Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 Draft Don'ts

I was talking to a friend of mine this morning and we were discussing how high Andre Johnson has been going in the drafts this year. I was doing a 14 team draft last week and watched him go #9 overall. This kind of top WR draft trend is what we were seeing last year with Larry Fitzgerald and in years past with Randy Moss. Now, I am all for opposite drafting. I was doing that back when you'd hear a gasp in the war room if you selected any WR in the early 2nd round, but back in those days it was was it's either smartly done or it is flat reaching. In the case of a 14-16 man league you gotta buy the milk and bread before you head over to the Doritos aisle....they taste so good but they are not the staple you need with that early pick. I think taking Johnson in the top 10-12 picks in a 14-18 man draft is a big don't. If you pull this trigger you are gonna end up with Knowshon Moreno or someone along those lines as your top back and even a lesser RB filling that number 2 role. You probably have a better shot at starting yourself in the NFL than winning your league with a poor Rb situation in a deep league. Here are more don'ts for your 2010 draft.

1. Don't draft Brett Favre without a good backup plan. (seem obvious? look around your leagues and you will see that's managers are making this mistake)

2. New face in a new place ...hey a new lease on life under a new helmet you say? Look carefully, LT is just as broken down as he was last year. If you are not in a TD only league(where he is likely to do his Marcus Allen imitation for the next year or two cause the man can sniff the goal line) avoid him. And, for all you Donovan Mcnabb owners looking into his mind and seeing "I'll show those Eagles, I am a chunky soup eating, TD throwin' machine". Sorry Don, you are leaving a good system there in Philly so strike up the band, "Hail to the....Don't".

3. Don't draft Micheal Turner without getting Snelling later on. Don't be the fool that thinks MT is gonna put up 2008 numbers and Snelling is just going to disappear. Get him late and sleep better for it.

4. Don't draft V.Shiancoe unless you are absolutely sure Favre is coming back. If you do you will have half the fun by getting half his number in 2010.

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