Sunday, August 15, 2010

Doubting Thomas

Listed as the 3rd WR in Redskins camp this year Devin Thomas is not getting much attention from writers outside of Washington D.C. nor in most fantasy draft rooms outside of very deep leagues. I have been on record this summer that this kid outta Michigan State was going to be the best WR the Skins have this year. Thursday night Thomas caught 3 balls for 64 yards and a TD. Sure, that doesn't make him the second coming of Randy Moss but it does show that the kid is on Mcnabbs radar. Defenses are going to emulate fantasy drafters and put their main cover corner guy probably safety help as well on Santana Moss' side of the field. The same Santana Moss that has done nothing but tease fantasy owners and Skins fans for that matter for years now. The same Santana Moss that amassed a whopping 3 TD's last year(Devin also had 3 on about 45 less catches). I guess that was all Jason Campbell's fault? To up Devin's value right now he is listed as the Skins #1 kick returner. Devin Thomas is owned in 22% of Yahoo leagues at the time this is being posted...something tells me that is about to change. And for all of you with Santana Moss posters on your wall (probably Miami Univ. fans or delusional Skins fans) I am not hatin' on Moss. In fact I did draft him on one team this year...can you guess who I took with my next pick?

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