Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kicking Down the Door

As Brett Favre considers whether he should walk out the door of the NFL, Show Sports smashes onto the blog scene with a clinched fist ready to go to war for you and your fantasy teams. Armed with some of the most unique perspectives on real and fantasy sports our writers will give you an arnsenal of up to date information to compete for championships in all forums. Check back with us often as our writers keep a constant flow of knowledge aimed straight at you. If you have a question, a rant, something to share that involves sports in any way we want to hear it. In the coming days we will be bringing in readers and comments from across the country. Remember, everyone has an opinion...the difference is, we're right.

A special shout out to Mark Burdette for getting this all started. And props to DeadheadBill for all that he is bringin' to this party.

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