Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A source reports that Mike Vick is on 1 of every 5 teams involved in championship games this weekend. Many of you hear that countdown clock ticking....tic toc, tic toc, down to the end of your season. This year we may as well change that to Vick toc, Vick toc, because so many teams are counting on Vick in many leagues' last fantasy relevant game of the year to get them that title. Just as many are hoping Vick stubs a toe just for one game and we see a Kevin Kolb sighting. For many an injury is about the only chance they have with Vick playing at home vs a team that may as well mail it in...their season is pretty much over, they are rolling out a QB that is unproven so everything points to a fantasy feast for teams sporting Mike Vick, D.Jackson, J.Maclin and Lesean McCoy. Many of us are up in leagues facing Vick tonight winning by 10-20 pts and it's like dying a slow death...we know there is no way Vick won't score that amount and much more tonight in Philly, but then again this is fantasy football, crazy things happen...guys DNP out of the blue(see Adrian Peterson last week leaving many fantasy teams in ruin)...injuries happen, bad games happen, half back passes and running TDs happen, special teams scores happen...all hope is not lost for you guys facing Vick and everything is not in the bag for you guys with Vick...but if i had to choose, i'd almost rather go in with a deficit and Mr.Vick than go in up a few pts knowing the next day when I get up...I will be looking at 2nd place. Watch the game, don't watch the game...go to sleep and hope (try Tylenol PM, Nyquil or Whiskey for a sleep aid), but regardless of how you handle tonight...you can't escape that clock...tic toc, Vick toc......


Thursday, December 23, 2010



BY Wes "theShow" Ramsey

On the first day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me a 1st round pick of AP

On the 2nd day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me...2 Brett Farve texts and a 1st round pick of AP

On the 3rd day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me....3 vulture TD's, 2 Brett Farve Texts and a 1st round pick of AP.

On the 4th day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me....4 Belichick hoodies, 3 vulture TD's, 2 Brett Farve Texts and a 1st round pick of AP.

On the 5th day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me...5 Cowboy SB tickets, 4 Belichick hoodies, 3 vulture TD's, 2 Brett Farve Texts and a 1st round pick of AP.

On the 6th day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me...6 Thanksgiving games without the Lions, 5 Cowboy SB tickets, 4 Belichick hoodies, 3 vulture TD's, 2 Brett Favre Texts and a 1st round pick of AP.

On the 7th day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me...7 Lynn Swan's a swimming, 6 T.Giving games without the Lions, 5 Cowboys SB tickets, 4 Belichick hoodies, 3 vulture TD's, 2 Brett Farve Texts and a 1st round pick of AP.

On the 8th day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me....8 Jen Sterger's a-laying, 7 Lynn Swan's a swimming, 6 T.giving days without the Lions, 5 Cowboys SB tickets, 4 Belichick hoodies 3 vulture TD's 2 Brett Favre Texts and a 1st rd pick of AP.

On the 9th day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me...9 concussions, 8 Jen Sterger's a-laying, 7 Lynn Swan's a swimming, 6 T.giving days without the Lions, 5 Cowboys SB tickets, 4 Belichick hoodies 3 vulture TD's 2 Brett Favre Texts and a 1st rd pick of AP.

On the 10th day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me...10 scared Mike Vick dogs a leaping, 9 concussions, 8 Jen Sterger's a-laying, 7 Lynn Swan's a swimming, 6 T.giving days without the Lions, 5 Cowboys SB tickets, 4 Belichick hoodies 3 vulture TD's 2 Brett Favre Texts and a 1st rd pick of AP.

On the 11th day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to me Eleven Rex Ryan's Piping,10 scared Mike Vick dogs a leaping, 9 concussions, 8 Jen Sterger's a-laying, 7 Lynn Swan's a swimming, 6 T.giving days without the Lions, 5 Cowboys SB tickets, 4 Belichick hoodies 3 vulture TD's 2 Brett Favre Texts and a 1st rd pick of AP.

On the 12th day of fantasy christmas my commish gave to meeeeeeeeee!!!........(read 'em all)
12 Thursday games I can't see on NFL Network, Eleven loudmouths piping, 10 good as dead dogs, 9 concusssions, 8 ho's a laying, 7 Lynn Swan's a swimming, 6 Thanksgiving days with decent football, 5 worthless tickets, 4 stupid sweatshirts, 3 son of a b....shoulda started that guy, 2 texts you don't want to see and a 1st round pick of a DNP! week 15(lalala cost me and a bunch of others playoff wins, you puss).


Week 16 of the Writer's challenge and we are looking at a bad run of picks. Can't blame the crew with the pickings being slim this time of year trying not to repeat picks too many times. I think this is going to be a turn around week for us all. Check out the picks below along with a blurb from each writer. Let's hear your sleepers of the week in the comments section.

Lance Ball - RB - Denver(owned in 1% of leagues)--whether K Moreno can go or not, Ball is an interesting sleeper--he's clearly earned more of the coaches trust then either Buckhalter OR L Maroney so he should get a chance to showcase himself w/5-10 carries on Sunday--just keep in mind if Moreno cant go he becomes a much better start in 12 team leagues--if Moreno does play Ball could still be a serviceable flex play in deeper leagues.
PROJECTION: 60 total yards and a possible score

Randy McMichael - TE - SD(owned in 5% of leagues)--anyone with TE issues(or A Gates owners)should give McMichael a look--don't expect him to clone Gates' numbers or anything, but he's a big target who could get a couple red zone looks especially if Malcom Floyd is out or limited. He probably wont get a ton of yardage, but a trip to the endzone is very possible with Philip Rivers throwing the pigskin.
PROJECTION: 40 yards and a score


Toby Gerhart - RB - MIN - Again not a deep sleeper here but going into the fantasy playoffs, anyone needing a quick pick me up should look for Toby. He isn't going to score like A.P., but he can put up serviceable numbers and IF Webb starts at QB again, Minnesota is going to have to establish a running game or Webb might be joining Favre in "la la land". 19 Carries - 87 Yards - 1 TD

Marcel Reece - RB - OAK - 2% Owned - Not much here really other than the occasional game where he is feature for 3 or 4 catches in the passing game. He isn't going to carry the ball hardly at all with Bush and McFadden and might see the field only 15 plays, but if he gets open on a screen pass he could just get your fantasy team 5 pts. 3 catches for 51 yards.


Andre Caldwell - WR - Bengals 1% owned- No more T.Owens means someone has gotta step up for the Bengals WR corp. I like Caldwell more than Shipley at this point. He'll be targeted 5-6 times...what he does with it is anyone's guess, but I like him to make some noise this week. I am starting this guy in a championship game as a flex WR, obviously it's a deeper league. I usually start one of the guys I mention here in one league or another because even though I put some deep reaches in here from time to time I also put my money where my game is.

Derrick Ward - RB - Texans 11% owned. D.Ward is a big bruising back that can do serious damage when given the touches. With Arian Foster alittle gimply last week look for the Texans to blast away with both Foster and Ward this weekend.

Place Your Bets Week 16

I went 4-2 last week bringing my stats up to 14-7 and 18-3 on the year. (vs spread/straight up)

I think this is the toughest week of picking yet this season as Vegas continues to get better. Here is my best shot at giving you some winner's!

San Diego @ Cincinnati +7.5

This is an "all and nothing" game. One team has everything to play for, the other has nothing but pride on the line. Once again I will call out San Diego as a pretender if they lose this one. So far this year when I have called out a team, they have responded, so I will make this my Lock of the week. San Diego give the points.

New York Giants @ Green Bay -3

Winner takes all game! Loser will be watching the playoffs, the winner is in the driver's seat for a wild card spot. Green Bay is rushing Rodgers back which I think is a mistake! The Pack did well last week because they could not rely on Aaron and had to commit to run the ball. They happened to be up against the MVP of the league and on the road and still almost won! Unfortunately, that will not be the plan this week with Rodgers back. Even if it is, running advantage goes to the Giants. I think the Giants will run early and often and force Rodgers and the Pack into what they like to do, which is pass...this plays into the Giants defensive strengths, which will further complicate things for the guys in gold and green. I like the Giants to pummel the Packers in Green Bay! There's your upset special! Take the Giants and the points!

Dallas @ Arizona +6.5

Christmas Day game (why does Dallas get all the holiday games asks the Redskins fan?), Dallas will throttle the Cards despite their horrible defense. Make your Christmas a happy one, take Dallas give the points.

Over and Under game of the week...

Doing something I have not done all year, giving you and UNDER!

Detroit is @ Miami 41.5 points is the number.

That means the winning team must score more then 21 points...doubt it! Take the under! These two teams are dreadful offensively!

Have Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010


For those of you that aren't in points leagues you are either in the middle of your playoffs or you are just getting into them this week. Now is the time when championships are won and lost, when our nemesis captain hindsight makes his annual appearance sometime from Sunday afternoon through Monday night. I can't see the future, but I can certainly give you a light to follow as you make your own critical lineup choices going into the weekend. This week ThePrep is in list form to change things up abit. This may be the week you want to hit us up on the facebook page(showfantasysports), or email us(we@showfantasysports.com) or at least follow us on twitter at westheshow so that you get all the info. possible to help you make your decisions. I will be on the facebook chat from 9am through the first gametime this Sunday or if you email me or Tweet me I will get back to you as quickly as I can...I suggest email for fastest response before Sunday and Twitter or facebook on Sunday Morning.

Marcus Colston WR Saints - has been on fire in the 2nd half of the season.
Ray Rice - 3 td's all year is disturbing but there is a good chance he will score this week.
A.Boldin - D.Mason is getting heavy looks from Flacco, but Boldin's big physical style will be on display at home this week.
D.Mason - this guy just keeps doing it and is a must start in ppr's.
Joe Flacco and Drew Brees - I like both of these guys to hit 200 with 2 scores this week and that's good enough for me.
J.Stewart RB Panthers - getting the Lions..well Panthers share of the carries now and is looking good. Mike Goodson is not a great play this week, but could be considered as a deeper league flex play.
Matt Ryan - Matt and Roddy are pretty much every week starts now and Michael Turner!!! this kid is making everyone (me included) that were afraid to draft him look like idiots...as he is just rolling and is a top 5 RB play this week.
Tony Gonzalez TE theATL - Showing signs of late as being a late season red zone threat...and the matchup is tasty vs Carolina.
Peyton Hillis is again a great play...the guy does it all.
Carson Palmer and T.O - like them both this week vs the Browns
Jon Kitna - man, going into this year didn't think there was a snowball's chance in hell I would be writing this.
Miles Austin, Jason Witten, Felix Jones(like him as a no.2 back this week) vs theSkins
Santana Moss(abit risky, but i'd play him vs a weak Cowboys secondary - Chris Cooley as well.
Ryan Torain - looked great last week and should have at least 80 yds and a TD this week.
Peyton Manning and Co. vs a weak Jags defense that let the Raiders have one big play after another. Big question is this week is Collie back...if so start him...if not start Blair White as a no.3, Garcon as a top rated no.2 and of course Reggie as a low end no.1. Tamme - oh rejoice this week...he comes back with a vengence.
David Garrard - gaining more confidence in him as the week's pass and of course
MJD = Cash Money. I like Mike Sims Walker who has been hampered by an ankle injury as a no.3 WR this week.
Mercedes Lewis (this guy is almost a fringe start...very all or nothing, but look for Garrard to rely on him early in this game to move the chains...cross your fingers for a TD)
Brandon Marshall - yep Mr. 2 td's all season could be a nice end of the year play.
Ronnie Brown vs Buffalo - no.3/Flex RB.
D.Bess vs Buffalo
M.Vick is rolling your squad into the playoffs vs the Vikes this week who will be a tough matchup but you still have to play the guy unless you have Peyton Manning vs the Jags as well.
Desean Jackson and Maclin and good plays this week along with my favorite Eagle, Shady McCoy all sure fire starts regardless of who they are playing.
Cautious Starts - B.Jacobs and A.Bradshaw - Philly shut them both down last game...I don't see that happening this week, but be aware of this when choosing between these guys and your other RB options.
Eli Manning - must win for the Giants so if you have gone with Eli so far this year ...keep it going unless you find another great matchup like my next start.
Hakeem Nicks - good to have you back!
Josh Freeman vs the Lions
Mike Williams (Tampa Bay) and L.Blount
K.Winslow - coming alive here lately...match up is sweet.
Sam Bradford and S.Jackson vs KC - I'd rather start Sam than alot of other QB's out there this week.
Jamal Charles - sparse TD numbers have irritated owners this year, but this is the week he breaks off a long one.
D.Bowe - get's off the snide this week vs. the Rams smaller corners.
Matt Schaub, Andre 3000 and Foster are gold this week vs. Tennessee
Kerry Collins is a good play this week along with CJ2K and WR K.Britt
Jason Campbell, Darren McFadden, Louis Murphy and Jacoby Ford vs a Bronco team that's struggling right now...must win for Raiders in the division.
B.Lloyd - to a lesser extent if Timmy Ballgame takes alot of snaps.
Knowshon Moreno - this guy has came back from early season struggles like a house of fire! play across the board.
Rashard Mendenhall - like him to bounce back after a weak showing last week at Cincy.
Big Ben - Should be serviceable but look at other options if you have him...he was not that great vs Cincy and the Jets will be a much tougher test (just be cautious here)
Hines Ward - Expect the veteran WR to step it up this week...just a hunch. Mike Wallace has been good all year but has been down of late...I see him more of a no.3 this week.
Santonio Holmes - again, not a great play but I'd play him as a low end no.2 this week.
B.Edwards is more of a #3 guy this week....he's not done much of late.
Brady - Mr.MVP Branch(check injury status) Welker and Ben Jarvus Green Ellis.
Rodgers if he plays
Greg Jennings - a no.1 with rodgers..a low end no.2 without.
Ben Watson - you could do worse at TE this week.
Marshawn Lynch - should be good for 85 and a score this week.

Ravens TE's - T.Heap is not healthy and Ed Dickson is still too raw.
TJ Houshmanzadeh and Willis McGahee both too inconsistent.
C.Ivory is banged up...don't like him this week at all. And it's hard to feel confident about any Saints RB's this week. I would not play any of them...too many, what if's.
Steve Smith WR(Panthers) When is the last time you saw a Rook QB squash a WR's value like this...it's just gotten ugly for Smith who will be on the first bus out of Carolina this offseason along with DeAngelo Williams. Thanks again Jimmy Clausen (more like J.Fox for playing him) and of course sit Jimmy, which goes unsaid...kinda like don't spit into the wind....
Chad Ocho-Cinco - so inconsistent...how can you play him with your playoff life on the line?
Rex Grossman - nice one Shanny - if you think Mcnabb is your problem...take a step back and look in the mirror.
Redskins - D.McNabb(Benched) A.Armstrong and K.Williams and James Davis vs Dallas
Sit all Colts RB's except for J.James who is likely to get 1-2 goalline td's this week. I know the Jags run defense can be had (see Darren McFadden's numbers last week, but I have no confidence in what the Colts are doing on the ground right now...at least not when it comes to my playoff teams.
Mike Thomas and Z.Miller(Jags) vs Colts
Sit A.Fasano
Sit - Brent Celek - Can't trust him with Vick at QB.
Sit Steve Smith - out for the year
Mario Manningham - low targets and no scores of late make him bench material.
Caddy Williams - don't let the match up fool ya - park him
E.Graham - sure he may vulture a td now and then, you gonna trust this guy in a playoff week?(I didn't think so)
Matt Cassell vs theRams (yeah that's right, even if he plays, the Rams shut him down, expect under 200 yds and 1 td.
T.Moeki - man this guy has disappeared hasn't he?
Randy Moss - Earth to Randy...do you receive???
K.Walter WR Texans - not really an option at this point.
Sit Tebow and Orton - who knows what's going on there in Denver...it's like they are high.
Jabar Gaffney and Eddie Royal - no fantasy relevance right now.
H.Miller back at practice, but don't love him vs the Jets off the concussion.
Bench A.Randle El and E.Sanders vs the Jets
Mark Sanchez- it's playoff time...run, run away!
Shonn Greene - massive disappointment this year...what a waste of talent.
LT - no way, not vs Pittsburgh.
J.Cotchery - 3-4 catches for 45 yds, not what you need at this time of the year.
Brandon Jackson RB Pack - James Starks as well on the road vs the Pats
Donald Driver - if Rodgers plays upgrade to no.3 WR.
Green Bay TE's
Matt Hasselback - not gonna have the numbers vs theATL unless they get behind quick and he'd gotta start chuckin' it.

Colt McCoy - for some reason I like him vs the Bengals this week.
M.Massoquoi - someone's gotta catch passes from Colt and this week MM could make some noise and Robiskie could be heard from as well, but he is deep sleeper material.
Robert Meachum can go into the sleeper category cause he rarely show's up so you have to play him on hunches almost. Two week's ago he had a big game ten the next game vs the Rams, in a great matchup he didn't catch a ball...this guy is hard to figure, but I like him this week.
M.Jenkins - more often than not this big target doesn't come through, but this week he is gonna get 50-60 yds...and possibly a score..not a bad play in larger leagues as a no.4(flex WR)
Jermaine Gresham TE Bengals vs the Browns
Roy Williams vs theSkins
Marion Barber or T.Choice - whoever is this week's primary backup is a sleeper pick to get a goal line td - check the injury reports for Barber's status.
J.James(Colts RB) goal line guru vs the Jags this week.
Rashard Jennings vs Colts (three straight games with a TD)
Ricky Williams and Chad Henne(whos' been awful, but let's face it, Buffalo at home is a peach of a match up.
Kevin Boss TE Gmen - getting great red zone looks.
A.Benn - WR Tampa Bay - the kid has got some great athletic ability and is beginning to get a grip on the NFL game...I am playing him as a no.4 in a couple leagues.
Thomas Jones - not sure this guy is a considered a sleeper but that is how I view him cause he is never more than a Flex play in deeper leagues - not a terrible option this week 50-60 yds and a possible score is likely.
Brandon Gibson WR Rams - one of Sam's favorite targets will shine this week vs. the Chiefs...good ppr sleeper start or no.4 deep league play.
Bo Scaife - TE Tenn and Jacoby Jones vs a horrible Texans defense.
Michael Bush RB Raiders and Z.Miller who is coming around abit vs Broncos
D.Keller - could be a viable ppr TE with Sanchize using him to check down vs Blitzburg this week.
Pats TE's and Woodhead(just not seeing him as a great play this week, but with Brady running the show he is at least a sleeper special)
Seattle WR B.Obomanu - back from a hand injury and is the most explosive WR they have right now.

Stay tuned for Ryan's Monday Night Article coming your way over the weekend previewing Chicago at Minnesota in the frozen north.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Week 15 of the writer's sleeper challenge is here with Bill and Ryan still tied for the lead and of course me being 3rd. Once again each writer makes his picks along with a blurb on why they think these picks will hit.

DeadHeadBill's Picks

Ruvell Martin WR SEA(0% owned)--Seattle's wide receivers are currently battling injuries, so Martin should be able to put up a decent line this week. 60 yards and possibly a score should be doable

Carnell Williams RB TB(30% owned)--Obviously Caddy has plummeted down the depth chart recently with Blount taking over starting duties and the Crackerman(Ernest Graham)vulturing some goalline touches. With all that said I still feel in my gut he could get some run in at home against a banged up Lions team that snuck by GB last week but hardly looked great doing it. My guess is the Cadillac will get to open up the engine a bit in the second half/garbage time and should put up decent enough numbers as a emergency flex play in deeper leagues--just keep in mind there's risk involved.

Show's Picks

I am playing both of these guys this week, so I am rooting hard for my sleepers in week 15.

Arrelious Benn, WR Bucs 7% owned - Still owned in less than 10% of yahoo leagues Benn is a nice match up play vs. the Lions this week. He has alot of talent and is going to be a force in that offense in the coming years. He could be better than Mike Williams once he develops his NFL game and gains the chemistry needed with Josh Freeman.

Rashard Jennings, RB Jags 5% owned - If the Jags do what they should do they will pound the ball with MJD and Rashard and punch the Colts right in the mouth. If this is the game plan then Rashard will be an excellent sleeper for any team needing a deeper flex or no.3 RB play. Though he had a nice game last week he only had 5 touches so there is some risk involved in running out Mr. Jennings.

Ryan's Picks

Staying with my TE theme this season -

Rob Gronkowski - TE - Pats - Big target for the Pats taking advantage of a beatup LB corps for my beloved Packers. It's going to be a rough game for the Packers even if Rodgers plays and I look for Brady to feed his big TE, especially in the red zone. 5 catches - 61 yards - 1 TD

Bo Scaife - TE - Titans - Insert Kerry Collins into the lineup and instantly TEs everywhere are rejoicing (just ask Brent Celek about having a mobile QB - typically the underneath guy aka TE gets ignored). Collins is a concrete statue in the pocket - the good news is, he has good vision and can find people when they are open. He's had an up and down season but here I see an up week against the Texans D. 5 catches - 72 yards - 1 TD

I'd also like to take the time to wish all of our faithful readers a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday for the politically correct and thank you for reading our articles. It's your input and comments and readership that keeps us writing week after week - Spread the Christmas cheer and then spread the word about the site. We aren't just covering football as I know there has already been talk about what kind of articles we can focus on for Baseball season.


Well said Ryan, and he is correct in saying that we will be hitting baseball hard this year with many experienced baseball writers and player evaluators. New chats, articles, and creative ways to get you the fantasy information you need to compete in fantasy baseball are coming your way. We will have comprehensive previews for every MLB team and divisions and numerous leagues and opportunities to get involved with all the great staff here at SFS.

Wes / theShow

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Place Your Bets Week 15

Okay Okay, sorry! I was due for a bad week as I correctly predicted in last week's post! I went 1-3 and even missed my lock of the week (first time) but on a garbage TD as the clock expired, missing the spread by 1 pt but hitting the straight up pick with Indy over Tenn. Hopefully you didn't lose your shirt as a smart wager is to do the same as you did the week before...since I had 4 winner's the previous week, I hope you are still well on the black side of things. For the year I am 10-5 (spread) and 14-1 straight up. Took my first loss of the year straight up with Denver laying an egg against rookie QB Skelton. I also gave St.Louis to cover but New Orleans to win straight up...Rams didn't cover or win!

On to some winner's this week!

Let's start in Baltimore where New Orleans comes to town as a two point underdog. This is significant since I gave you the stat last week that New Orleans is the ONLY team left this year who was favored in every game so far. That streak is over this week as the odds-makers like the home field advantage of M&T Bank Stadium. It will be cold and blustery for sure, but that is not much of an issue in my opinion. Baltimore was exposed last week by Houston as a tired old defense. They lead the league in blown leads in the 4th quarter, which is directly attributed to the bad conditioning that is obvious in Baltimore's defense. New Orleans will win this game, take the Saints and come back kid Drew Brees who are getting 2 points. (Take New Orleans plus 2) Also LOVE the over here! (43.5)

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis -5

That's not a typo...Colts are giving 5 points to the Jags. In the first match-up the Jags won on the last play of the game a 59 yard field goal by Josh Scobee on Oct. 3rd. Since then MJD has been on fire (he had 1 rushing and one receiving TD on that day and 105 rushing yards), and Peyton Manning has been throwing picks (he had one that day) and both teams have been going in the opposite direction we thought they would be going in at this time of year. Some differences between now and then? Manning doesn't have Collie or Clark or Addai healthy, MJD has been a beast and the Jags are playing with great confidence. I love the Jags in this spot. For once they can put there foot on the Colts throat possibly putting them out of the playoff picture and effectively clinch the AFC South with a win all in the same day. The Jags have never won the division and the Colts have only lost it twice, and still made the playoffs those years. This is the chance Jacksonville has been waiting for since 2002. Jump on the Jags who are getting 5 points!

Denver @ Oakland -6.5

Yet another divisional game, and another easy winner. The last time these two met was also a pivotal change of direction game for both squads. You remember it, both teams were 2-4 and we did not know if either team was for real, one team left no doubt the second team left no doubt that they were horrible. The result? Oakland 59-14 winners AT Denver. Oakland has been trending up ever since and looking like they may win that division, Denver is 1-5 and has fired its coach since that game. Not much to say except TAKE OAKLAND give the 6.5! Denver got demolished by a horrible Arizona team last week! Good Lord...take the Raiders to the bank! (Oakland -6.5)

Two more games since I was so bad last week...

The two glamor games on Sunday and Monday night.

Green Bay @ New England even

LOCK OF THE WEEK! Aaron Rodgers may not play, even if he does New England has looked unstoppable wherever they have played and especially at home. If Rodgers does not play, this game is the lock of the century at even. If he does play, its still a 100% solid pick on New England. I'm still shaking my head that this is listed as even. Grab it before they change it. SPRINT to New England at even.

MNF has Chicago @ Minnesota- even

Quick quiz, who is Minnesota's third string QB? I had no idea until right now when I looked it up...its Joe Webb. Who? Good question. Here is all you need to know, he was returning kicks for Minnesota 2 weeks ago! Guess what...Favre is likely done for his career, Tarvaris Jackson has turf toe and most likely won't be playing unless needed, that leaves Joe Webb making his first career start on MNF vs the division leading Bears who just need a win and a GB loss (see above) to clinch the NFC North. If the Bears can't get it done here, they are pretenders. Take Da Bears for my second lock of the week at even or up to a TD if you can get it! Webb/Jackson/Favre it doesn't matter at even, its Bears all the way...

To recap I gave out 6 winners this week:

Locks of the week (one bonus because of my crap showing last week):
New England over Green Bay (even) and Chicago over Minnesota (even)

New Orleans straight up over Baltimore -2 plus take the over 43.5 in this one.
Oakland -6.5 vs Denver
Jacksonville + 5 straight up over Indy

5 straight winner's and one O/U winner...good luck.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Had to get this in quick because Bill is using a player in tonight's game. No time for small talk...to the picks along with a blurb from each writer on why they are picking each player.

DeadheadBill's Picks
My 1st week 14 selection is an injury replacement with a nice matchup. Ed Dickson, TE BALT(1% owned)will be taking most of the snaps that would of belonged to Todd Heap. I'm not considering him anything but a one week "plug-n-play" if you are in need of a TE in deeper leagues. With Flacco set to bombard the Texans secondary there should be alot of chances for check downs etc...so I think 50-60 yards and a possible score is a reasonable projection.......could be targeted several times so those in PPR leagues take note, he should be able to haul in at least 5-6 catches.

Sleeper number two just returned to the NFL. Dominic Rhodes, RB IND(1% owned)will attempt to jump start a Colt running game that's been a disaster since Joe Addai went down. I dont know if week 15 might be a safer time to roll him out(after seeing him play a game/since he JUST signed this week), but if he does have a nice game you'll be glad you beat the other waiver vultures to the punch. If Rhodes has only J James to share carries with(depending on Donald Brown's status--who's been flat out bad lately anyway, which could be chalked up to playing through injury)he should be a servicable FLEX play for deeper leagues. 60+ yards from scrimmage is possible, but the touchdowns might not come easy with James the "go to" guy on the goal line.

Ryan's Picks
James Starks - RB - GB - Ok, so as a super Chessehead I have been on the Brandon Jackson bandwagon for the ENTIRE time since Ryan Grant went down with injury. He has shown flashes of brilliance, and let's be honest they aren't exactly giving him 25 carries a game to prove he can beat the rock down someones throat, but Starks was drafted to be the fill in for Grant to spell him when he needed a break, but due to injuries he is just now coming into his own. He's a powerful back at 6'2" and 220lbs. I look for him to be the missing piece of the playoff puzzle that the Packers have needed. I expect the Pack to be in control on this game by the third quarter so Starks is going to get alot of late touches and punish the Detroit D. I am expecting 92 yards and a TD for the young back.

Zach Miller - TE - JAX - So I like TEs in this challenege. Miller is alittle of an anamoly. He was a college Quarterback playing the spread option offense, but is built like a TE. He has the speed to be a mismatch against the opposing LBs and the Raiders typically don't cover TEs well at all. Hopefully they focus more on the beast that Marcedes Lewis. Look for Miller to get 3 carries for 15 yards and 5 catches for 67 and a TD.

Show's Picks(gonna be brief this week)

Josh Cribbs, WR Browns - getting healthy and is not a bad option vs. Buffalo this week.

Anthony Dixon, RB 49ers - Dixon will get 10-15 touches this week and a score is likely.

Goodluck Fellaz.

Thursday Night Throwdown - Week 14

How the AFC South was won (well it’s more likely this is where it might be lost than won).  That’s right it is more than mathematically possible that only 1 Manning will make the playoffs and it won’t be Peyton?  Seriously?  Well if you have watched the elder Manning brother for the past 3 weeks, he has looked more like Brett Favre trying to squeeze bad throws into double and triple coverage than his normal efficient self.  Yes, I know, his team has been decimated by injuries (RB, 2nd RB, 3rd WR, #1 TE), but guess what he is still cashing that $1,000,000 paycheck every week so he better start producing.  The forecast for Tennessee is supposed to be cold and windy.  What does cold weather mean in the NFL – time to run the ball.  Who is playing in this game?  Chris Johnson.  This season has been marked more about his loud mouth at the start of the year saying he would reach 2500 yards (any fantasy owner drafting him #1 might be looking at those 2 extra TDs AP has right now wondering if it could have helped them out this year).  Johnson hasn’t rec’d the carries he has become accustomed to last season (he would have to average 30 carries a game to match that total and his yards per game is down a whopping 40 yards). 

Smart plays :::

Peyton Manning – I can’t sit this guy, especially not in the fantasy playoffs.  He is still a Top 5 QB even with the chance for 2 more picks tonight.  I expect the Indy offense to be tamed slightly by the weather and by the fact that the Titans will take a Jacksonville Jaguar approach early in the game by running the ball, running the ball and running the ball some more to bleed clock time and keep Manning on the bench in the cold temps.  271 Yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs

Chris Johnson – I said it and I’ll say it again.  If the Titans want any chance at the playoffs they have to win out and to do that you have to use your playmakers.  CJ is THE playmaker on this team.  Give him the ball 25+ times a game from here on out and see what your horse can do.  Indy has given up CHUNKS of rushing yards in multiple games - 28 Carries for 128 yards and 2 TDs with 1 Fumble.

Playable but better options out there :::

Pierre Garcon – With Collie out, Garcon is the #2 WR.  He needs to step up tonight and work with Tamme to take some pressure off of Reggie Wayne.  5 Catchs – 72 yards

Kerry Collins – Look he isn’t Manning or Brady but he is a serviceable option.  Especially if the Colts do come out fast and get ahead.  He’ll play smart and not give the game away.  If you are one of the fortunate owners that have been riding the Matt Cassell train all year and now in Week 1 of the playoffs you need a QB, look for Collins on the free agent market, I am sure he is available in more than a few leagues.  219 Passing yards and 2 TDs

I want to play them, but I can’t convince myself :::

Randy Moss – Plain and simple.  He is too talented to be wasting away in TN.  Yes he doesn’t always give 100% but he still has the ability to be a lower end #1 or high end #2.  Kenny Britt is coming off the injury report and the thought of having Britt and Moss out there has to be a nice one for TN fans.  4 Catches - 53 yards – 1 TD.

Best of luck if your playoffs start this week.  I know I was lucky enough to get that week 1 bye in 4 of my leagues so I know for a fact that my players will play lights out this week and set a scoring record for the league because obviously I don’t need them to.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Place Your Bets Week 14

Well of course I'm on top of the world today, which means I likely will bust this week!!! I'm excited of course because of my perfect 4-0 last week, right here on this blog. Bringing my season record to 9-2 vs the spread and 11-0 straight up! I hope the readers made some nice positive moves in the right direction in whatever venture they are using my advice to gain success.

This week I have four straight plays for you. As the season grinds on trends will continue to develop, bad teams get worse and good team get better, that is the theme of the week. The big boys will gain more separation, see MNF last week with New England's overall dismantling of the Jets.

Atlanta @ Carolina +7

Few homes teams are good (bad) enough to warrant a 7 point home dog spread at this point in the season, but the Panthers are up for the task. I hate going to the same team again (that is betting against the same team!) BUT if the spread stays so low on Carolina like it was last week and is again this week, I have to give the best winner's. Last week Carolina was plus 6 at Seattle. This week they are plus 7 at home versus Atlanta. Atlanta is miles ahead of the Hawks. Let's face it, if Atlanta doesn't destroy the Panthers here, you have to ask the question; are the Falcons really a legit contender for the Superbowl? At this point in the year a legit contender that is 10-2 should be running a 1-11 team out of the building. Oakland was a 13 point underdog last week on the road in the division and blew out San Diego, who is much better then Carolina. This should be a 21 point win or better for Atlanta, but at -7 its a lock. Take the Falcons.

Indianapolis at Tennessee +3

I dogged both these teams last week and was on the money, this week Indy is the money play. Two bad omens for the Titans this week, 1) Peyton Manning was a turnover machine against Dallas, how many times have you heard that in the last decade? Probably zero. 2) The Colts have lost 3 straight. How many times has that happened in the last decade? Umm...pretty sure that is also a zero. It is a zero for sure when they weren't resting there starters! The Colts are in a must win situation and coming off the worst stretch of ball they have played since Peyton's rookie year. They will explode on the Titans. HOUSTON shut out the Titans two weeks ago! HOUSTON! This will get ugly fast...push in all your chips on Indy, this is my lock of the week, take Indy tomorrow night -3.

Denver @ Arizona even

If we have learned three things this year in the NFL they are: 1) when a coach gets fired in season, look out whoever that team plays the next few weeks! In the two weeks after a mid season coach firing, those teams are 4-0 and have MAULED their opponents. 2) Arizona has not had a QB all year 3) Rookie QB's that aren't top picks or playing most of the year have not faired too well this season and John Skeleton looks to be the starter this week for Arizona.
Heard enough? Take Denver to the bank...all they have to do is win, they will do that easily.

St. Louis @ New Orleans -9

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this line. Only one team in football has been favored EVERY week this season. One. The Superbowl champs. Its called the Superbowl bias and Vegas has got it in a big way for the Saints. Although they are a quiet 9-3 overall, they are 4-7-1 against the number. Conversely, the Rams are 9-2-1 vs the spread. This is a game between two dome teams, so no significant advantage goes to the Saints. St.Louis is not as good as the Saints but they are very much in the mix for their division, and only the division winner will make the playoffs from the West, that is for sure. The Rams need this game. Not only is 9 points way to many, I believe the Rams can win this outright. Take the Rams to cover at +9

4 games, 4 winner's best of luck to all of you this week!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010



New Orleans vs St Louis
The Rams travel to New Orleans this week where the Saints are getting healthy and ready to defend their NFL championship. The Saints have been able to maintain a good record this year through all the injuries due to having a week schedule. Now the Saints have got together a little running game with Chris Ivory while Reggie Bush is getting back into shape and PT Cruiser is doing God knows what rehabbing now for weeks. PT is suppose to come back this week, but no one knows how much work he will get. With Ivory cleaning up of late I don't see Pierre doing much damage.
Saints starts - Drew Brees should roll this week...the Rams had no luck stopping the short passing game of the Falcons a couple weeks back and Drew spreads the ball around so much they should move the chains at will. Start C.Ivory who is bound to get a goal line TD in this one. M.Coleston continues to get catches and is targeted too many times to sit though he is not a big TD scorer. Lance Moore is a nice no.3 WR this week.

Fringe Start - R.Meachum...Meach has been a big disappointment for fantasy owners expecting breakout city this year...this would be a good week to take a flyer on him at the W/T position if you have one in your league...a deep target or two is likely. J.Shockey is not a terrible TE start here though J.Graham is taking some of his reps.
Sit - Reggie Bush, PT Cruiser, D.Henderson, and probably Shockey as well .

Rams Starts - Stephen Jackson - won't be huge here but he is still a low level no.1 or high level no.2 RB that get's his touches every game. D.Amendola - has been quiet the last week or two, but this week the Rams will be throwing alot...expect really good ppr numbers from the Rams slot WR.
Sit - D.Alexander (still too inconsistent for me and during these playoffs and last weeks of the season, I am not running out anyone I am not sure of. Sit B.Gibson, and Rams TE.
Sam Bradford - I'd sit Sam this week...I think his yardage will be good, but I just don't like his chances to put up large TD numbers this week(I hope I am wrong cause as you guys know the Rams are my team!).

Thursday Night Football
Ryan is covering Indy at Tenn this week in a separate article, but I just want to say one thing about Peyton Manning. The media is quick to jump on someone when they are down...This guy will get it right...This week, if you sit him down you will be sorry....trust me on that. Also put your fantasy antenna up and see if you can find the recently signed Dominic Rhodes in a Colts uniform...yes that Dominic Rhodes...fresh off his UFL season with the Orlando Tuskers(yeah I know that is an awful mascot name, some Orlando exec. musta been drunk when they came up with that). It's not unthinkable that the guy could play with Hart questionable and J.Addai out.

Tampa at Washington
Albert Haynesworth has been suspended by the disfunctional DeadSkins this week for the remainder of the season. Without Albert this past week the Giants ran roughshod over the Skins with Bradshaw and Jacobs getting 2 TDs each. That makes L.Blount a bigtime start this week and in TD leagues E.Graham could be in line for some goal line work after Blount was stopped a few times in short ydge vs theATL last weekend. I also really like Freeman this week and Mike Williams.
Fringe Start - A.Benn - not sure if anyone is noticing but Benn is starting to get this offense and Freeman is looking to him more and more. I really like the direction that this young WR corp is taking. Their DST took a big hit this past week losing Aquib Talib...maybe their best defensive player.

Skins starts - uhhhhhhmmm??? McNabb may exploit the banged up Tampa Secondary and be serviceable this week...with Tampa's starting safety and best corner now done for the year...it's possible McNabb will hit S.Moss and maybe even Cooley for a TD, but outside of Cooley I don't trust this offense at all. James Davis got the bulk of the rush load this past week, but that could change again with Torain now possibly on his way back. If you gotta go with one, use Davis, but that's only if you are down to your last RB options or you are rollin' in a deep league.

Cleveland at Buffalo
The Browns are a hard team to figure out...they go to New Orleans and dominate the Saints, then they will go out and lose a game they should win...they seem to play the level of their competition which make me think this will be another low scoring tight game in Buffalo. Their defense can be really good at times taking the ball away. They made Henne look terrible last week (well he kinda does that to himself). This week they face an underrated Buffalo offense that sporadically can put pts up in bunches. This is a tough one to call as far as starts other than Peyton Hillis. I think for the Browns Hillis and maybe Watson are about the only guys I would consider(sleeper this week is Josh Cribbs). For Buffalo I am kinda worried about Stevie Johnson who has cooled off after a bunch of TDs early this year. I like Johnson in this match up more than I do Evans but they are both getting plenty of targets of late so it's a tough call... I rate Johnson over Evans in this one. Fitzpatrick is iffy here because the Browns do such a good job of taking the ball away and the weather in Buffalo is always a concern. You'd be wise to check the forecast this time of year, especially the wind. Fred Jackson will do better this week than he did at Minnesota, don't be afraid to use F.jax as a low end #2 RB.
Fringe Start - Lee Evans - not sure he can be counted on in any situation, I would consider him in leagues 14 and larger.
Sit - D.Nelson, D.Jones, Fitzpatrick, CJ Spiller

theATL at Carolina(in Paul's Place Your Bets article he said this one was going to be a blowout..but it has that trap game feel to me)
ATL Starts - Look for a nice day outta Matty Ice and company. Turner and White are must starts and Tony Gonzalez should do ok, though I don't like him to score in this one.
Panther starts- J.Stewart has ran well two games straight now and with Goodson nursing a shoulder injury this should be Stew's show this week.
Sits for this game - Snelling, Jenkins, Goodson, Gettis, Lafell
Fringe Start - Jimmy Clausen is still terrible, but he has to throw to someone...I'd rather run out S.Smith than Randy Moss at this point...Steve is a lower end #3 WR this week.

Green Bay at Detroit
The Pack invade Dtown this week looking stronger than they have in week's as they eye the playoffs and a possible overtaking of the Bears down the stretch (with the Bears schedule this could happen easier than you think and they'd win the division)
Packers plays include the red hot G.Jennings and of course Rodgers.
James Jones got less looks this past week because Driver looked abit better on that Quad making a great catch and run vs the Niners. I like Driver and Jones this week in a great matchup vs a weak tackling secondary. Play them both as No.3 WR's this week...Jones is more of a W/T no.4 Flex WR but is useable at the 3.
Sit Brandon Jackson, Gbay TE's, and J.Nelson
Sleeper play - There is a reason why James Starks has been on the cover of Yahoo FFB online twice already this week(mon & wed) Starks is a big back who could give Gbay a running game going into the playoffs...the kid will get the chance as the Packers have to be frustrated with Bjax inability to take over the reigns of the running attack. Look for Starks to split carries this week...he's a nice Flex play in all formats this week.
Detroit Starts - This offense is a mess outside of Calvin Johnson and the dependable B.Pettigrew. Drew Stanton is mobile but not a guy you can start this time of year. J.Best is hurt, but not enough to not play so he takes up carries and occasionally shows signs of his speed but his mobility is not there due to the toe problem that will last til the offseason. M.Morris is still the RB I would play if I had to roll out a Lion RB ...he showed that last week getting the teams only goal line carries.
Sits - Stanton, J.Best, N.Burleson

NE at Chi-town
New England is looking like a SB favorite right now, at least in the AFC. Tom Brady is so hot he can do nothing wrong other than his hair. This week they get a nice road test in the windy city. Stay with Brady of course but I can't see the Pats running at will vs this run defense the way they have ran roughshod over everyone of late. Expect Brady to chuck it around the yard making Welker and Branch a must play this week. Benjarvus Green-Ellis is the favorite goal line guy so you have to run him out too but don't expect big ydge. I'd sit Woodhead, Tate and Gronkowski...I think Hernandez is the TE you want most weeks.
On the Chicago side Cutler is going to have a decent game here throwing short to E.Bennett and Olsen ...J.Knox is an all or nothing type of start and is very risky at this point...consider him a low end 3 or high end 4 this week. Start Forte...he isn't always fantastic but he gets a ton of reps on the ground and through the air. Sit D.Hester and Chester Taylor and be careful with Knox.

Pittsburgh hosting Cincy
Pittsburgh is going to roll in this game...the offense if due to break out and I think this is the week.
Expect Wallace and H.Ward to get theirs this week and a Banged up Big Ben to get at least 2 TD's. Mendenhall will probably have 1-2 himself and a 100 yd game. Sit H.Miller and I.Redman, E.Sanders and Randle El.
Cincy - Start T.Owens...man this guy has been a beast even when his team isn't playing worth a damn...those who question this guys character need to look at the effort he is putting up this year.. he is alittle nuts, but he is a player... a sure fire hall of famer...Randy Moss needs to take some notes.
Fringe Play - 85, he plays when he wants to...be my guest if you want to play him...I am sitting him down....Gresham is an interesting play as a check down guy this week. Sit Benson and B.Scott who has looked quick and powerful in recent weeks with limited touches. No one has rushed well on Pitt all season.(just ask Adam who writes the M.A.P. he reminds us every week)

Denver at Arizona
Josh Mcdaniels was seen at a local Walmart near Denver returning a bag of unused video tapes...guess Spygate 2 is officially over...I think the problem with Josh is he didn't bring any of the really video spy guys over from New England...either that or they are all in Kansas City, which would explain why they are somehow winning that division. I wonder...just wonder down deep...if the Broncos have called Urban Meyer who stepped down today as UF coach sighting "family"...yeah whatever Urban...Meyer to the NFL? hmm who is the backup QB in Denver? EXACTLY!
Paul said in his Place Your Bets article that Denver was going to roll this week so I will take his word for it and go with Kyle Orton and Bloyd and Knowshon as must starts this week. Knowshon has been rolling since getting healthy. Probably should sit down Gaffney and Demaryius Thomas and definitely sit the other Denver RB's cause they have been rendered irrelevant.
For Arizona I am intrigued to see the big guy Skelton(QB) throw the ball around the yard...this guy is huge and has a cannon for an arm but is very raw. I'd love to see him hurl a few deep one's to Larry Fitzgerald cause poor Larry has fallen off the elite fantasy map. I think they shoulda given Skelton a shot over Max Hall, but I guess Max does have the cooler name and Arizona didn't want to admit they had a Skelton in their closet...ok ok , that was awful, but it had to be said.
Cards Starts - Timmy Hightower hasn't been the worst back in the NFL of late so he could be used as a lower end Flex Play. Of course you start Larry no matter who is tossing him the rock...everybody else in this offense, SIT. And tell Beanie that the UFL's Tuskers are looking for a replacement for Dominic Rhodes...that is if he can make the team.

Seattle at 49ers
SF - Singletary...are you serious? Alex Smith(hey Alex, how 'bout a backup gig to Timmy Ballgame in Denver, it'll be like a family reunion, give Urban a call, make it happen) is back as starting QB as big Mike trys to save his job. Troy Smith was making plays and though he didn't look good last week they were playing a superior opponent with a very good pass rush. No wonder M.Crabtree has been inconsistent...there is this thing called chemistry that QB's and No.1 WRs need to succeed. I still think Crabtree is a valid low end no.2 guy this week and very startable as as no.3 in just about any format. As for Alex he is not a terrible option vs a very bad Seattle defense...there could be a whole lotta pts scored in this one. I like Brian Westbrook as a no.3 rb or flex starter and A.Dixon is a valid sleeper option this week and should get some red zone work.
Money Play - Vernon Davis will torch Seattle...he has been alittle up and down this year but this week he is a must play.
Sit - J.Morgan
Seattle - Matt Hasselback is a start this week if you are hurting for a QB or need a solid no.2 play in a 2 QB league. M.Lynch came off the milk carton this week and was good in short yardage..expect more of the same and Start him also as a flex guy.
Seattle WRs - it's hard to start a Seattle WR cause it seems a different one steps up each week. One will this week as well, but knowing who it is gonna be is tough. In deeper leagues I like Obomanu and Deon Butler this week. I don't like the banged up Mike Williams or John Carlson who is having a terrible fantasy year. Sit Both DST's.

Miami at NYJ
This is my lock of the week - Jets are going to shut down and embarrass the dolphins...expect a 27-9 type of game. Henne was brutal last week vs. Cleveland so you can expect the Jets to do what the Browns did, but only better...Henne is stuggling right now so if the Dolphins can't get Ricky and Ronnie going it's gonna get ugly quick! Sit the Dolphins offense...seriously, Sit them all. Check on B.Marsh's health just for kicks and if he plays you can run him out in deep leagues just because he owes you and he may get some garbage action. Also in deep leagues don't be afraid to play D.Bess especially if Bmarsh does not play, he is a dependable target Henne can get the ball to in space and pray for some RAC.
Jets Starts - I like Sanchez to be serviceable this week (200yds and 2 td's) and I also like LT and Shonn Greene to have decent games on the ground. Miami's defense has been ok this season so don't expect huge games by any Jets players, but there will be pts to be had in this offense this week as they try to get over the Boston Massacre.

KC at SD
The San Diego Super Chargers laid a monster egg last week at home vs the Raiders. This week they look to bounce back as they face the division leading and video tape enhanced Chiefs. This game is tough to call, but this one should also have plenty of pts to go around.
KC Starts - Jamal Charles ran for over 100 yds last week...of course he didn't score again! But ya can't sit this guy down...use in all formats as a strong no.2 back. T.Jones is more of a Fringe/Flex guy at this point. Also start Dwayne Bowe who had a terrible week last week, but should rebound nicely this week. Cassell is questionable this week after having an appendectomy on Wednesday. Stay tuned to the injury report regarding his status for Sunday...he may play.
San Diego - Look for Phillip Rivers to throw and throw often in this one. M.Floyd, VJack(if he is healthy) and Gates should all do damage in this one...check out the health of the SD WRs going into Sunday as they have been banged up all year.
SD RB's. Tolbert had his first off game in a long time vs the Raiders but he is still the guy to own in this backfield. Ryan Matthews didn't get a carry last week and he won't get many going forward. D.Sproles is nothing more than a change of pace back at this point. Start Tolbert, tell yourself it was just one game. Sit: Crayton, McMicheal and Naanee, Ryan Matthews and D.Sroles.

Raiders at Jags
Raiders Starts - Jason Campbell, Jacoby Ford, D.McFadden
Deeper leagues...M.Bush and L.Murphy are nice plays.
Sit - Z.Miller, Hayward-Bey, J.Lee-Higgins, M.Reece
Jags Starts
David Garrard, MJD(killing it of late and is a gem to have right now as he is rolling into the fantasy playoffs)
Fringe Start - Mike Thomas
Injury Note - Mike Sims Walker is battling an ankle injury..he sat out last week and I have no information on him so far this week..my gut says he won't play...I will have this and all injury information, actives and inactives to you via twitter (westheshow) and available to you via chat if you friend us at www.facebook.com/showfantasysports
Keep an eye on - Two weeks running now Rashard Jennings has gotten red zone looks and cashed in with nice TD runs...Could be viable in TD leagues now and maybe more going forward.
Sit Mercedes Lewis...after a nice early run this guy has gone off the grid.

Some of you will be using this as a guide when setting your lineups for week 1 of the FFB playoffs. Others have one more week to get the job done and lock up a spot. If you have any specific questions not answered here or an important lineup decision email me directly at wes@showfantasysports.com and I will get back to you asap. Good luck to you...but i'd like to think if you use THE PREP, you will need alot less "luck" to beat your opponent.

The Morning After Pill - Week 13

It was the best of games, it was the worst of games...

-Charlie Dickens: A sale of two t…oh, nevermind.

There are a lot of things to talk about here in the Advent season of the playoffs, but all these things are pushed out of my mind faster than Oakland pushed around that once vaunted San Diego defense. Everything, that is, except for the single best football game of this year: The Steelers/Ravens game on Sunday night at M&T (which shall henceforth be known as “Thunderdome”).

Yeah, I’m a homer for my black & gold, but show me a better game. Show me a division rematch between two 8-3 teams historically known for causing each other physical pain of Saw movie franchise proportions. Set that game against the backdrop of a controversy involving heavy hits, inconsistent officiating, and yes, pre-game whining by some of my Steelers ( I say take it like a man and see if you can find new, creative, bone-crunching ways to get fined).

As if that weren’t enough, throw in the typical Roethlisberger syndrome. “Ouch, I’m hurt, but I’m gonna play because I AM IRONMAN.” For the record, I think his “special shoe” was just an excuse to make him one inch taller, like I did for my son at Six Flags last summer so we could ride the extreme coasters.

I was already frothing at the mouth, and the game hadn’t even started yet. Then, in the first few minutes, we get Ben’s Raging Bull imitation as Ngata changes the geography of his face. With a nose like that, I’m considering making Big Ben an honorary Kampia (if you’ve seen my mug, you’ll understand), as long as he keeps Little Ben under control. Now, I just heard Ngata got fined for that hit (which wasn’t flagged), but the word is that originally Roethlisberger was going to be fined for “an illegal blow to the forearm with the pointy part of the face.” Thankfully, Ambassador Rooney threatened to call in the IRA if the league did not get this nonsense under control.

Speaking of uncalled hits and fines that are too late to matter, the Heath Miller concussion was one of the most brutal hits of the year by any player. What are the refs looking for again? It’s like watching my wife try to pick out an outfit. “Yes, that one, no not that one, does this one fit? I’m not sure I like that one…” Gaaaaagh!

Of course the game was a defensive battle through and through, and only superhuman tricks would break the gridlock. Props to Anquan Boldin for outwitting the savvy Polamalu and dumb-as-a-divot McFadden in the end-zone. That was a thing of beauty. Not so beautiful, but just plain deific, was Big Ben’s unreal escape and toss from Terrell Suggs’s sack.

In the end, of course, the natural balance had to be restored. The Ravens offense had to come back down to Earth and Polamalu had to embarrass them and make B’more fans yell, WTF?!?!? Order was restored to the universe.

Worst Game of the Year:

I think this weekend also gave us this gem as well, although I think it’s a tie between two other division matchups: the Skins/Giants or the Pats/Jets. You decide.


Any defense that allows Brandon Jacobs to break 100 yards and get two TD’s just isn’t trying anymore. Keep collecting those paychecks and logging your sick-leave, Redskins.

Hey, Danny boy! Knock Knock

Snyder: “Who’s there?”

Me: Orange

Snyder: “Orange who?”

Me: Orange you glad Haynsworthless is making off with 38 million of your dollas by the end of the year? Send him some Theraflu.

Meanwhile, Mcnabb plays like Rush Limbaugh and the Shannahan running game is becoming like the Star Trek franchise – it was very interesting and entertaining for a while, then it peaked, and quickly went straight downhill.


What really needs to be said if you saw the game (for lack of a better scatological term)?

I do have one weird suspicion, however. Anyone else find it an odd coincidence that Denver gets busted for “Spygate 2”, which leads in part to the firing of McDaniels, the same week that Bellicheat seems to have the Jets defense completely figured out? I smell deep, X-files like controversy involving several degrees of separation, with the poor Broncos taking the fall as the decoy cheaters. Now excuse me while I adjust my tinfoil hat. I hear the helicopters coming.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


THE PREP WEEK 13 - Part 2

Buffalo at Minnesota
This has the makings of a high scoring game. Fitzpatrick has been putting up good numbers vs suspect defenses this season. What makes this game a tough call is that Minnesota's new approach seems to be aimed at stopping Farve from beating them by running the ball and shortening games rather than letting us partake in the fantasy goodness that has been the Farve era. This leaves the player values of Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin and V.Shiancoe in limbo. I can't see not starting these guys vs. Buffalo, but if they aren't going to throw the ball they go from guaranteed great starts to starts with a big asterisk. AP is hurting this week and either won't play or he will split carries with Toby Gerhart (who is a good play this week even if he splits duties). If you can't start Farve here then you may as well dump the guy. I am betting the Bills score their share of pts and force the Vikes to rev up the old man and his weapons.
I am Sitting AP this week...just not worth the goose egg.
Sit - Bernard
Berrian (inactive last week)
Bill's Starts -
FreddyJax - I said weeks ago on the blog and in some tweets to hold onto Fred because his time was coming(I know I stashed him away in several leagues). All of you who did the same are reaping some great starts and this one should be no different.
Start - Steve Johnson - Now that Steve and God have worked things out expect SJ to haul in some long passes in the dome on Sunday.
High Risk Start/Sit - Lee Evans - In most leagues I sit this guy down, but I am in a few deeper leagues where I am going to play Lee this week...I have a feeling he may have a 65
yds rec and a touch this week, but it's hard to depend on this guy who rarely seems to bring his A game.
Super Sleeper - D.Jones - the rook
WR has some wheels and can be dangerous on special teams and in the slot.
Sit - Buffalo
TE's and CJ Spiller

Carolina at Seattle
Seattles DST just gets worse as the weeks pass by. Close to the bottom of the league in rushing and passing defense makes their early successes at home a distant memory.
Seattle Starts
Hasselback, B.Obomanu (is getting the targets and making the plays for QB Matt Hasselback)
Sit - Mike Williams (was inactive last week with and injury) Deon Butler(nice
skilz, just not enough looks) Sit J.Forsett(a major league disappointment this year in ppr circles)
Fringe Start -
Marshawn Lynch.
Carolina Starts -
James Stewart is a good start this week...finally he looked good running the rock last week.
ppr's Mike Goodson will still catch enough balls to be viable.
Sit all Carolina
WR's...the passing game is a wreck for the Panthers with Jimmy Clausen destroying the value of Steve Smith and a good young corp of WRs (Gettis and LaFell)

Dallas and Indy
Dallas Starts - Felix Jones - No Barber means Felix gets the rock and when this happened last year at the end of the year Jones had some huge games.
Start - Miles Austin(targets are down sans
Romo) and Dez Bryant(stinker last week, will be back in full effect this week) Start Jason Witten.
Fringe Start - J.
Kitna - not a great play on the road but he has enough weapons to be decent this week...250 and 2 td's.
Sit - Roy Williams - trying to predict what this guy will do is painstaking..I refuse to own him.
Sleeper Alert -
Tashard Choice - will see carries this week, some like him more than others. Could vulture a td in this one.
Indy - Sports media is doubting Peyton Manning this week after the San Diego debacle....don't...sit back this week and watch the points go up.
Start - A.Collie(should be back this week) Start Wayne, who doesn't look great this year, but is still a low end no.1
WR. Start J.Tamme - as valueable as a TE as you can have right now.
Sit P.Garcon and Blair White and the colts running game unless J.
Addai is ready this week. Stay tuned to injury reports for that info. Note - Mike Hart also back at practice this week so who will play and how much is a mystery, stay away.

Denver at KC
Denver Starts -
Knowshon Moreno has been great since he returned from his early season injury trouble...he does it all in this offense. Start K.Orton but temper expectations on him he is a lower tier QB play this week. Gotta start B.Lloyd...what a monster he's been.
Sit -
Gaffney and Eddie Royal and Denver TE's.
KC starts - M.
Cassell - a popular wire pickup this week, threw for over 400 vs Denver earlier this year...don't expect more than 250 this time around, but should have at least a td probably to mr.automatic Dwayne Bowe. The real damage is gonna be done by Charles and T.Jones this week...both will reach the end zone start in all formats.

Chicago at Detroit
Chi-town Starts: Jay
Cutler...love this start this week. Start J.Knox as well after watching Branch who isn't near as fast as Knox run all over the Lions on Turkey day.
Fringe Start - D.Hester - a poor tackling secondary could get Hester loose, but he is a risky play and there are prob better options out there.
Start - Matt Forte - don't expect huge numbers but he will play well and should score.
Sleeper - Earl Bennett scored twice last week...he may have room for one more red zone look this week. Jay looks for him often in the painted area due to his size.
Start - G.Olsen - has been
sporadic but there should be plenty to go around at Detroit.
Lions Starts - Shaun Hill is the Rodney Dangerfield of backup
QB's but he gets the job done...well from a fantasy perspective...and he should be good for 275 and 2 TD's as the Lions will be forced to pass the rock on Sunday because they won't be able to run.
Start - B.Pettigrew...has become a nice player at the TE position in his second season out of Okla. St.
Sit -
Jahvid Best...if you aren't in a keeper league do yourself a favor and drop him...his toe has ruined his rookie season. If you have to play a Lion RB play M.Morris who will catch some balls for you and is not bad in the red zone. Sit - A.Brown...got some carries last week, but won't be viable this week. Sit - Nate Burleson(except in deeper leagues, 14 and larger)

Saints at Bengals
dat gonna stop those Bengals....Who Dat, Who Dat??? Well that's easy, they stop themselves with a pathetic defense that was one of the best in the league last year(hmm effort problems maybe?) Or how about rag arm Carson Palmer, this guy is done...his shoulder is mush...this team is much.
Start Cedric Benson who should run well inside this week.
Start T.Owens...ya gotta love
TO's effort this year...he's guaranteed himself a nice contract next year. Sit - 85 - another player I just hate to own.
Sleeper - Jermaine Gresham
Saints Starts- Doesn't it seem that every week the Saints are playing a bad team...they have certainly had the easiest schedule I can remember any team playing so far. The thing is they don't always pound these weak teams like they are suppose to...this week they should roll...we'll see.
Start -
Brees of course, Coleston hasn't got in the endzone many times this year, but I expect one this week and over 100 yds receiving.
Start - Chris Ivory (PT Cruiser is out of the garage but still limited so Chris should see the bulk of the action this week with a little Reggie Bush sprinkled in for good measure.
Reggie is a Fringe start because he looked very rusty last week and almost cost them the game with his play.
Sit -
Devery Henderson and Meachum and Shockey who could be back this week.
Sleeper - Rookie TE Jimmy Graham - he is the future at TE for the Saints.

Niners at Gbay
Niners fans do me a favor and Sit Brian Westbrook this week...across fantasy land people are getting their panties in a wad over his 135 performance. Brian is a talent...he is serviceable, but A.Dixon is going to be at this mix especially at the goal line to limit hits on Westbrook. I can still see starting Westbrook in a ppr because I can see the Niners getting behind big in this game.
Start - M.Crabtree...has been finding the
endzone alot of late
Risk Reward Start - A.Dixon - super risky start could yield a
td and 50 plus yds.
Sit Troy Smith - looked awful in the second half vs a bad Arizona Defense...will be chased all day by the Packers aggressive pass rush. Sit Josh Morgan and V.Davis(except in ppr leagues).
Packer Starts - Packer DST, Greg Jennings and James Jones
Sit - Brandon Jackson - can this guy get any worse than he is...last week Rodgers is running it inside the 5 yd line three different times risking injury....stupid play calling by the Packers. They need to give this Nance kid more run to see what he can do. I guess he probably can't pass block so he sits
alot. Sit - Gbay TE's and D.Driver who has been worthless since the Quad problem.
Sleeper -
Jordy Nelson - dependable WR worth a look in some deeper leagues.

Ryan will be doing the Monday Night Match Up feature in the coming days...stay tuned for that...and good luck to you all in your quest for the fantasy playoffs...let me know what you think of this week's Prep.