you seen Henne slinging it this preseason?) Finally mark goes RB with PT Cruiser, but fails to follow up with another in round 4 as he reaches abit for Dallas Clark, most likely factoring in the .50 ppr. An RB here would have been my pick with so many TE's still on the board, but at least he has the top TE on the board. Mark had some nice late picks with Mr. I love me some me, Terrell Owens. Arian Foster could make up for the early neglecting of the RB position. Other good picks in later rounds include Reggie Bush and Cadillac Williams and the Cowboys defense. One pick I'd throw back is Olsen....Martz is notorious for neglecting TE's in his offense. Plenty of guys on the wire to grab to improve any number of areas...i'd suggest grabbing another RB. This is a good squad and with alittle tweaking could be very good...then again with alittle neglect it could be very avg. I'd say a top 4 seed is a real possibility.

Looks like the league is up for grabs...goodluck fellaz. Thanks for checking out the blog...check back as the season nears for all sorts of fantasy goodies. Follow me on twitter at
www.twitter.com/westheshow for gameday injury updates and news as the 2010 gears up.

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